Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Changing Landscape.

I have just traveled from here in Paradise to the southern hinterland of the Kaikoura electorate and return, some observations on the Political Signage images on a rather random zig zag trip in the last 24 hours

Here on Banks Peninsula several Blue signs mainly generic National with the message and the Leader, none for Amy Adams her self, and a total absence of any other.

Out through western City and a noticeable lack, but I do tend to watch the road more when its busy.
Back to the CBD a few with Nikki Wagner and with her leader some Nat generic with and without the PM and one solitary of the gambling commission guy Adam Milne from memory, replete with red block color and NZLP logo.
Further East Poto Williams now home turf.
Why do they accept bloody sign plastered vehicles to creaate an image. I was less than impressed with the driver of her advert painted car that seemed to be not required to comply with yellow lines. Noticed a few red including Williams mugshot and name with traditional NZLP livery.
Saw nothing from the Nat candidate Joanne Hayes who went up against Curran in Dunedin Sth three years ago.

Then North into Waimakariri via Kaiapoi to get a Big Mac, a lab stronghold for Cosgrove who was narrowly defeated in 2011 by ex cabinet Minister and now quitting the contest Kate Wilkinson.
There the signage battle is intense and saturated but with a twist.
Mathew Doocey who lost to Williams in Dalziels fortress when she decamped for her sofar very ordinary Mayoralty jaunt.
Having won the nod for the Nats to go against Cosgrove in 2014 it is the main event in Canterbury. Lots of Blue signs with Key and Doocey, Key on his own but all with lots of blue and the National logo and the central messages
Mr Cosgrove has pretty much equal volumes of what some regard as pollution but with a couple of significant differences.
Clayt has abandoned the traditional Red block color background for his airbrushed image, and plumped for white, absolutely no NZLP message or his great back on track Messaiah or the policy message, just a very small NZLP with the fern frond in red bottom rt cnr.
"Clayton Cosgrove working for you" Lucky for the small man there is no requirement for truth in political advertising, the guy is working for Mr Clayton Cosgrove solely

Then on into the southern reaches of Kaikoura where Marlborough Vintner Stuart Smith has replaced a popular Colin King and for Labour who surprisingly (LOL) went outside the electorate for a parachute candidate from Fielding Jannette Walker.
It was definitely "what election", another country in fact.

Absolutely nothing, zip , zero, nada of the Messaiah, or the Red policy message on the whole trip.

It had a total absence of tribal Labour and a complete vacant lot for all the other players.
It is as if apart from Clayt who needs to win the seat to ensure his return to the trough, the battle field has been abandoned to team Blue.

Early days I know but that was Canterbury as I saw it.

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