Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Who Will Pay On The Final Day?

A little while ago an award winning controversial right wing blogger opined that when the FBI finally does over DotKrim from Coatesville and the movie moguls sue him to recover their missing millions, those who have received his largess in NZ might need to worry.

You see, the moguls ill come knocking on their doors seeking the return of the money they have received from the proceeds of DotKrim's criminal activity.  Hundreds of millions of dollars.

One might reasonably expect to see Harawira, Harre, Minto, Bradbury and Co bankrupted.

Cameron Slater reckons the office bearers of the party are liable to be pinged but, here, I beg to differ.  I suggest not just the office bearers but all the members will be liable.  In another incorporated society of which Adolf had considerable knowledge there was no doubt the members were liable for any debt owed by the institution and I believe this will prove to be the case also with the so-called InternetMana Party.

I wonder when their sphincters collectively will start to quiver?

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