Saturday, July 19, 2014

From The Last Will and Testament of a Farmer c1986

To my Wife,  my bank overdraft. Maybe she has an explanation for it.

To my Banker, I bequeath my soul, he has the mortgage on it anyway.

To my nearest and dearest neighbor, my clown suit, he claims he is going to carry on farming.

To The Rural Bank, my grain silo and my Fertilizer Bin, he has them as chattel security anyway.

To the local scrap metal dealer, every item of crap machinery I have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep from his possession.

To The Undertaker one special request, I wish to have as Pall Bearers, six Stock Agents they are well versed in carrying me.

To the Weatherman, another day of rain, snow if possible, no point in a nice fine day when I wont be able to enjoy it.

Finally to the Sexton, a grave digger should not be required, just use the hole I find myself in at present.

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homepaddock said...

Almost too true to be funny for anyone who farmed through the ag-sag of the 80s.