Tuesday, July 15, 2014

But Is It Best Practice?

Hot on the heels of  Hairgate where a Hawkes Bay Family won over a school rule on Hair length and was awarded 24k in costs, stuff reports today on Palmerston North Boys High awarded Costs of 25k over a failed judicial review of a suspension for Cannabis use.

We know St Johns College had to 'pay' the 24 stacks, and we are told costs awarded usually run around half of those incurred so Palmy Boys was up for an estimated 25k not covered.
Adding up St John's own costs and Palmy boys exposure in two months 75k has been removed from education when many would have us believe money is tight in the sector.

That is just two from media reports, there will be several more disgruntled out there taking the litigious route over dissatisfaction with school rules,  MoE and BoT decisions.
What has the reorginisation of education in Christchurch post EQ and significant migration of pupils cost in court.

Great if one is a lawyer involved, not so good for a BoT struggling to make their budget stack up and not such a great example for an aspiring new entrant to the workforce who will come up against discipline in the way things are run in the real world and less clear paths to redress dissatisfaction, for starters just getting a job might have just become harder.

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Anonymous said...


Not quite right, from Stuff
"A mother who challenged her son's expulsion for smoking marijuana during school hours has been ordered to pay the school more than $25,000."
So in this case the books are "balanced" but I concur this sort of shit shouldn't be happening anyway.