Friday, July 11, 2014


One has to really for sorry for the 'Little' people when one of their number is thrown under a bus for daring to opine that a person charged with rape should effectively be assumed guilty until proved innocent rather than the more conventional way round.

I mean why shouldn't Labour's Justice spokesthingy (not allowed to be a man) be allowed to go off message and further derail their campaign.   Trevor (bring back the Moa) Mallard does it and gets away scot free.

No matter that the Law Society and the Criminal Bar Association are likely to be outraged at the suggestion.    No matter that it contradicts Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights endorsed by the then Labour Government back in 1948.

For the record I'm backing Cunliffe on this.   Question is .... why is Little still their Justice Spokesthingy after his brain explosion.   Answer ... because he is a Unionist and ............... !!!!!

sad but true.


The Veteran said...

Ooooops ... I made a mistake.

Notwithstanding Cunliffe's efforts to disown it, Andrew Little has now confirmed it remains Labour Party policy.

pdm said...

Probably because the Unions decreed so!!

Psycho Milt said...

...Little has now confirmed it remains Labour Party policy.

Little has confirmed what remains part of Labour Party policy? And by 'Labour Party policy' I don't mean whatever ludicrous and intentional misrepresentation of Labour Party policy you've been reading on wingnut blogs, I mean Labour Party policy.