Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trust Larry To Get to The Core.

Larry Pickering at The Pickering Post is  a daily read as part of my interest in Politics across the Tasman.

In the afterglow of a post by David Farrer at Kiwiblog on a beatup at The Standard from Geoff  titled "why does David Farrer hate Winston Peters so much", I will post the guts of a piece from Mr Pickering on who makes the decision at an election.
Of course Larry's opinion is predicated on the Australian system with compulsory voting and a few other aspects from life in the previously regarded "lucky country".

As to "Geoff's" query I have never thought Farrer 'hated" the vertically challenged charlatan, he like moi has zero respect for his politics particularly as they again threaten to have an effect so far beyond anything warranted, in fact to the point where his entire political footprint, bad enough in a FPP system but under MMP becomes totally ridiculous.

The advent of the discredited and moronic arranged marriage based on little more than Utu and a get out of jail card only makes for more relevance for much of the following.

Anyway here is Larry Pickering's post on "Why my vote means shit."

Voters here, and in most first-world countries, are divided into 45 per cent Left and 45 per cent Right. Approximately 10 per cent of the Left bloc, are far-Left radicals. Of the Right bloc, approximately 10 per cent are far-Right rednecks 
These Left radicals and Right rednecks have an emotive or active involvement in politics, with the remainder on both sides having varying levels of commitment. 
The Left is on average younger, far more vocal and active. It’s rare to see the Right carrying placards, disrupting traffic or chucking eggs.
The Right is on average older and content to throw things at the TV rather than take to the streets, but no less committed. They like to call themselves the "silent majority"
The younger Left are those who feel disadvantaged by the older Right who have worked hard or have been lucky enough to find their financial niche.
As the younger Left eventually find their own tree in the jungle, they move to the Centre or even to the Right with their vacant Left spots being taken by the upcoming young, allowing the political spectrum to maintain a constant balance.
So at any one time, 90 percent of the population has a political awareness capable of a heated argument over the dinner table.
Now, the apolitical 10 per cent can’t tell you who the leader of the Opposition is. They think World Championship Wrestling is fair dinkum, Sydney is our Capital, social unfairness is a squirrel tackle and Gross Domestic Product is yucky dog poo.
Incredibly, it is that same clueless 10 per cent that decides who governs us. 
Politically aware Left and Right blocs of voters are already committed and accounted for, they have no effect on an election result.
It is that politically unaware 10 per cent, who couldn’t give a stuff who the PM is, that are compulsorily sent to polling stations every three years to decide our future. And they do exactly that!
If voting was optional they simply wouldn’t go.
That’s why Party leaders speak in simple, repetitive terms hoping their relentless, moronic sound bites will eventually impact the skulls of simpletons who really don’t want to know about it.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my case for voluntary voting and elevating the political debate.

Thankyou Larry.

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