Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Krim DotCom Menagerie

It sttrikes me there might be a silver lining in the dark cloud which is the Kim DotCom Loony Left manaagerie and accordingly I'll make an Adolfian prediction.  A fearless forecast, no less.

National will win more than 50% of the party vote and will move to radically ammend the rules surroundng MMP.  The shenanigans of the above mentioned rabble will give the Gnats political cover to do what they should have done earlier to prevent any future gross abuse such as has been seen of late.

A binding referendum would be the go. 
  • Remove the one seat threshold for inclusion of coat tailers.
  • Increase the party vote threshold for seats to 7.5%
They may even have sufficient courage to propose the abolition of Maori seats.  Maori have significant representation already in electorate seats and on the major party lists so Mr Harawira may well bring about the one thing he never thought might happen.  The removal of his ability to dog whistle his way into parliament.


The Realist. said...

It's not just the shenanigans it's the bizarre collection of creatures under Dotcom's banner. In that respect his party resembles a lunatic asylum.

Shane Ponting said...

It would be a complete surprise for me if a John Key-led government were to abolish the maori seats. His pragmatism is unmatched and that would be far too principled a move for his character.

Also I would bet against your other predictions - the status quo is proving great for the master manipulator and both sides of the political spectrum have operators who love to play this game. Why spoil the fun?

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Adolf. With all due respect, your record in the predictions department isn't exactly flash.

Having said that, for your predictions to come true it would require the Nats to have a political ambition that extends beyond simply fattening the wallets of themselves and their friends. . . and that aint gonna happen anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Key promised to abolish the Maori seats 2 elections ago and the review of MMP had the Key government pushing for more MMP.
Like the smacking bill, climate change, the foreshore and seabed, and the indigenous persons treaty this government is again not going to do what it's electorate wants.

Ex Tory.

Paulus said...

Should make updating of MMP easier when the voters, hopefully, see the mess it has created.
National Policy of a number of years includes the abolition of the Maori seats.

Watcher said...

"Should make updating of MMP easier when the voters, hopefully, see the mess it has created..

MMP voters didn't create the mess. The politicians did. What voters wanted was consensus and less ideologically driven policies.

What they got was a form of FPP with baubles thrown to the minor party politicians.

Don't blame the voters of MMP.

As for a binding referendum in politics surely you jest.
No such bloody thing as other referendums have shown.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You must be a genius to know 'what voters wanted.'

They actually got what they voted for, if I remember.

And in case you didn't know, if a referendum is legislated before the event to be binding, then it is binding, whether you like it or not.

Watcher said...

"You must be a genius to know 'what voters wanted."

Don't you remember the discussion during the lead up to changing the voting system?

Noel said...

Wikipedia has an interesting comment on MMP.

"Many senior politicians in both major parties and businesspeople were opposed to MMP: Bill Birch, then a senior National Cabinet Minister, had said MMP would be "a catastrophic disaster for democracy", and Ruth Richardson, former Minister of Finance in Jim Bolger's government said MMP "would bring economic ruin". Peter Shirtcliffe, chairman of Telecom New Zealand at the time and leader of the CBG, said MMP "would bring chaos.

Is it really that bad?

Observer said...

The object of MMP was to produce a more proportional voting system.

Voters expected x a y but many claim it has become x a 1/y

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Right now it sure as hell ain't much good!

Psycho Milt said...

National already had the best opportunity it ever will have to remove the one-seat threshold, at the results of the last referendum and resulting commission that reported on MMP. Public submissions overwhelmingly favoured removing the one-seat threshold and the commision recommended its removal. The numbers to remove it were easily available in the House. However, National chose not to remove it, for reasons of blatant self-interest. In the astonishingly unlikely event of them getting over 50% (which was predicted by various polls in the last two elections, neither of which saw National get anywhere near 50% in reality), that long-term self-interest remains.

Watcher said...

As I said Milt others shouldn't blame the majority of voters who favoured retaining MMP for it's failures.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, I suspect many in the National Party regret the failure to make those changes.