Thursday, June 5, 2014

Take it to The Standard Rach.

Rachell Smalley has nailed her colors to her Pinko virtual mast again this morning.

No, I do not set an alarm to hear the simple bint's take on overnight news she just occupies a one hour gap between newstalk zb's over night hosts that I employ as a coping mechanism for tinnitus and what I regard as the best option for Breakfast wireless, Mike Hosking.

This mornings smalley minded effort was set up with a bollocks belief that we in this country do not have a worry or threat from radical Islam and we had no security or moral rights, as a sovereign Nation to support drone attacks such as that which removed an Australian and a dual Aus/NZ passport holder along with other Islamist terrorists to paradise on a one way ticket, in Yemen.

She then attempted in her op ed to opine that PM Key was being disingenuous to allude to a possible threat to us, requiring surveillance on residents, including a derogatory comparison to George 'dubbya' Bush that didn't explode.

Big hint to Smalley minded, your latest jerkoff as POTUS has a pretty ordinary track record around drone strikes and the Seal Six attack on OBL among your trendy soft cock mates.

Throughout the time remaining until sanity re-entered the wireless at 0600 she repeatedly refuted what were clearly opposing views by way of electronic message  systems.
Clearly as another member of the Newstalk branch of the anti Key lobby group, the stupid little girl, in her headlong rush to produce anything anti the government, that questioning of her stance came as a surprise and in the absence of any supporting message that would have been broadcast with alacrity I am sure, she may now be a little chastened.
She should be, it was appalling as to content and delivery that ignored any semblance of balance that she felt compelled to claim as justification later in the hour.

A journalist my arse it left me wondering if McCarten had written it for her.


Chris Bird said...

I try not to listen to her any more, or if she is on Q&A I turn it off. Can't stand the voice or the very red slanted rants.
Perhaps you need some soft soothing music at that hour of the day,GD!!

The Veteran said...

Someone much grander than I once said that in going to war the object was not to die for ones country but to make the other bugger die for his.

Make no mistake ... there is a war going on. This time it's the war on terrorism in all its various shapes and guises.

Drone strikes are one tool in the arsenal and they are a legitimate weapon against terrorists who know no national boundaries; don't wear distinctive uniforms; are quite happy to use civilians as human shields and who are not bound by the so called rules of war.

People get killed in war. Makes not a scrap of difference whether they are killed by a bullet or a guided missile and in a war zone there will always be civilian causalities especially where the enemy makes a point of integrating him/herself into the civilian populace whether they like it or not in the hope that the 'good guys' will see them as off limits.

They are not off limits and if there is collateral damage then sobeit. Far rather one of their than one of ours.

If some misguided NZ and Oz Islamists are stupid/radicalised enough to put themselves in a situation where their lives are risk then don't cry poor to me.

The Liberal effete can rabbit on as much as they like. War is a shitty business and you don't commit to it then tie one hand behind your back.

Anonymous said...

I find Smalley dreadful. It is not solely her syrupy voice but her leftie gutter semi-opinions. She is a blight on Newstalk ZB. I have learned to avoid her.


Barry said...

I heard her this morning: I thought her comments about Islam were about the most inane I've ever heard her make.

Psycho Milt said...

...she repeatedly refuted what were clearly opposing views by way of electronic message systems.

I'm not sure what that's actually supposed to mean, but someone who can repeatedly refute another's arguments would make a top-class journalist.

gravedodger said...

It meant throughout her remainder of the hour she would respond to tweets or emails that were obviously critical of her op ed opener.

I guess some could confuse her with a journalist, only not a very good one. Nowhere near top class that is a stretch.

The Realist said...

She is a total intellectual lightweight. WOFTAM,

The Gantt Guy said...

She really, really is just a silly little girl. Clearly graduated at or near the top of her class at the Marxist "journalism" academy she went through. A complete waste of space and the very epitome of 'talking head'.

Slightly O/T, but Vet, I object to your use of the term 'war on terrorism'. One simply cannot declare war on something so non-tangible as that. In WWII, were the Allies at war with Fascism? No, we were at war with Germany, with Italy, with Japan. Was the cold war fought against socialism? On the one hand I sure hope not, because if it was, socialism kicked our asses! On the other, no we were not at war with socialism, the cold war was fought primarily between the United States and the Soviet Union.

No, if there is a war going on, the enemy is not terrorism. It is iSlam. The sad thing is, only one of the protagonists knows there's a war on, or who are the participants.

The Veteran said...

The Gnatt Guy ... moot point surely.

One could argue that in Somalia for instance some 'terrorists' there choose to call themselves Islamists to give themselves added 'legitimacy' (perhaps not the right word) when really they are terrorists/thugs/pirates/thieves/whatever.

I have spent a fair bit of my life in Malaysia, an Islamist country. There are many sides to Islam just as there are many sides to Christianity ... some good and some bad. I don't condemn Islam as such. I do condemn radical Islam as their followers can and do morph into terrorists.

Paulus said...

Must have a sister in RNZ called Suzi who is also behaving like a prima donna - its all about me me me.
I can achieve this by being rude to anybody who disagrees with me.