Saturday, July 12, 2014

An Oustanding Example Of Trained And Skilled.

No not from The Horrid or Stiff but a real news man from the front line in Gaza.

On TVOne during an item on the Israeli response to rocket attacks from Gaza, a very clearly accomplished reporter from the ABC, presumably but not actually designated The US one, not the branch of the Australian Labor party, a shouting young man with the mandatory Flack jacket was in an instant able to diagnose a passing patient on a stretcher completely swathed in bandages with red staines prominent, as instantly " seriously injured".
To me trained, but thankfully never tested with a mass casualty incident, I was in awe of his guy's abilities.
Cripes,  not likely, but entirely possibly a dead pig yet in an instant the reporter, make that Propaganda Agent, was able to assess the object in a flash without even viewing the patient beyond dressings and outline shape.
My training was to make priority assessment in seconds but required pt color, level of consciousness, distortion, damage, blood loss and ABCs, plus MOI or mechanics of impact if available.
This guy required nothing more than a glance at a moving stretcher born object heavily bandaged.


As an aside am I alone in thinking sending rockets from Gaza might just be attracting the retaliation, nah Phil Goff had that settled with his mate Yas didn't he, cripes he even kissed him to seal the deal.


Psycho Milt said...

So, if I understand this correctly, your own training in this type of work has involved teaching you to assume that when emergency workers carry someone soaked with 'red staines' from a building that's just been destroyed, you mustn't jump to conclusions about this being a person injured in the destruction of said building, but should first rule out other possibilities like malingering or dead livestock. Could you let us know please who carried out this training, and which other emergency services personnel they've trained? I'd really like to be sure it doesn't inlcude Palmerston North ambos...

Psycho Milt said...

As an aside am I alone in thinking sending rockets from Gaza might just be attracting the retaliation...

Evil men always convince themselves there's a good reason for the evil they commit. This applies to the people ordering and carrying out the murder of civilians in Gaza as much as to the people who murdered those three settlers. A useful rule of thumb if you'd prefer not to be one of them is "If you find yourself thinking up reasons why it's OK to murder theses civilians in their homes, just don't. There aren't any."

gravedodger said...

@ Milt x 2
The triage training was both NZFS and St John and my comment was tongue in cheek around the assertion the pink stained bundle "was clearly a badly injured Palestinian victim" from the reporter.

How many rockets should be gifted to the state of Israel with ranges up to 75 Kms including Tel Aviv and other major population centers before the Israeli Government might be expected to take steps to stop or at least limit them. 100, 200, or the estimated more than 500 since three unarmed hitch-hiking Israeli youths were kidnapped and murdered a month ago.

I guess that little bit on the fate promised in The Quoran about non believers should be totally ignored as so many ignored the bit in Mein Kampf, about Lebensraum and the elimination of international Jewery.

Psycho Milt said...

Simple question: was it morally wrong to murder those three youths?

gravedodger said...,7430,L-4542765,00.html