Monday, July 28, 2014

Foolish and Naive

Adolf has been engaged for some weeks in a polite discussion with The Vet on the value of an accommodation with Mr Craig and his party.

Initially Adolf held the view that in thee event of  tight result,it would be better to have an extra coat-tailer from Mr Craig's lot that it would to be at Peters' beck and call.   While, in principle, I still old that view, during recent days the utterances of Mr Craig seemed more and more to indicate that those who called him 'flakey and impossible' might be right.  Mr Craig certainly sealed his fate when he said yesterday he could happily work with labour.


I've changed my mind and I'm glad Mr Key has given the heave ho to the foolish and naive Mr Craig.

Does he not realise that his much vaunted Citizens Initiated Referenda have been irrevocably tarnished by the appalling antics of the Greens who used tax payers' money to buy the requisite number of signatures for an Assets Sales referendum?

Citizens Initiated indeed!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

While I detest the Greens, The linked article says they paid people to collect signatures, they did not buy the signatures themselves. The difference is great enough to make your post erroneous hyperbole.

Michael in Nelson