Monday, June 9, 2014

What could possibly go wrong!!!

Mr Cunliffe on a trip to Christchurch has announced that "if elected he will set up a division of the District Court to settle legal wrangles over claims resulting from the 10 000 plus tremors."

Not letting reality intrude, he guilded the lily with taxpayer funding for claimants, so the poor people will be able to fight the bad bastards who run insurance companies.

Now when insurance is sought the company assesses risk and incidence profiles including the applicant. They impose what can seem incredible small print clauses that can sometimes cause rejection or at least serious reduced payouts.

Now it is well established that many, for reasons of economy,  hope or stupidity will intentionally underinsure.
Insurance is a very intricate industry and fraud is far too common and simple to exploit. Companies do not wish us to understand levels of fraud that they fail to detect but it is safe to assume that proven fraud will not be anywhere near that which is detected but passed for payment as a cheaper option.
When the unthinkable happens many see the insurance company as a fair target for exploitation on the simple premise no one person is ripped off, the truth is every person signing a contract is paying for the inflated or fraudulent claims.

Hence Mr and Mrs O'Laughlin went to court when the nasty Tower declined their claim for their share of one point three million to reinstate their Dallington home.
I have no idea where costs lay or what they came to but they settled with Tower, CERA and EQC for around half that claimed sum.
In the meantime others waited, as every other unsettled claim basically went on hold or was delayed
Multiply that problem by the thousands of claims still not settled and that Mr Shadow Minister of Silly Walks is just one small part of the problem you are shamelessly exploiting with your latest "brain fart".

Every freekin claim will go to litigation, Gazillions of money available for settling claims will be spent on Lawyers, a whole new industry will emerge where "advisers" will gather up clients who will drop more of the dosh intended for the rebuild.
But if sufficient morons buy into the bribery the rebuild will be set back interminably and of course the pig ignorant will buy into the hopelessly conflicted Rort.

Another similar "policy on the run" emerged with a suggestion that  Military engineers could be mobilised to solve the flooding of land, levels  lowered by the seismic events and exacerbated by the seriously reduced drainage cabability of over grown and silted natural waterways.
Another bit of advice to The Minister of Silly Walks, those well trained service people are trained to overcome obstacles to their immediate  tasks, they have no training to solve years of negligent infrastructure depreciation and neglect.
If you want a glaring example google the Bridge in the central North Island that killed the beekeeper, and financially ruined the Berryman family.
Built by Soldiers under the guidance of army engineers to create access but with the temporary short term problem solving methods the bridge did its job for some years but eventually failed with a rather catastrophic outcome for Mr Richards and his honey.

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