Thursday, July 3, 2014

Differing reactions and levels of outrage to allegations of serious assault.

Being a transplanted Pom (albeit many many years ago) I still watch with interest what is happening in the land of my ancestors.
Al Gore inventing the interweb has helped this greatly and I have a daily reading and viewing ritual that covers most of the mainstream media and leading blogs in the UK.
The redtops (and broadsheets) phone tapping scandal has been great sport, the Jimmy Savill revelations and the resulting Mcarthyesque pursuit of every shite comedian and minor B lister with a penis and a pension book has been awful to watch unfold.
I am sure there are others approaching 50 who were given  the 45rpm single of two little boys and Rolf Harris was a constant feature of kids TV throughout my childhood and beyond, so personally I am saddened.
I am not devastated, grief stricken, outraged or in any way feel like Rolf personally owes me an apology. The levels of outragesturbation this week make me want to start stabbing people.
 That he has been found guilty is now on the record, but the legions of grasping chancers popping up is equally sickening.
Basically if you are in your 50's and you are devastated because some creepy Aussie grabbed your tit 40 years ago I suspect you have much bigger problems than that.

Which brings us neatly to the cuntastrophe that Murray Mccully has the misfortune to be minister for.
We have had a few years of leaks, grumbling and general levels of unhappiness in this area since Clark and Peters were thrown out of power. You may have forgotten the mountains of money that was spent on foreign aid (helped Clark get the UN job), and Winston was profligate for whatever reason.
And of course, The fat old troughpig Jonathon Hunt and his disgraceful behaviour in London over pensions, hiding from the rain and wild spending.
Goff has obviously kept close ties and seems to have the good oil whenever it can be slanted against National.

Personally I think foreign affairs should unite National and Labour, and often they speak with a united voice, this is right and proper. It is important that our foreign friends can rely on continuity.
The events of the last few days have shattered that.

I want you to compare and contrast the faux outrage being shown by Cunliffe, Shearer and the rest of these troughing suckholes over the Muslim diplomat with how they behaved when Darren Hughes was helped to avoid charges, was allowed to quietly resign and leave the country where he now has an eyewateringly well paid job lined up for him by the fabian fucktards who have held sway over Labour since Hunt recruited Clark.

Here we had a sitting senior member of the Labour party being investigated because a drunk naked male student was picked up on the street running away from whatever Hughes was trying to do to him in the comfort of his landlady Annette Kings house after a big night out boozing with students. The cone of silence that fell over Labour at that time is light years from the vein popping rage that they are currently faking.

Hypocrisy and faux indignation have new champions this week.


Psycho Milt said...

Someone who was charged with offences is being treated differently from someone who wasn't. This is a source of shock and outrage to you how, exactly?

pdm said...

BB - also conveniently overlooked by the left is the fact that someone close to Clark was extricated from the toilets of (as I recall) LA International Airport by MFAT some years ago to prevent embarrassment to her and to NZ.

Barnsley Bill said...

We never got any more than rumour about that one pdm, may be an urban legend.
PM, have you forgotten what was done to avoid charges being laid...
He basically got the full Lord Lucan.

Barnsley Bill said...

And judge Holden . Take a hint Princess, you are banned. Four years of insults and never a counter argument.
Bye now

Psycho Milt said...

also conveniently overlooked by the left is...

...some bullshit story that queerbashers like to tell themselves.

PM, have you forgotten what was done to avoid charges being laid...

What was done? With citations - please don't let this be another of these 'air force sent to extract Peter Davis from LAX toilet' windups, or I'll have to tell the one about that time John Key was found balls deep in an alsation...

Barnsley Bill said...

I will email you. Try and think back to who was minister of police when Labour closed ranks behind Hughes.

JC said...

"or I'll have to tell the one about that time John Key was found balls deep in an alsation..."

My admiration for Key's bravery has just skyrocketed. It would have been a bitch of course.. nothing queer about our John!


Judge Holden said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, was that a young lady from Alsace?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Barnsley, there's nothing borderline about Sludge.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the them PM send an Air
Force aircraft to LA to collect her "stranded" husband from the US Authorities ?
Which perhaps why he cannot go back to the USA to be with his wife at the UN in New York.