Thursday, July 31, 2014

John 1:1

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

As the pin striped clothed dwarf that has been a part of NZ Politics for over 35 years approaches the proposed retirement age in Australia, commenters are guessing what will eventuate in his wake.

Shane Jones is the only credible option I have heard with a snowballs chance in the warmed globe we inhabit.

Forget Piddling Williams, Dennis O'Corner section with two letter boxes, Barbara Stewart wrong spelling for her restoration or any of the other army of shooting stars that have sped across the Winston First Firmament, each and everyone a nonentity.

Today, yet another suggestion, Ron Mark, at present making do with the Carterton District mayoralty trough, at one time occupied  by Georgina Beyer then vacated as it made the misstep up to Wellywood, and who is itself making a comeback move in search of Resurrection with the Hadfield megabomb, as challenger to HRH Rino Tirikatene of Ngai Tahu royalty, in Te Tai Tonga.

Ron Mark has a following as a soldier, politician and trougher, albeit with supportive genetics but the one glaring omission in all this is continuing to call The Dwarfs party New Zealand First.
Bollocks it is, Greypower, the political wing,  led by its founder  and merely a personality cult that should have been  named after that founder 21 years ago.

How often is Jim Jones' Cult that perished in a bucket of Cool Aid in the South American jungles in Guyana,  c1973, called the "Peoples Temple Agricultural Project".
Bet you didn't even recognise that name but had I said "Jonestown",  "Coolaid"  or maybe "Jim Jones" , many would have immediately connected to that bunch of deluded souls who died from Cyanide poison after the great sicko  told them to drink it. 
Jimmy, now he didn't relish the coolaid, he was not so sure, he, like another megalomaniac some 30 years earlier, used a handgun to mangle his brain.

When Peters eventually shuffles off stage, his vehicle will wither as;

The word was 'Winston'.

Intellectually Impaired Olympics?

I see the Commonwealth Games has a section for people who are mentally retarded.  Apparently there is a young chap with some mental impairment who is doing very well in the swimming pool.  Can't quite figure out how being mentally retarded impairs or improves one's ability to swim but that's for another day.

Apparently this will be all the go at the next Olympic Games.

Watch out for the Morons' Marathon featuring Edward The Confessor and Hudge Holden coming in motherless last equal.

Unbelievably Static, So Why The Concern.

For as long as the figure has been published, Mauis Dolphins have been fifty five in Number and as recently as yesterday in the Parliament Ms Fashion Statement reiterated that that is the number remaining, so it must be true.

It seems they are not breeding or dieing so that's it, we are stuck with, Fifty Five  Mauis Dolphins.

I humbly suggest we accept that fact and just get on with everything we can to build this great country and leave the bloody mammals alone.

ps The adorned one is not number fifty six that has escaped the sea, is she, some similarities except Met D is the only one known that has tangled with a bit of jade on a flax string and survived.

It Is Blindingly Obvious But We will Ignore It

  Of course, to a socialist with zero contact with, or even learned  understanding of, business basics, totally believable.

Every job has a true value and in the absence of government direction that is what the owner/creator of that job and its value, dictates as the outcome.

Running say Telecom, as CEO, has an international value that will seem eyewatering and entirely unjustified to the average Joe Voter, yet to get a suitable person for the complex task, the jobs true worth must be met or disaster will surely follow. Even after due dilligence and selection occurs it can still end in tears as the person so chosen can turn out a complete dog for many valid reasons.

Standing on a road under repair with a stop go sign, similarly has a value but because it can be replaced with technology and hardware, the value of a lollypop person has a clear economic base value, hence the increasing use of traffic lights with the associated inefficiency from regimentation and loss of reaction to circumstances while the equipment reacts to timing or a trigger.
Something a lollypop can over ride by radio, with his person at the other side, that this vehicle can proceed.
Similarly the flipping of a burger and associated construction of meat in the bun can be done with a machine, the cost being predictable, measurable and should a robot be better for the bottom line another job evaporates.

If it were otherwise why not just legislate for the minimum wage to be $50 an hour and we can all be rich and satisfied,
 as if,
yeah right.

To a dumbarse poly seeking an image of benefactor, it is so simple but the immediate loss of starter entry level work opportunities disappearing, it is an unfortunate truth so it is ignored, and for the  polly entirely deniable and able to be ignored

The government has suggested that Mr c's promise to raise the minimum wage by $2.00 will immediately destroy 6000 jobs, to him it just doesn't  matter. and that is sad.
Then, Mr c wont suffer as another 6000 find welfare as the next option while he enjoys a recompense for his dribbling that the market, totally screwed by legislation, over values his  worth without regard to economic reality.
The current occupant of the office of leader of her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is worth around the same as a Lollypop person., ie stop, go and don't ask why.
In fact his efforts could well be replaced by a programmed robot at considerable savings with the advantage of consistency in responses and message.
Then there is Little Andy, he is a robot.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Voters Need to Know.

Before they can cast an informed vote, our democracy depends on it.

Before the 2011 election Dunne had some policy that emerged from his association with a hunting lobby otherwise it was all about him and his bouffant adornment and proven ability to bat for either side.
Act had a rather harder line on Law and Order some Charter school policy and a pinch of lower personal tax initiatives around smaller government, not a bottom line in sight

Basically nothing vastly at odds with the policy direction of National members to the right of the spectrum.

Mr c has kept pretty staunch on leaving what the tails intending to wag the dog want, until post election.
All very fine around the socialist dogma that underpins all his potential coalition partners where only degree is at issue.

However, over basic policy gulfs that are emerging between Internet/Mana, the Melons and yesterdays declaration by the little old guy from St Mary's Bay over his clear refusal to serve with any party elected on race based rules, it is now apparent Mr c needs to deliver some indications as to where his and presumably his caucus stance actually is.
On where his at present larger party will stand in line with his very oft used phrase around "any government I lead".

Quantitative Easing or printing money to give it the more understandable terminology.
Harry, Hone, Wussel and Met seem comfortable with all the ramification that will emerge as byproduct and if spending promises continue emerging for the next 55 days it will be the only believable way forward for the Hydra.

Power pricing and marketing has a clear and integrated position as to where the two major hydra partners stand

Taxing 'rich pricks' you betcha, nothing to  discus there except for the elephant in the room that is it will have to reach down  into the middle working New Zealand to be of any use in delivering any significant revenue. The mythical rich prick will include down how close to those on the minimum wage who are now included in the description last time the socialists ordained 60k pa as liable, at present almost equal to two people working 40 hrs on the Minimum wage, $59 280.

Deep Sea Drilling, Mr c's mob apparently wish to continue it with more compliance safeguards, The Melons and Hone implacably opposed.
At present ranked 4th in export value for the nation the future of this industry is vital so are we going to grow it or ban it.

Dairy way out in front for income of NZ Inc, the Melons want to constrain it severely, so how much are Mr c and the remainder of the Hydra willing to concede.
They need to enlighten the voter where they stand in wanting vastly increased welfare  in the face of consigning the major generator to significantly reduced taxable options.

The Reserve Bank Act, again many varying degrees of intent yet do any of the Hydra have sufficient knowledge around basic economics and the market to agree on a coherent policy.

National are in a position of strength in these matters in that they have a record of working with the docked tails to give a semblance of unity and stability due to the dominance of numbers among those contributing, plus the surplus MPs creating C & S.
The only hiccup in the last six years occurred over reform of the RMA.

A potential Hydra with say 60% NZLP, 30% Melon and the other 10% politically more moronic, who would know

The 5% in the center of the pendulum swing need to know!

Just brilliant.    Here's the link

Nuff said

An Excellent Dissertation

From Travis Poulson over at Whaleoil.  On how Hamas and a compliant/complicit media deceives the West.  Take particular note of the comparable photos.

Yes, that Hamas.  The one Winston Peters gave $500k of your money.  The one which shoots its citizens and dumps their bodies in a school yard and blomes Israel for the deaths.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


From October 1972 through until June 1975 I served an extended tour in Singapore.   During that time and for reasons still unknown to me I was made Military Assistant to the Minister of Defence who, by dint of circumstance, was also the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Arthur Faulkner was old style Labour in the MJS tradition.   He had been a fighter pilot in WW2 and was a Past President of the Labour Party.    AF was easy to work for and treated me well.    I had considerable respect for him and his abilities.

And so it was on one of our trips away that we ended up in Manila as official Guests of the Philippine Government where AF was to 'turn the sod' on our about to be constructed Embassy building.     Midway during the visit we were guests of honour at a formal dinner at the Malacanang Palace hosted by Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.   It was a glittering occasion with 200 or so of the Government elite filling the room along with the NZL delegation of 6 sans me bringing up the rear.    We were told there would be 'entertainment' provided during the course of the meal.

The entertainment started straight after the entree.   There was silence in the room as Imelda stood up and launched into a rendition of 'Home on the Range'.  Now, one of my favourite TV programmes was/is 'Allo 'Allo and devotees of that series will well recall the ability of Madam Edith to charm her patrons with song.   I have to report that Imelda could not hold a candle to Madam Edith.    More remarkable was to see 200 of the Philippine elite stand up (some on their chairs) and applaud like their lives depended on it (probably did) and call for more.

And there was.  One more then and two after the main course and again before dessert including a remarkable 'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas' and each time the audience cheered wildly and again called for more.    Protocol dictated that the Minister and the Ambassador should clap politely.   All Derek Round (NZPA journalist attached to our party) and I did was to put up our hands and beckon a wine waiter for refills of some very average wine.    It was a very long and certainly unforgettable night.

I think that after forty years it is probably safe to tell that particular story.   No, I was not invited into her bedroom to see her shoes.  


So much for the hypocritical beating from Labour about National doing 'deals' in Epsom and Ohariru (leaving aside the fact that MMP is all about doing deals).   It is now clear the Cunliffe and Labour, have done exactly that and conceded Te Tai Tokerau to Hone in a deal that should let the Mana/Internet Party come in with three MPs (based on their current pollling).

What's the evidence for that?     Well, the Vet and Mrs Vet took a trip up to Kaitaia on Saturday for a meeting of the Far North Vietnam veterans.    On the way up we encountered numerous National Party signs; a sad looking half sign promoting Labour's Northand candidate; two signs from a weird mob called Focus New Zealand (whose leader believes the Reserve Bank is foreign owned ... now where have we heard that before?); a heap of signs from Hone (all replete with the Parliamentary logo), but from Kelvin Davis, the Te Tai Tokerau Labour candidate, zip zero nothing, nothing at all.

And I am told suma suma in the southern part of the electorate.

Many contributors to this blog (and others) had placed some store on Kelvin Davis (good man, wrong Party) giving Hone a decent run for his money.    That might have happened if the Maori Party had thought and acted strategically and not put up a candidate to split the anti Hone vote.    But now it's clear that Cunliffe and Labour have pulled the rug from Davis as a serious player and prostituted themselves to a bunch of hard left racists and a confused (as in multiple waka jumper) ex MP all financed by and beholden to krim.con in order to cobble together a coalition of the Centre-Left, the Left, the Green Left, the racist Left and the harder Left.  

Clearly Labour has supped long and hard from the cup of Groucho Marx when he said "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing.   If you can fake that, you've got it made".

Don't Frighten Young Children - Updated

I've just seen one of Colin Craig's election posters and I must say he could have chosen a better picture of himself.   Those bulging eyes boring right through the camera are anything but attractive and rather than attract voters will scare young children.

Now, where have I seen a face like that before?

I'm grateful to JC for this link.

Psycho (not milt)

Where oh where?

Oh yes!

At least this habitual liar had enough brains to use photoshop.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Foolish and Naive

Adolf has been engaged for some weeks in a polite discussion with The Vet on the value of an accommodation with Mr Craig and his party.

Initially Adolf held the view that in thee event of  tight result,it would be better to have an extra coat-tailer from Mr Craig's lot that it would to be at Peters' beck and call.   While, in principle, I still old that view, during recent days the utterances of Mr Craig seemed more and more to indicate that those who called him 'flakey and impossible' might be right.  Mr Craig certainly sealed his fate when he said yesterday he could happily work with labour.


I've changed my mind and I'm glad Mr Key has given the heave ho to the foolish and naive Mr Craig.

Does he not realise that his much vaunted Citizens Initiated Referenda have been irrevocably tarnished by the appalling antics of the Greens who used tax payers' money to buy the requisite number of signatures for an Assets Sales referendum?

Citizens Initiated indeed!!!!!

What Is It?.......

....... that makes people do this?

Adolf went shopping for some bigs and bobs at Wollworths this morning.  Chocolate was on special so I thought I'd buy a bar for The Cook.  The first block on the shelf had been opened, the first two blocks removed and the pack put back on the shelf.

Words fail me.

More "WE Know Best" From a Melon!

Hot on the heels of an announcement that "the Melons will ban deepsea drilling" the increasingly desperate and manipulative communist from Queensland  now wishes to specify the path for a vessel navigating our coastal waters.

The totally false claim he will be in a position of sufficient power in any coalition option apparent in the current landscape when the only likely leading and therefore dominant party to promote his wet dream have come out with a policy of allowing DSD to happen under tighter controls, should have been instantly dismissed by the public and certainly the MSM as the grandstanding it was.

The matter of sealanes for coastal shipping in the light of the 'Rena' grounding was even more outrageous. and bizarre.
I am not a master mariner in fact I do not venture from harbour waters but I assume when a Ship Master plots a course between two points he will take account of hazards first then winds, currents, swells and time available just as a pilot of an aeroplane plots a course similarly only removing swells for turbulence and including  height.

So I guess what the dopey melon is trying to mine for relevance is the simple yet obvious fact that the 'Rena" should have been "forced" by legislation" to avoid the Astrolabe Reef.
Totally radical eh.

FFS melon Dr unable to negotiate Political Waters with sufficient displayed ability to convince more than around 12% of voters of such ability, how in the name of everything precious would your compulsory directive  under your stupid additional law have prevented the monumental stupidity and negligence that caused the grounding of the 'Rena'.
The driver in that sad and very expensive incident for many, was clearly not present, mentally or Physically or both, it was off course to reach Tauranga and all the legislation in the world would not have prevented that totally avoidable disaster.

I am surprised that in the afterglow of the recent documentary on the recovery mission to Erebus the dopy idjit is not calling for legislation banning aircraft from flying into mountains, then there is the simple but far more common behavior around vehicle drivers hitting Power poles surely we need a law prohibiting that.
Hello, hello is anyone home at the melon circus.

Ele @ homepaddock, gave us a delightful little tale under Saturday Smiles that warrants repeating;

A magician had a job on a cruise liner, entertaining the passengers with a nightly show. She was a very clever performer and there was always a full house at all her performances.
Life was sweet. The money was rolling in, she had one of the best cabins, ate the best food, mixed with the best people, until one day the captain bought a parrot.
The highlight of the parrot’s day was going along to see the magician in action in the evening. During the magician’s performances, the parrot would watch her very carefully during each trick, and immediately after the magician had completed the trick the parrot would call out in a loud squark, “It’s up her sleeve, it’s up her sleeve,” or, “It’s under her hat, it’s under her hat,” ruining the magician’s trick.
Well life was no longer as sweet and the magician started to struggle to satisfy the passengers. She naturally got very tired of the parrot and began to think of ways to thwart it.
Before she could put his plan into action, one night in the middle of the magician’s performances, the ship hit an iceberg and sank.
The magician managed to swim to a raft, climbed aboard and collapsed. The parrot flew towards the magician and perched on the edge of the raft and stared at her.
For a whole day the magician remained unconscious, and all this time the parrot kept its eyes on her. Eventually the magician started to stir, and looked up not really knowing where she was or what had happened.
She eventually found enough energy to sit up and then noticed the parrot, which had kept its eyes focussed on her all this time.
“Alright I give up …” chirped the parrot, “… what have you done with the ship?”

That was funny, the Head honcho male Melon is anything but, however a parrot he may well be.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


The Colmar Brunton TV1 News poll released a few minutes ago on Q&A shows John Key up 1% to 48% as preferred PM while the 'nice' Mr Cunliffe drops 2% to just 8%.   That has to be devastating for Labour.

In politics perception can very quickly become reality.    Were the result to morph over and be reflected in the Party vote and you might well see the Greens at say 22%, Labour at 20%, Winston First at 6% and the Internet/Mana Party at 3% and get 'Wussel' and the 'Sheila' as Joint Prime Ministers.

More likely though Labour at 26% + Greens at 16% plus Winston first at 6% and Internet/Mana at 3% and Cunliffe as PM but held completely beholden and ransom to the Greens.

Scenario #1 is when you wake up in cold sweat.   Scenario #2 is my nightmare.  

Couldn't Happen Here

We do not have Medicare!!

This came to my inbox from an expat Aussie who in an uncomplicated way serves her adopted country to a level that should shame every bloody citizen of this country.

AUSTRALIAN LETTER - Maybe the sender might have been upset!
This is an actual letter sent to the DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) Immigration Minister.  The Government tried desperately to censure the author, but got nowhere because every legal person who read it couldn’t stop laughing ! 

Dear Mr Minister, 

I'm in the process of renewing my passport, and still cannot believe this 

How is it that K-Mart has my address and telephone number, and knows that I bought a television set and golf clubs and condoms from them back in 1997, and yet the Federal Government is still asking me where I was born 
and on what date ? 

Do you guys do this by hand ? 

My birth date you have in my Medicare information, and it is on all the income tax forms I've filed for the past 40 years. 

It is also on my driver's licence, on the last eight passports I've ever had, on all those stupid customs declaration forms I've had to fill out before being allowed off planes
over the past 30 years. 

It's also on all those insufferable census forms that I've filled out every 5 years since 1966. 

Also... would somebody please take note, once and for all, that my mother's name is Audrey, my father's name is Jack, and I'd be absolutely bloody astounded if that ever 
changed between now and when I drop dead !!! 

SHIT! What do you people do with all this information we keep having to provide? 

I apologise, Mr. Minister. But I'm really pissed off this morning.

Between you and me, I've had enough of all this bullshit! 

You send the application to my house, then you ask me for my bloody address!

What the hell is going on with your mob? Have you got a gang of mindless Neanderthal arseholes working there! 

And another thing, look at my damn picture. Do I look like Bin Laden? I can't even grow a beard for God's sakes. I just want to go to New Zealand and see my new granddaughter.  (Yes, my son interbred with a Kiwi girl).  And would someone please tell me, why would you give a shit whether or not I plan on visiting a farm in the next 15 days? In the unlikely event I ever got the urge to do something weird to a sheep or a horse, believe you me, I'd sure as hell not want to tell anyone! 

Well, I have to go now, 'cause I have to go to the other side of Sydney , and get another bloody copy of my birth certificate - and to part with another $80 for the privilege of accessing MY OWN INFORMATION! 

Would it be so complicated to have all the services in the same spot, to assist in the issuance of a new passport on the same day? 

Nooooo…that'd be too bloody easy and makes far too much sense. 

You would much prefer to have us running all over the bloody place like chickens with our heads cut off, and then having to find some 'high-society' wanker to confirm that it's really me in the goddamn photo! You know the photo... the one where we're not allowed to smile? bloody morons. 

Signed - An Irate Australian Citizen. 

P.S. Remember what I said above about the picture, and getting someone in 'high-society' to confirm that it's me?                                                                           
Well, my family has been in this country since before 1820! In 1856, one of my forefathers took up arms with Peter Lalor.  (You do remember the Eureka Stockade!) 

I have also served in both the CMF and regular Army for something over 30 years (I went to Vietnam in 1967), and still have high security clearances. I'm also a personal friend of the president of the RSL....Lt General Peter Cosgrove sends me a Christmas card each year. 

However, your rules require that I have to get someone "important" to verify who I am; you know...someone like my doctor - WHO WAS BORN AND RAISED IN BLOODY PAKISTAN!...a country where they either assassinate or hang their ex-Prime Ministers - and are suspended from 
the Commonwealth and United Nations for not having the "right sort of government".. 

You are all pen-pushing, paper-shuffling, space & time wasting bloody idiots!

And they are regarded as the lucky country.
Thanks Jan you deserved that award in so many ways.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

It Will Happen So believe It.

Another major procedural step in solving the superating sore that is safe practical and affordable access between Northland and Auckland.

And the greens and their great red hope for the treasury benches are squealing like stuck pigs while  promoting clinically stupid alternatives. A notable exception being the one among their number with the political nous and the common sense on the issues involved, both commercial and social, Kelvin Davis, NZLP candidate for Te Tai Tokerau

Rail freight is monumentally inadequate and inefficient in most cases for heavy freight movement and in the case here will require eyewatering money to bring it up to viability
SH 1 Warkworth to Puhoi is manifestly inadequate and dangerous at much of the time during work times and dangerous and congested during holiday times.
Claims that a fourlane Highway will be redundant when completed are equally out of touch, in the same basket as AGW disaster, Peakoil and every other brain fart the terminally stupid offer as voter bait.
The commercial and social connections between the winterless North and the largest NZ metro center will grow massively and only bureaucratic interventions will slow it.
Nothing will stop it.

Forget Rail, for an alternative to road transport, think coastal shipping so long as union exploitation of its involvement is constrained.

Believe it, it's happening, good one Kelvin Davis, give Hadfield his beans as you go.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Compulsory Maori Language.

Debate has emerged from secondary principals concern at numeracy and literacy among year nine children arriving at their levels with insufficient skills to fully engage the work and some needing remedial learning.
Random observations from specialist subject educators echo what the secondary principals are saying at entry levels for Tertiary study, notably engineering and the law.

Contemporaneously we have election year calls to expand the now widely taught rudimentary te reo skills at primary levels.

How to merge those two claims when the second would seem to likely constrain the former.

At present it is claimed children can "count" to ten in te reo  Tahi.  Rua.  Toru. Whā.  Rima. Ono. Whitu.  Waru.  Iwa.  Tekau,  yet it would be reasonable to believe that skill is completely bereft of comprehension as to what that string of te reo, too often actually means in mathematics.

So it would appear that those calling for compulsory te reo will need to establish significant quantitative measures as to how far they wish to push that desire .

The measurable barriers to learning at year nine in english and maths skill levels seem to indicate sufficient problems already apparent with the curriculum load in place.

My maternal grandmother came from Scotland with very little English but fluent in Gaelic and I have always had nostalgic urges to have been afforded opportunity to learn rudimentary skill in that treasure so I have a fleeting regard as to what te reo speakers are wishing to preserve but pragmatism has me seeing it was something that had to come by way of family and input outside basic education construct not crowded into an already struggling and over loaded curriculum.

I recall a discussion during a golf round  many many moons ago in a four  that included a primary principal and curriculum expansion arose as the topic.
Ken's immediate and quite vehement contribution was something that had never occurred to me until then but is now more relevant than ever.
"Our masters and rulers are for ever adding to the curriculum but they never address in any way, a review, of what exists to create space for  additions, we just have to make it happen" and that was 40 years ago.

How about instead of the politically attractive to some, broad brush wish, how about some what, when, and how much. I for one consider there may be quite enough already under a voluntary regime responding to the wishes of local parents for their children.

Maybe Gerry Did Us A Favour

This lithe individual slipped through an exit door not available for Public use with two aids accompanying him, in breach of Airport Security.

He has gone through a charade of penance and The PM has accepted his wrongdoing with the sanctions he may face in place and refused his tendered resignation from his portfolios one of which relating to Civil aviation he has relinquished.

If security at that Airport was deficient then has Big Thick Gerry not done all who travel by air a service in that the security was far too easy to breach.

I mean, slipped through an exit door, rushing to catch a plane, hurrying through the airport, gimme a break. Has anyone making such bizarre comments actually seen BGB just get up in the house to raise a point of order?

One wag on talkback suggested Gerry could have been held hostage by the two aids, why would anyone do that???  Ransom at what value?? just getting rid of him before he wanted to eat would place such a scenario firmly in the "unbelievable" file.

All that said IMHO he has delivered in Hearts for Christchurch and Canterbury on the omni-shambles bequeathed by the over 10 000 seismic events that have been and still are causing serious problems for the people who remain here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Lets be very clear.   I don't support capital punishment with the caveat the life imprisonment must really mean life imprisonment.   

It's certainly grist to the mill for opponents of capital punishment in the United States when an execution (by lethal injection)  takes almost two hours ... you can read it all here.     The report has it that Joseph Wood apparently gasped more than 600 times before being pronounced dead.

Many more botched attempts (and there have been a number recently) may well mean the pressure for a moratorium on executions will become too much for American legislators to ignore.     

If America is determined to have capital punishment then just why their fixation on 'scientific' ways of killing sure beats me.   What's wrong with the guillotine pray tell?     Cheep and quick and not too much to go wrong.

But others will have differing views.



Well TVOne Is Concentrating On The Big Things.

Petrie and Dallow were clearly on the edge of their seats.

The late News promos feature the one story around Big Gerry as the only bait story.

Corin Dann virtually  wetting himself over Brownlie being completely and utterly stupid, manning up, saying sorry and offering to resign his Transport Portfolio.
Rejected in absolute fashion by the PM.

Meanwhile on "Gilligans Island" Mr c reverses himself on what he KNEW when he met with Clutha Southland candidate for labour Liz Craig and the man who must not be identified for lunch in Qtown one week ago and nothing, zip, nada, zero, completely ignored.

Corrin did you need Brownlie in stocks, resigned from parliament, and totally destroyed while Mr c adopts position number four in 6 days over "what he really did know" about an admitted sex offender, who pleaded guilty to a charge in the Dunedin District Court to a charge of performing an indecent act intended to insult or offend a woman,  so soon after his ridiculous mea culpa on behalf of all males at "rape crisis" and there is no issue??
Brownlie would be close to numero uno through CHC domestic, yes he evaded security, was not wearing a turban, was not carrying a kalashnikov and bypassed security. FFS one of my most used departure points flying domestic in NZ is NPR and had Big Gerry been as described above he could well pass unchallenged there.

The serious story was that Brownlie was able to evade security with apparent ease so why not concentrate on that serious angle with the big guys stupid action as a side story, no it was "a hit opportunity on team blue" and you call yourself a professional journalist, pfft.
Pull the other one Corrie, leaving the red tie off does not mean you have no bias to Team Red, have your pulse, BP and breath rate returned to normal resting numbers yet

The wannabe PM Cunliffe wants the electorate to accept he can perform at the top level, his latest changing story around lunch last Thursday indicates further doubt as to his ability to pass muster, that Mr Corrin Dann was the more important story.
You and your equally supercilious journos assisted with relish, the destruction of Don Brash when he was nowhere near as bumbling and casual around policy positions as Mr c demonstrates daily, do your freakin jobs.
Cripes xxxxNorman was positively statesmanlike when asked for comment.

ps nice feint to kick Mr c in the nuts by Hosking when signing off from Seven Sharp apropos the rejection by team Cunliffe for the TV debates, I guess they would prefer Linda Clarke or Martyn Bradbury, here's hoping TVOne management are staunch.
Hosking summed his role up accurately.


I see Mr Brownlie has been a tad naughty caught skipping airport security at Christchurch ... silly boy.   But hardly a hanging offense and the PM was right in not accepting his resignation.    See too that Chester Burrows was clocked at 11k over the speed limit just outside Patea .... put his hand up and copped the fine.  There but for the grace of God go all of us (some more times than others). 

But I again reiterate my concern that security checks when travelling domestically within NZL are a farce and an expensive farce at that (yes, I know they are imposed by international agreement) but that doesn't stop them being a farce.    Take Auckland Domestic Airport ... at one end of the building and travelling on a main trunk route you get the full Monty.   At the other end and for passengers on regional services you walk through unchallenged.     

Reminds me that the only time (that I am aware of) where a passenger has attacked a pilot was on a regional link service out of Woodbourne ... where there is no security ... sigh.

Pay your $200 (or whatever) fine Mr Brownlie and learn.    


The EU Will Tax It

A gigantic fart machine is being prepared on the cliffs of Dover.  Of course it is aimed at France.

All seems a bit pointless really.  A better result might have been achieved by tipping a bucketful of iron sulphate into each of fifty 200l barrels of dilute hydrochloric acid on a day when the wind is heading toward Paris.

South Seas Paradox

New Zealand currently is the envy of the Western World for it's economic performance - credit to Bill English and John key.

New Zealand currently is derided by the Western World for it's political shambles - thanks to Harawira, DotKrim and Cunliffe.

The world holds its breath, wondering whether Kiwis are stupid enough to replace a responsible, sensible and successful government with a brain dead, illiterate street mob.


Thats A Bit Back To Front, Team Red.

Complaining about the "ref" is pretty normal but after the game, surely.

Labour are getting in early and complaining about TVNZ appointing Hosking as moderator for the upcoming Political debates.

I suppose if it had been Shane Taurima or Corrin Dann it would have been OK.

Most sportspeople I know understand it is more likely to bite your arse to bitch about the ref prior, it can make them cross.

As for TV3 I guess Little Creep Campbell is more worried about Key than the other way around.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yet another random Question.

If Mr "F" turns up wanting to borrow my lawn mower am I breaking the suppression order to tell him to enjoy sex and travel, as he is no longer welcome here because my missus is more than happy with my current form.
Sorry you cant reply and I am just indulging myself.

I note though on another matter The Crown is to appeal Little Miss Cunningham's demented decision on the matter of Discharge without conviction for the second in line to the Tainui Naughty Chair.

I wonder if anyone is concerned with any of Judge Saunders equally strange offerings, particularly over a Prominent New Zealander who had Lunch with the wannabe PM in Qtown last Thursday.

Two basic rules around lies and untruths.

Remember the lies totally as they have hopefully replaced the truth and always make them deniable as to source and substance.

Followers of the Standard and The Daily Blog blunder along with that meme applied to their work but for some inexplicably reasonable explanation Mr c, who has acolytes from both stables in his immediate entourage, has his train wreck is still on the rails and not slowing noticeably
Mr c is a very sorry excuse for a man, a leader, a politician, and would have in his very being most of the qualifications for a "Chinless scarf wearer", just a different model from a different church and accusers.

He planned a few days on a skiing holiday to Qtown with his family, "so what", not what I would have done in any like business situation when making my way in life and  that alone is something that I regret looking back. I was convinced then that my achievements were more important than family on just too many occasions.

Up until then  Mr c had no problems, one week on, his management of that week has generated a virtual "B" train Curtain Sider load of adverse imagery in the media and subsequently in the minds of many more electors.

David had "The Flu", that is the common abbreviation for the influenza virus, a debilitating energy sapping viral invasion of the body that can have a fatal outcome.
The old adage is still very accurate; Treat it with every  known "cure" it will be over in seven days, rest, maintain fluids and it will only last a week.
"Man flu" is just a feminist put down and along with confusion with the milder Headcold, not as debilitating that can't be overcome in a few days, sometimes if luck accompanies 24 hours will do it.
So David was it The Flu or a head cold, everyone understands the difference and If I had had the flu, skiing would not appeal ever. Maybe struggle up a mountain warmly clad and ambulant to support Mum and the kids skiing yes but two days on the slopes at his age after the Flu not very likely.

Meeting the Prominent New Zealander for a lunch on the Thursday when there were very few tech savvy ( and that includes a dumbarse like me) who did not  know exactly who Mr "F" was, at least by the Tuesday of that week. Claiming otherwise about as likely as a 'ba mitzvah' in a Saudi Mosque.
That no-one in Thumbhead's circle could see how it would pan out in the aftermath of his pathetic "sorry" at Rape crisis and/or the ongoing saga around the Malaysian Embassy staffer debacle, indicates either mind boggling incompetence or a fatal arrogant disregard for political reality.

According to reports yesterday, questions were asked when T P NZer asked for the date with Mr c and the Clutha Southland NZLP Candidate,  Liz Craig, so prepping for that meeting with you know who with his suppression matters, the related charges laid and admitted,  previous tribal loyalties and the person in question should have had red (scuse the pun) flags on every post in sight.

Pots and Kettles

The Ockers are complaining about local businesses being given preference in tenders for the Christchurch rebuild.

Funny that.

When I was doing business in Western Australia some years ago, all West Australian state government tenders carried a clause noting a ten percent preferential treatment for Western Australia based tenderers.

It Will Never Be "FREE" Dam It!!

While driving North on Monday I was enduring Danny Watson.

Now I accept Politicians have scant regard for discussing the world we the peasants live in and use inane buzzwords, spin and obfuscation in promulgating their messages on policy and in the case of Government the resulting actions.

There is absolutely no excuse for Op-Ed people such as Watson to just repeat that totally false garbage for hours on end as fact. He and his other opinionated "D"  listers should challenge, examine and where appropriate pick such banal rubbish apart to a point of total demolition if necessary.
There is plenty of dead air time with news bulletins and adbreaks for a bit of research.

What had me reaching for the off button was Watson's mindless repetition and continual requesting listeners to comment on Turei's policy announcement on lowering the age of entitlement for "TAXPAYER FUNDED" preschool education to two years of age at a cost of $30 000 000 to the Hydra Government. Never once did he challenge the announced "Free" bribe apart from occasionally mentioning the sartorially splendid jade adorned one admitting, apparently, she did not have any idea where the funding was to be found.

Some of the matters Watson could have explored:

It is often claimed that the existing three year old target is often a mirage and some wait over a year for a place to become available ie their child is nearer or more than four years old.

It will not just be the charade of 'Free at Two' to be paid for, Buildings, training for additional staff, access, and a mountain of extra facilities necessary to cope with the entirely different animal that is the two yo as opposed to the present three and more often than not in reality, four yo.

Never once did he attempt to differentiate the claimed "Free" from the absolutely factual taxpayer fully subsidised cost of the bribe to be funded by older Taxpayers who had already paid the full costs of their spawn, those who cannot or choose not to, have children, and the responsible young not yet blessed with children to care for.

It was not Free, it would cost well in excess of thirty million and more than likely would not be a reality until the ex anarchist has long left the parliament if ever, and that is completely ignoring the true situation around her desperate bribe never being launched let alone finalised because of the chaotic policy dilution and modification that the wonderful MMP delivers to the electorate.
Minor parties can offer outrageous bribes in the knowledge that implementation and being held to account will never happen.

Much of the over two hours should have been required to carry all the legal obligations that apply to 'Party Political Adverts'.
That said Danny, you did an admirable job for the Melons, they should be eternally grateful.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Changing Landscape.

I have just traveled from here in Paradise to the southern hinterland of the Kaikoura electorate and return, some observations on the Political Signage images on a rather random zig zag trip in the last 24 hours

Here on Banks Peninsula several Blue signs mainly generic National with the message and the Leader, none for Amy Adams her self, and a total absence of any other.

Out through western City and a noticeable lack, but I do tend to watch the road more when its busy.
Back to the CBD a few with Nikki Wagner and with her leader some Nat generic with and without the PM and one solitary of the gambling commission guy Adam Milne from memory, replete with red block color and NZLP logo.
Further East Poto Williams now home turf.
Why do they accept bloody sign plastered vehicles to creaate an image. I was less than impressed with the driver of her advert painted car that seemed to be not required to comply with yellow lines. Noticed a few red including Williams mugshot and name with traditional NZLP livery.
Saw nothing from the Nat candidate Joanne Hayes who went up against Curran in Dunedin Sth three years ago.

Then North into Waimakariri via Kaiapoi to get a Big Mac, a lab stronghold for Cosgrove who was narrowly defeated in 2011 by ex cabinet Minister and now quitting the contest Kate Wilkinson.
There the signage battle is intense and saturated but with a twist.
Mathew Doocey who lost to Williams in Dalziels fortress when she decamped for her sofar very ordinary Mayoralty jaunt.
Having won the nod for the Nats to go against Cosgrove in 2014 it is the main event in Canterbury. Lots of Blue signs with Key and Doocey, Key on his own but all with lots of blue and the National logo and the central messages
Mr Cosgrove has pretty much equal volumes of what some regard as pollution but with a couple of significant differences.
Clayt has abandoned the traditional Red block color background for his airbrushed image, and plumped for white, absolutely no NZLP message or his great back on track Messaiah or the policy message, just a very small NZLP with the fern frond in red bottom rt cnr.
"Clayton Cosgrove working for you" Lucky for the small man there is no requirement for truth in political advertising, the guy is working for Mr Clayton Cosgrove solely

Then on into the southern reaches of Kaikoura where Marlborough Vintner Stuart Smith has replaced a popular Colin King and for Labour who surprisingly (LOL) went outside the electorate for a parachute candidate from Fielding Jannette Walker.
It was definitely "what election", another country in fact.

Absolutely nothing, zip , zero, nada of the Messaiah, or the Red policy message on the whole trip.

It had a total absence of tribal Labour and a complete vacant lot for all the other players.
It is as if apart from Clayt who needs to win the seat to ensure his return to the trough, the battle field has been abandoned to team Blue.

Early days I know but that was Canterbury as I saw it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

ON MH 17

I don't propose to comment in any substantial way on the downing of MH 17.    It will come down to a standoff between the Ukrainian Government and Russia and the Russian backed rebel fighters in the Eastern Ukraine of the 'yes you did' ... 'no we didn't, you did' variety.    

What we do know is that the crash site is now completely contaminated and compromised to the point where, if the rebels were to blame, the evidence is probably long gone.   One would not expect too much from the CVR or the FDR (now apparently in Russian hands).   Of more interest would be the trace elements of any missile fragments/explosives found on the wreckage.      If they are found who is to say they have not been planted.

What interests me more is just why MH 17 was transiting a war zone where, just days previously, a Ukrainian Airforce SU 25 fighter and a AN 26 transport plane had been shot down.    We do know that a number of airlines including Air France, Lufthansa and Qantas had rerouted their aircraft away from eastern Ukrainian airspace so why not Malaysian Airlines?

It comes down to cost.   The rerouting is estimated to cost approx USD1,500 in additional fuel.    So now we know the worth of the 298 passengers and crew = $5.03.    Malaysian Airlines ought to be pilloried for putting dollars before airline safety.    One suspects they will be. 



on the latest Herald Digipoll with Labour dropping to a fifteen year low.

National 54.9 (up 4.5 points since June)
Labour 26.5 (down 4)
Greens 9.9 (down 0.8)
NZ First 4.6 (up 1)
Internet Mana 2.2 (up 0.8)
Conservatives 1.2 (down 0.3)
Maori Party 0.5 (down 0.3)
Act 0 (down 0.7)
United Future 0 (down 0.1)
Legalise Cannabis 0.1 (up 0.1

The poll of 750 decided voters was taken over the period 10-17 July.   Undecided voters were 11.5%.   It has an moe of +/- 3.6%.

There Is Just Nowhere To Hide.

It is reported the SST has an item about serious discontent over Mr c, his leadership or should that be lack of, highlighted by his departure for a week skiing in Qtown two months from a General Election.

On the border regions of two very Blue seats of Waitaki and Clutha Southland, I would assume very few uncommitted votes around there so the angst and gutted worker bees discontent will be palpable, perhaps not around Frazer House as they are tits just like you.
No, the problem is among the already disillusioned troops who are already struggling to raise the energy and effort to do what you, Mr c,  think unnecessary, get out and do the hard yards.
Clearly The Cunliffe believed implicitly his work was done when he garnered the majority support of his Members and the Union puppet masters when amid a sea of red, under photos of NZLP greats he was not fit to shine the shoes of, clutching a bunch of red roses( they also have thorns you supercilious thick prick) , he claimed the battle and the war.

This is not a Football Friendly Mr c it is for the title and although Blackadder's Crusaders earned a week off Jamie Joseph's mighty Highlanders had their work cut out and they came up short.
Just as you Mr c have taken yet another giant step to achieving.
Poor old Mr c, continuing the Super rugby analogy, The Crusaders won the conference.

In all wars up until the Korean war in the fifties, what was actually happening on the battlefield was a mystery to all even many military commanders and political leaders, due to a combination of censorship and propaganda using slow and chaotic news gathering.
Viet Nam was a seachange in that war came to the lounge via TV, hell Desert Storm and subsequent wars were almost aligned to scheduled news shows.

It is exactly the same for political battles, oh sure propaganda, censorship and manipulation of the media are still very influential if not crucial but one certainty is now front and center.

There is absolutely nowhere to hide.
And in plain sight on the Mountains of the Great Southern Playground, Mr c, an epic fail.
Sheesh, at least your mentor and now hopefully long gone leader H1 when also enjoying the splendor, the invigorating euphoria and the isolation of the mountains, she would never have "gone skiing in Qtown" and never sixty days out from a battle for her political survival.

Is the Messiah thick, stupid or just plain old arrogant with a spoonful of Narcissism for flavor, whatever, the proof will be in the pudding and it is looking increasingly cold, glutinous, mouldy and unpalatable to more and more diners as, each day passes.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Christine Rankin's statement to her Party Conference here that they could work equally with either Labour or National.

Can I invite some apologist for that Party to give me a semi-coherent reason why National should throw them East Coast Bays on the chance they could ditch John Key and throw their hat in with the Labour in a Labour/Green/Winston First/Mana/Internet Party coalition.   This election is going to be close, despite what the polls say, and just why National should take the chance with a mob that could just as easily go with the dark side of politics sure beats the hell out of me.

It's shades of Winston First without the makeup on.      At least with ACT and United Future you know who they're supporting.

You will note Rankin's claim that the Conservatives polled 80.000 votes last time round and only 40,000 short of the 'magic' 5%.     In actual fact they polled 59,237 votes or 2.65%.    That was 52,530 votes short.    So, in addition to wondering whether man really landed on the moon and whether chemtrails can make you sterile it appears they don't 'do' maths.     That's comforting for a party that advocates for a flat tax regime.

The so called Conservatives are just too flaky for National to take a chance with them.

From The Last Will and Testament of a Farmer c1986

To my Wife,  my bank overdraft. Maybe she has an explanation for it.

To my Banker, I bequeath my soul, he has the mortgage on it anyway.

To my nearest and dearest neighbor, my clown suit, he claims he is going to carry on farming.

To The Rural Bank, my grain silo and my Fertilizer Bin, he has them as chattel security anyway.

To the local scrap metal dealer, every item of crap machinery I have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep from his possession.

To The Undertaker one special request, I wish to have as Pall Bearers, six Stock Agents they are well versed in carrying me.

To the Weatherman, another day of rain, snow if possible, no point in a nice fine day when I wont be able to enjoy it.

Finally to the Sexton, a grave digger should not be required, just use the hole I find myself in at present.


Was talking to an old (army) acquaintance of mine the other day.   Great Guy, but with one fault ... he's been a vocal Winston First supporter since Adam was a cowboy (anything to keep the bastards honest!!!) and jokes about being an endangered species once 'he' exits Stage left. 

That aside and he floored me by saying that this time round he was contemplating holding his nose and giving National his Party Vote for the simple reason that Winston is refusing to rule out doing a deal that would see a Labour/NZ First/Greens/Mana/Internet Party Government.    He would be happy to see a Labour/Winston First coalition but the Greens in ascendancy scares the hell out of him and adding in Hone's mob is a couple of bridges too far.

He's right in the sense that Winston owes it to the electorate to make it clear what giving their vote to him might mean ... but it won't happen, Winston likes playing games and, were he to declare his hand, he would risk the loss of support from either the deranged or the nearly deranged that go to make up his voting demographic.

So it looks as though 'S' is going to have to hold his nose.

p.s.   With sometime Labour Minister Dover Samuels trumpeting that he's giving Winston First his Party Vote I guess that nets out to zero.    Perhaps though Samuels is just taking the 'piss' out of Cunliffe (as opposed to doing it in hotel corridors)    How many twists and turns to go before polling day?    Better than Fawlty Towers.

Friday, July 18, 2014

That Really is the News.

Joelle Dalley from Fairfax gives readers some meat on the bones on the carcass of the "tourist".

And it explains many of the unanswered questions I feared would remain hidden from sight until the Coronial inquiry.

Sadly though it makes Judicial Disaster Saunders, the very same judge who thought "prominent New Zealanders" should be treated more leniently than your average Joe Lothario increasingly "Dud". It appears his extremely flexible attitude to one justice standard for all, applies to some visiting businessmen as well.

The previously described "tourist" is actually,
Johannes Jacobus Appelman a "big player" in the Netherlands' flower bulb industry.
Apparently this scroat who took out a wife, a daughter, her friend and put the father in ICU has lost money in his business while awaiting his case to come up in our courts, while on bail living with a business mate at West Melton west of Christchurch, the poor wee lamb.

Saunders has given him a monetary "blood money reparation sentence" and a totally irrelevant suspension of his licence to drive in NZ with an equally impotent order to sit for a NZ licence "should he require to drive here" on a subsequent trip.
Jesus also wept Saunders, do you have a regular dinner date with the equally suspect Judge Phillipa Cunningham, if so you should both have a cup of cement for an aperitif and maybe include Judge Tony Adeane as a mentor.

To recap, this driving disaster arrived at CHC for Queens Birthday weekend, hired a vehicle then promptly drove it off SH1 into a ditch within a short distance of CHC, retired shaken, had a kip, then hired another vehicle from a different hire company and commenced a business trip in central Canterbury, was clocked speeding at Burnham South of the City then later ploughed into the passenger door of a vehicle taking a family and the child's friend to Lake Ohau, traveling on the longest secondary straight road in the country that runs from Rakaia on SH1 to the Ashburton River near Staveley running a "COMPULSORY STOP SIGN" at an estimated 100kph from Sommerset Rd.
OK Thompson's Track has now had a chicane set up where the Ashburton/Methven road intersects, otherwise it is straight for some 50kms.
The ghastley destructive action, Mr Dutch bulb trader perpetrated needed jailtime to set a standard in stone that such actions "are not OK", at the very least it was 'Manslaughter' x 3.

As a signatory to an international convention on international driving rights, anyone with a current valid licence to drive in their country can arrive here, hire a vehicle and take off, clearly this bulb trader was not quite up for it and a bunch of grieving people are asked to accept that Mr Bulb trader can just pay some reparations, lose a bit of his business capital and fly on out.
That Judge Saunders is not quite how many think the system works, you show a need for a bit of retraining in judgemanship.

Big ups to Joelle Dalley well done you and a thankyou from citizen Dodger on behalf of many others, I am certain.
Big thumbs down to another appalling decision from the prominent New Zealanders and now visiting bulb traders best mate, Judge Saunders.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I have previously opined and still hold strongly to the view that David Cunliffe is the gift that keeps on coming for the National Party.    That National should do everything possible to ensure he remains leader of the Labour Party.

The latest poll which I blogged in an earlier post has caused me to rethink my position.     If things keep going the way they are then there is a real chance the Greens could find themselves as the main opposition party in Parliament.

That would be a disaster for New Zealand.   As a third party they can be explained away as an aberration of MMP.     As the senior opposition party they can't (even though they probably won't win an electorate seat).

As much as it hurts me to say so and for the good of New Zealand, Labour should dump Cunliffe.   Bring back Shearer or even Goff.   They are both honorable men.     At least with one of them at the helm Labour might reverse their soon to be terminal position in the polls and on 26 September.

Headliine Competition

In anticipation of that great religious festival known as Extradition Day Adolf invites potential headlines.

A couple of starters:-

Sour Kraut Out

Bung Fritz Slung

Kim Dot Gone   (James S)

In case you're wondering, in Australian supermarkets one can buy a particularly obscene palid stodgy sausage called Bung Fritz.

Well That Worked Well Eh.

Three news reports the celebratory "first hitching" might have ended.

The first couple to marry under New Zealand's same-sex marriage law have reportedly split, according to media reports.
Melissa Ray and Natasha Vitali married in August last year on the day same-sex marriage became legal in New Zealand.
The couple had won a radio competition to have an all-expenses-paid wedding, followed by a paid-for honeymoon in Fiji.

Based on evidence from "facebook" things might have gone south.

Gee Suzy, Might Need to tighten that up a Bit.

Fill in for Hosking gabbling as usual, dropped a little boomer this morning.

Susan Wood raving about Sticky Buns she encountered in Arrowtown recently, directed listeners to where they could find them.
"The Cafe is right there on the LEFT"

Now Atown is not large and the CBD" has one street occupied on one side and a second occupied on both so on the left was not all that helpful.
Was it a Freudian slip that quality is to the left or was she just being her usual self, Blonde.

Who is it With a Problem, Really?

Vance is not alone in veiled criticism of the PM for taking a two week holiday with his family for the scheduled school holidays.
 Some who would be more than likely to campaign for extra statutorys, extended annuals and plenty of maternity, leave options, seem to wish to deny the PM similar rights for arguably deserved time out .

Now I can see that the prospect of a refreshed and reinvigorated Key returning to the fray, such a vision would seem daunting but to allude to such garbage as "he should be at the Helm" while totally ignoring the equally obvious absence of The Cunliffe is not only derisory but begs the question as to which of them was in a more advantageous position to take the time out.

It is widely canvassed that The present leader of the opposition might poll better in absentia but if that is the strategy of "The War Room" then it is surely in great need.

As the Veteran pointed out below.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


for Labour that is with the latest Roy Morgan Poll (the one all the true Labourites swear by as 'their' poll) showing their Party dropping down 4.5% to just 23.5%, their lowest since November 2011 .... and National up 3% to 51% .

Translated into seats that gives National 61 seats, enough to govern alone (baring any overhang).   When you add in ACT and United Future (assuming they retain their two seats) you have the makings of stable government without the need to go cap in hand to either the Maori Party or the Conservative flakes. 

The Greens are back up 3% to 15% and appear to have clawed back votes both from Labour and  Internet/Mana.  Winston First is back in the frame too at 6% proving that the 'mild' winter hasn't had much effect on their voting demographic.

Also of note is that the Government Confidence Rating has increased to 65.5% compared with just 23% who have it that NZL is heading in the wrong direction.     It appears from those numbers that a substantial number of centre/left voters also support the Government's direction.  

Big call but what chance now that Norman/Turei will become the joint Leaders of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition?

Another Dud Judge Who Misses the Bit About "Seeing to be Done".

"A Prominent New Zealander" my arse.

A former person of note in a field, yes.
A person with some subsequent exposure in  media, maybe.

One who has had setbacks in life, yes, plenty have had much worse

However to call that C" lister at best, a prominent citizen is stretching credibility.

Coward, arrogant, sleazy, wannabee, disgusting, predatory, and extremely fortunate all fit the person Rodney Hide alluded to, 'prominent' definitely not, apart from in his own warped mind.

How many 60 yo men in the Southern Lakes District would be under suspician because this POS who thought "she should have been grateful" are now under suspicion because a cowardly Rolf Harris type who always  thought he could not be touched, has got away with it, so far.

Judge David Saunders, Sir, what would you be thinking if it was your current squeeze who was assaulted in such a personally destructive and disgusting way.
So he pleaded guilty because he was assured he would get off scott free, I mean what was $5000 dollars of blood money and another $1500 in counseling.
What about the next one, form is temporary talent is permanent, so there will be a next one just as almost certainly there were previous. Leopards do not change their spots.
How many others have stayed silent from embarrassment, fear, loathing or whatever.
It is decisions such as you made that equate to those in The BBC and elsewhere that empower, protect and promote sickos like that "Prominent New Zealander".

It is not the fear of prosecution or the fear of punishment that stops me revealing the name of this disgusting bastard it is the financial cost that will accrue to my family in just getting due process.
Derryn Hinch you are a good bastard, I wish I had your courage.
It is very sobering that the bastards locked you up in the same wing of the same facility where the cnut who killed Jill Meagher was incarcerated.

I also echo the call to Maggie Barrie to use Parliamentary Privilege, extraordinary measures are needed and entirely justified.

Judge Saunders you just accomplished dud 101 with a merit pass.

Please do not break the suppression order in comments.

How Much Egg.......

....on the face does it take for the appalling Herald to admit it has been conned?

A glance at it's online political news page sees three pro DotKrim stories while only yesterday the story pushed by the Herald  for months that Jonathon Coleman overrode officials and approved the Kraut's residency application was thoroughly debunked by same officials.  Coleman knew nothing of it until after the officials had made the decision.

From Fairfax:-
But in an exclusive interview, Immigration chief executive Nigel Bickle said that from Immigration’s point of view he had seen no evidence of that and it was Dotcom’s advisers who had called for a fast decision in his case.....................Bickle said then-immigration minister Jonathan Coleman had not been involved in the decision to grant Dotcom permanent residency, and the call was made by an official.
The good old Herald brazenly plows on with one headline asserting DotKrim will drop a bomb on John Key five days out from the election.  Well that's the first guarantee it will be a pack of lies.  Not enough time to fact check him until the damage is done on voting day.

And yet another DotKrim story has the Phat Phraudster doing a complete back-flip and demanding to know why Minister Coleman did not block his application.   Maybe it was because it was not referred to him at any stage by officials.  How long ago was the Herald running the story that John Key and Hollywood conspired to get him into NZ so that he would be easy to extradite?

I think this paper is being edited by Herr Goebbels.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Commercial Charity.

Recently reports have surfaced on paid charity collectors proving a nuisance to people going about their lawful business  on the street.

Over recent years revelations have exposed instances of worthy charities abandoning participation in marshaling an army to man street collections and handing fundraising over to "Professionals".
Some honorable and only skimming reasonable cost recovery and  profits but other much less savory operators who skim almost every dollar collected creating in effect, a scam.
My service Club hands every single dollar collected to the charity but we will never know if it all reaches the charity target, we just hope so.

It is very clear some very worthy charities are run by an aging troup of committed souls and finding that army is curtailed from the lower numbers, energy levels and a diminishing apparent need, leading to an increased attraction to "farming out" the annual effort.

Greenpeace and Amnesty are two I use for entertainment and pleasure, when time permits as they are an endless source of both and no money changes hands.

I have been a member of a service club heavily involved in raising money for our projects and giving assistance to some select few others in their efforts.
A growing facet of consideration when assistance is requested is trying to ascertain if a commercial entity is running the collection or if the charity is indeed in need of help with a self help situation and it often gets murkier as the charity is either manipulated , coerced or just too dissociated from an ability to divulge the true facts.

Some of those running "commercial charities" are very adept, cunning and shifty.

Which brings me back to the catalyst for this post.
Evidently staffing paid collectors has been augmented by offering young backpacker type tourists incentives to participate with travel costs  and with a little training they become very skilled and at times over the top when viewed against our generous culture that has NZ at the high end as donors to charity.
Remember those who "manned" the promotions for "timeshares" with the targeted allocation of the follow up  "sales person" after the presentation. The long legged blonde chick never moved in on swmbo and the George Clooney lookalike never came onto moi. The first one was a total culture shock I then attended others as places of learning and immense amusement, oh and I never bought a timeshare either.
One recurring fact around street collecting, there is a reverse correlation as to 'apparent means' of a donor and any predisposition to 'give'. The driver from the most expensive wheels are most likely to pass by with averted gaze.

Harassment has no place in charity collection yet that is apparently a growing and recurring theme of the scene c2014   along with a perceived opportunity for exploitation.

But Is It Best Practice?

Hot on the heels of  Hairgate where a Hawkes Bay Family won over a school rule on Hair length and was awarded 24k in costs, stuff reports today on Palmerston North Boys High awarded Costs of 25k over a failed judicial review of a suspension for Cannabis use.

We know St Johns College had to 'pay' the 24 stacks, and we are told costs awarded usually run around half of those incurred so Palmy Boys was up for an estimated 25k not covered.
Adding up St John's own costs and Palmy boys exposure in two months 75k has been removed from education when many would have us believe money is tight in the sector.

That is just two from media reports, there will be several more disgruntled out there taking the litigious route over dissatisfaction with school rules,  MoE and BoT decisions.
What has the reorginisation of education in Christchurch post EQ and significant migration of pupils cost in court.

Great if one is a lawyer involved, not so good for a BoT struggling to make their budget stack up and not such a great example for an aspiring new entrant to the workforce who will come up against discipline in the way things are run in the real world and less clear paths to redress dissatisfaction, for starters just getting a job might have just become harder.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two outstanding Toddys might have one meself.

Todd Blackadder and Matt Todd

  Crusaders v Highlanders
Top of the New Zealand conference and unless the Sharks can beat the Stormers at home by some 35 points and score a four try bonus, have a well deserved week off.

Gee it is tough in the NZ conference bottom placed Blues at the bottom with 7 wins while the Aussies and the Jappies conferences each have a bottom team with 4 wins?

Highlanders without Ben Smith are well off the pace and now face a trek to the Republic.
Ryan Crotty had Fekitoa under control  and the Crusaders pack had the Southern men under the pump with three lineout drives from penalties for tries.

Three NZ teams in top six

An Oustanding Example Of Trained And Skilled.

No not from The Horrid or Stiff but a real news man from the front line in Gaza.

On TVOne during an item on the Israeli response to rocket attacks from Gaza, a very clearly accomplished reporter from the ABC, presumably but not actually designated The US one, not the branch of the Australian Labor party, a shouting young man with the mandatory Flack jacket was in an instant able to diagnose a passing patient on a stretcher completely swathed in bandages with red staines prominent, as instantly " seriously injured".
To me trained, but thankfully never tested with a mass casualty incident, I was in awe of his guy's abilities.
Cripes,  not likely, but entirely possibly a dead pig yet in an instant the reporter, make that Propaganda Agent, was able to assess the object in a flash without even viewing the patient beyond dressings and outline shape.
My training was to make priority assessment in seconds but required pt color, level of consciousness, distortion, damage, blood loss and ABCs, plus MOI or mechanics of impact if available.
This guy required nothing more than a glance at a moving stretcher born object heavily bandaged.


As an aside am I alone in thinking sending rockets from Gaza might just be attracting the retaliation, nah Phil Goff had that settled with his mate Yas didn't he, cripes he even kissed him to seal the deal.

Just More One Size Fits all.

And when that ill-fitting cover  is required, it will be again exposed as completely inadequate.

I would wish someone to do a Thesis on the efficiency of the EQC levy funds:
1 collected.
2 invested.
3 applied.

Then a study on the totally inefficient conversion of a fund gathering socialist inspired minor Government organisation of a few clerks and an investment manager, set up to collect levy monies and invest them,   into a risk assessment, claim adjustment, payout organisation competing for staff with a long established industry active in that specialist market over decades and suddenly forced to deal with an explosive increase in their workload on September 4th 2010

Today Kiwiblog covers a brain fart from Plughead to have EQC levies collected as part of local body  rates.
Great, that will exclude renters including all state housing, mobile homers, those in tied housing and the homeless, but they will still expect compensation sure as night follows day.
Wont Len Brown, Lianne Dalziel, Dave Cull and Co be rubbing their hands at the prospect of even more money to be exploitable for their dreams of greatness, what are you saying they will pass it on, Mat McCarten among others didn't.

Why not stop the nonsence and leave insurance to the market and either build a state owned re-insurance fund from taxation or stay away from the very complicated market all together and just treat a Seismic disaster as just another major disaster and make an appropriate central government response.
What is the EQC component of the billions of rebuild money.

There have been many cases where the EQC/Fletcher Building response has been woefully inadequate with too many cases where deferred and scheduled maintenance has been paid out in excesss of damage sustained in any or many of the tremors..

On September the 4th 2010, EQC was a very small government department charged with collecting levies on insurance company  premiums and investing them. No checks or reference as to how that all turned out but I am guessing there were many instances of loss and poor performance involved.

That small bunch of clerks was forced to then morph into a full on Insurace company including risk managers, claim assessors, fraud investigators, contract managers and payout processors.
All fully funded and operative divisions of each and every Insurance company with skin in the game already facing a serious upsurge in activity.
So where were the exponentially increased staff requirements for EQC to be found. certainly not down at DSW and not all in NZ.
So an adhoc bunch of retired industry people augmented by a bunch of retired cops, fishermen and well rewarded holiday makers from overseas, suddenly found an unexpected opportunity to augment retirement funds.
Add in the very confused components of what was actually covered by EQC, the arbitrary One hundred stacks plus GST, the appointment of the rather opportunistic extra layer of bureaucracy from Fletchers and efficiency,  reason, fairness and equity rapidly dissolved.

Four years on and the list of disgruntled who expect to be covered with no loss and precious little input to solve a problem are still waiting for a politician to harvest their vote, are still clamoring with pathetic souls such as Cosgrove Dyson and Cunliffe in the lead only too willing to oblige.
Another bunch with no cover (and no levy applied) expecting to be fully compensated,  the first of many legal wrangles reaching Court over what is now claimed as inadequate repair and the mess just gets bigger.

There are all too many instances of deferred and due maintenance being carried out as EQ repair, too many people waiting for repairs before they die, too many examples of squeeky hinges getting oil while a humble pensioner just sits and waits shivering through a fourth cold winter, and far too many fortunes being made from the total ballsup that has ensued from the disaster.

Here's an Idea Plughead, wont garner votes but will certainly make the next disaster more manageable, affordable, fair and equitable.
Let the people make their decisions and get your sticky fingers out of peoples  wallets.
If they choose not to insure, and that has been going on for years along with under-insurance for many, many reasons, rest assured it wont change.
A decision that has a potential for potential personal disaster but it is a choice made for whatever reason and will be carried by that decision maker not added to the cautious careful, security minded ratepayer already adequately taking responsibility for his own life.

Not how a socialist sees the world sadly, I know

Friday, July 11, 2014


One has to really for sorry for the 'Little' people when one of their number is thrown under a bus for daring to opine that a person charged with rape should effectively be assumed guilty until proved innocent rather than the more conventional way round.

I mean why shouldn't Labour's Justice spokesthingy (not allowed to be a man) be allowed to go off message and further derail their campaign.   Trevor (bring back the Moa) Mallard does it and gets away scot free.

No matter that the Law Society and the Criminal Bar Association are likely to be outraged at the suggestion.    No matter that it contradicts Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights endorsed by the then Labour Government back in 1948.

For the record I'm backing Cunliffe on this.   Question is .... why is Little still their Justice Spokesthingy after his brain explosion.   Answer ... because he is a Unionist and ............... !!!!!

sad but true.

The Total Bastard.

Key jets off for a pre-election holiday

"With only 71 days to the election, Prime Minister John Key is taking an extended overseas holiday, thought to be at his bolt-hole on the Hawaiian island of Maui."

Thanks Horrid now perhaps, just to humor me WHY.

Can The PM not take a few days off?
Was he required to Jet when we all know he walks on water?
It needs to be called extended?
Does it blankety blank well matter where he goes if he is getting away from it all?
Does a 'holiday home he owns suddenly become "A Bolthole"?
Does it need to be narrowed down to Maui?

Unless it is all about election year and it matters to some fuckwits who just happen to hate John Key for standing in the path of the glorious new Government in distant prospect.

Now just for a little Balance, you know that little embarrassing bit about journalistic integrity, what is the current temporary leader of Her Majesty's Loyal opposition happen to be doing at present. 
Just taking a few hours out of a busy incredibly taxing schedule, around his little do-up in the treeless burb in his hometown possibly going to fix the mirror by the front door that cracked when he rehersed his "I am a man and I am sorry" ad  lib last weekend.

That John Key is just so beyond the Pale.

What a Stupid Newspaper

Today's Herald trumpets an 'online' petition with a whopping huge lousy 250 signatures, calling on Murray McCully to resign.

Elsewhere in the same issue, John Armstrong explains why Mr McCully need not resign.

Is It Just Me Confused?


A low level staff member of the military attache's office at The Malaysian Embassy allegedly commits a home invasion attempted rape.
Claims diplomatic immunity and we allow him to return home.

This follower of a desert cult that's founder according to their bible married a six year old girl and "took her into his Home (tent) at nine years old which is islamospeak for consummating that marriage.
He, the non commissioned officer, also in his knowledge of his religion believes a man who is incensed to passionate desire by a "half naked woman" can follow his desire and it is her fault.

Now we have a re ignition of the total bullshit propaganda meme that all New Zealand men are rapists, most of whom havn't yet been caught, by the feminazi inspired rent a mob for their deserved lynching.

Tarns can I suggest your very  first call was to the police and your very last call was to the idiot Logie and subsequent pimping by the Media.

We are led to believe there is a denigrating domination subjugation culture towards women within the NZ gang culture. eg "blocking"
I believe there is a very minor residual chauvinistic attitude of women as chattels held by a few men.
That leaves a gulf of credibility around the existence of a rape culture among all NZ men.

As promulgated elsewhere, Rape  used to be entirely restricted to sexual intercourse by force against the wishes and/or desire of one party but has now progressed to include a sexual advance without consent with all the opportunity for a mind change in the morning and totally false accusations exponentially increased.

Talk about a bushfire started by a lightening strike!