Sunday, June 29, 2014

Unintentional comedy

From the National Party, courtesy of 3 News:

National is going to launch a campaign website called TeamKey.

Oh dear.  A better illustration of the fact that National has a total of one, and only one, asset to put to the nation's voters couldn't have been invented by a satirist.  3 News asks the obvious question:

Asked why it wasn't going to be called TeamNational, Prime Minister John Key said he didn't know because no one asked him what it should be called.

So, on the one hand, at least one person in the National Party gets how lame this is and doesn't want to be associated with it - on the other hand, that one person is the one with his name on it...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that those on state welfare such as those paid by public service, local government, universities are always the ones who are most aggressive in not wanting those who feed them to prosper.

gravedodger said...

Where does that leave someone too thick or scared to Id their gutless attack.
If it was mine you would get the silent assassin flick but Its Milts Post.

Keeping Stock said...

Of course the Labour Party couldn't have tTeam anything, because they are totally dysfunctional.

Seeing how unified National is behind its leader must be a bitter pill for Labour Party supporters to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Key is just a bullyboy star show off, and much of National are not united behind him at all.
Look past that sickly smile.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Oh Yeah? Like many of the allies were not united behind Churchill in 1940?

Anonymous said...

Key's lying. Of course he was part of the decision, he's just going to play the self-deprecation card on this one.