Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bit Like The Flu Really.

But there seems to be no cure for it either.

There is a simmering infection just below the surface threatening  every elected local body moron and most of the well educated overpaid elite in management of all local government that operates sans any restrictive funding constraints that apply to all in the private sector.

Public transport in total and an incurable mutation based on fixed rails.

It does not work people, every effort to force it on any population center involves some recurring outcomes.

1 All public transport will need subsidy to continue in operation and the subsidy will be paid largely by people with no access to it or desire to use it..
2 Those who advocate for and then install such economic madness will never use it except for publicity purposes.
3 While such subsidised insanity is continued it will cause massive disconnection to what the market would deliver.
4 A ny form of light rail other than a system between major population centers in very densely populated areas will never pay its way.

Take a gander at any population center in the world and overlay a rail system and it will service a very small area of where people live and where they work. Then add in Geography such as all our main centers other than Napier/Hastings,  the Tron and CHC are forced to accept and the problem gets exponentially worse.
In ten years most commercial infrastructure will be adjacent to CHC Airport, leaving the old town center as a quiet garden place to visit
Sheesh buses can access nearly every street yet they cannot run without subsidy.

Remove the madness created by the social engineering and things are forced to change or choke to death.

One fact about how things have changed is portrayed in my devastated city where many commercial operations have relocated where and how they work and dinosaurs are now twitching to engineer the replication of a CBD that few want and even fewer have any desire to fund.
Communication c21st century has removed almost all of any residual need to have an office in the CBD let alone a Head Office.
Just as the Malls have superceded the downtown department store as highlighted by poor old Ballantynes standing like an oasis in the desert.
The disastrous fire in 1947 led to a rebuild that underpinned survival for the bricks and mortar in the earthquakes. all the competition had passed due to economic reality. DIC, Millars, Beaths, Hays, The Farmers, icons in Christchurch in the mid 20th century had all gone when the tremors came.

Yes there will be entertainment, justice, accommodation and the city council maybe hanging in in the CBD but commerce and recreation will not return to the wasteland from where they have successfully relocated and when some moronic dreamers chatter about a light rail to bring the peasants to town, three questions;
What for,
Who is paying.

Lenny the lecher is threatening to further impoverish his ratepayer base with a dream of a white elephant train set, the shame is, insanity can no longer be treated by locking the demented up in a secure facility.

There is a treatment but with socialists replacing themselves with more socialists the vaccine for the sickness is one mutation behind the cure at every step, just like the flu.

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