Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Dud Judge Who Misses the Bit About "Seeing to be Done".

"A Prominent New Zealander" my arse.

A former person of note in a field, yes.
A person with some subsequent exposure in  media, maybe.

One who has had setbacks in life, yes, plenty have had much worse

However to call that C" lister at best, a prominent citizen is stretching credibility.

Coward, arrogant, sleazy, wannabee, disgusting, predatory, and extremely fortunate all fit the person Rodney Hide alluded to, 'prominent' definitely not, apart from in his own warped mind.

How many 60 yo men in the Southern Lakes District would be under suspician because this POS who thought "she should have been grateful" are now under suspicion because a cowardly Rolf Harris type who always  thought he could not be touched, has got away with it, so far.

Judge David Saunders, Sir, what would you be thinking if it was your current squeeze who was assaulted in such a personally destructive and disgusting way.
So he pleaded guilty because he was assured he would get off scott free, I mean what was $5000 dollars of blood money and another $1500 in counseling.
What about the next one, form is temporary talent is permanent, so there will be a next one just as almost certainly there were previous. Leopards do not change their spots.
How many others have stayed silent from embarrassment, fear, loathing or whatever.
It is decisions such as you made that equate to those in The BBC and elsewhere that empower, protect and promote sickos like that "Prominent New Zealander".

It is not the fear of prosecution or the fear of punishment that stops me revealing the name of this disgusting bastard it is the financial cost that will accrue to my family in just getting due process.
Derryn Hinch you are a good bastard, I wish I had your courage.
It is very sobering that the bastards locked you up in the same wing of the same facility where the cnut who killed Jill Meagher was incarcerated.

I also echo the call to Maggie Barrie to use Parliamentary Privilege, extraordinary measures are needed and entirely justified.

Judge Saunders you just accomplished dud 101 with a merit pass.

Please do not break the suppression order in comments.


Anonymous said...

Remember when he showed up on Sport on One with a perm?

gravedodger said...

Might be lucky for me it was one of many Please be careful out there.

Sad thing is although I am a total clutz around the ether I discovered more than enough with google and that was before I had any inkling.

Tinman said...
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gravedodger said...

Absolutely Tinman right up with Harris as a prominent Australian in his jail cell, that's nice but then good old Jimmy was never convicted either.
I have sufficient contempt for the three of them and some left over to cover any more who turn up.

gravedodger said...

@ Tinman if you want to be that specific then put it out there with your full name and address and take ownership.

Psycho Milt said...

The story makes this statement from the "prominent gentleman" in question really quite ironic:

‘I did think “did I actually rape anyone?” I was worried, but it never happened. Sometimes you don’t know whether you did actually do it, in the sense of where the line is. But no-one ever, ever complained’.

You know what it is when you're telling yourself that those fucks you had weren't rape because no-one complained? Rape culture. He makes a very good poster boy for it...

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Judge David Saunders is a full member of PIneglades Naturist Club, Rolleston, CHCH. it is well talked about there about his and his p[artners bi sexual relationship with another couple ther, CHCH psychologist Peter Bennet and his ex prostitute wife, odd behaviour goes on ther, i get told this directly from a member, look into it, he doesnt want it to be common knowledge that he is a member ther. Hope this helps somehow just a