Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't Frighten Young Children - Updated

I've just seen one of Colin Craig's election posters and I must say he could have chosen a better picture of himself.   Those bulging eyes boring right through the camera are anything but attractive and rather than attract voters will scare young children.

Now, where have I seen a face like that before?

I'm grateful to JC for this link.

Psycho (not milt)

Where oh where?

Oh yes!

At least this habitual liar had enough brains to use photoshop.


The Veteran said...

Now that's REALLY scary.

JC said...

Here's a closer fit.



Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Good grief!!!!!!!!

Barnsley Bill said...

Pictures of Clarkula were banned from this blog at our last baby eating bbq. Any moreoif this and the ban hammer is coming out again.

Barry said...

I dont care how he come across in photos - hes still getting my vote.

Bindung referendum on laws that were not part of the election programme are absolutely necessary (or the Swiss sytem where there can be referendum on any law that parliament passes). If we had that then we wouldnt have the social problems that Douglas and his lot of idiots have gifted the country

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ah yes. There's nothing like a good old Bindung Referendum. Sounds like a load of shit to me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a load of shit to me.

Obviously does to Key too as well. After all who would want a politician who represents us when we can have one who rules.

One of the 5%

The Veteran said...

Wot 5%