Monday, June 23, 2014

When Is Kick Off?

When do election advertisements incur the requirement to display the name and address of the promoter, and when does the cash register start up??

Tonight we had an octogenarian promoting the communist melons in their anti mining stance on oil drilling.
Permits have been issued to make exploratory moves in a Marine sanctuary where there exists a remote possibility Mauis Dolphins may extend their range into.

This old bint has made a name  for herself as a mate of Chimpanzees in Tanzania, now she has turned up to whine about the potential demise of the worlds smallest Dolphins.

Working with the greens, another bunch of primates, sadly not in danger of extinction, she launched a 2 minute advert countering the carefully crafted and heavily monitored exploration off Taranaki.
No Names, addresses or any obvious links to the melons.

Oi Jane, if Jersey Cows didn't create extraordinary profits for NZ Inc they also might very well be a threatened species.
How about we support commercial farming for the bloody dolphins.
At least we would get a better handle on survivability and a more accurate measure of remaining numbers.
Yeah I know it would remove completely a bitching note for the tiresome anti averything that might pay for the extensive carbon burning antics of the communists seeking to bring NZ Inc to its commercial knees.

Fifty five left in the sea, who really knows but sounds scary eh.

Round them up, select a good looking buck and a couple of cows and who knows that is pretty much how the now very lucrative venison farming got started.

Leaving it to Gaia didn't work out so good for Moa, Huia, Maoriori and co, did it.

Who knows the bloody mammals might join all other farmed species and enjoy significant increase in numbers  and breed security.

Oh and a successful well could provide some dosh to improve their lot, sort of dolphin welfare if you like.

Now when do the adverts start getting added up, was that a starter for ten?

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Edward the Confessor said...

What, you're going to milk dolphins now, old fella? Retard much?