Monday, June 30, 2014


I have attended many of these over the years and it would be trite to rabbit on that this was the best ever or such like so instead, some acknowledgements and random thoughts.

Great to catch up with a number of bloggers including Home Paddock and also several ex-military colleagues including Colonel Bill Nathan in charge of the Te Whanganui a Tara Kapa Haka group who performed on the Saturday night (roping in the Prime Minister in the process).    Bill was a sometime National Party candidate and for many years he was Parliament's Black Rod.     He is as spry as ever and doesn't look a day over 60.

This was John Key's conference and that is not to understate the team he has around him.    He is the face of National and, with the Parties volunteer base, our most valuable asset.    His ability to engage right across the political spectrum is unrivaled in recent times (if ever).

The demographic of Conference is changing.   The Young Nationals are everywhere and in your face.
It was reported they have now increased their membership to over 5,000 and, in most universities, the Young Nats outnumber Young Labour in spades.    Their contribution to the policy debate was considerable.   They represent a formidable and well resourced election force.

The Pacific Island contingent was impressive and determined to make their mark.   They recognize the PI community is changing and that Labour has, for far to long, treated them as voter fodder.    They were angry and embarrassed over Labour MP Sio's comment in relation to the recent school stabbing that "boys will be boys".    Those comments do not reflect their values and 'times are a changing' and with it, political alliances and allegiances.    

There was no complacency.   Those attending were well aware that with the resignation of John Banks the Government does not necessarily have the numbers to push legislation through.    It's that tight and there can be no complacency.   National will need every vote it can if it is to progress it's 2014 manifesto commitments.    It does not want to be beholden to others, especially of the flaky variety.    That's the prerogative of the Left. 

p.s.    You were short changed with the TV1 poll on whether Cunliffe should remain as Labour leader. Their numbers had it that 66% of Labour's supporters thought he should.   What they didn't tell you was that 99% of National voters thought the same way also.


Nick K said...

National will need every vote it can if it is to progress its 2014 manifesto commitments

I don't think Act had ever stood in the way of National progressing its previous commitments. Dunne is a little different.

Psycho Milt said...

It does not want to be beholden to others, especially of the flaky variety. That's the prerogative of the Left.

Given that the current government has spent its second term beholden to John Banks, Peter Dunne and Tariana Turia, is this your way of admitting that the current government is a Left one?

Redbaiter said...

"Tara Kapa Haka group who performed on the Saturday night (roping in the Prime Minister in the process)."

Same old pandering to Maori. What happened to the pledge to get rid of the Maori seats? Just a trick to fool the non-Maoris was it?

"This was John Key's conference"

Yep, I hear he's a control freak who has shut Conservatives in the National Party right out of the consultative process.

"The Young Nationals are everywhere and in your face.

Yes, well I've seen them about the place and they seem to be mainly a bunch of ignorant progressives with differences to Young Labour that are only very faintly discernible. If they're the future of National the Party has completed the transition from a Conservative party that had some worthwhile principles to a progressive party that stands for nothing.

I am completely unable to understand the party's infatuation with Key.

John Key's legacy is a complete surrender to cultural Marxism and the complete white anting of the National Party.

I will never support a party led by such a useless political chameleon as Key and his complete failure to lead makes it highly possible that National will lose the election.

Which means in effect we have had another 6 years of hard left socialism on top of the Clark years, and will then fall into the hands of an even worse collection of communists.

All thanks to John Key, the absolute worst National leader the party has ever had.

homepaddock said...

"Great to catch up with a number of bloggers including Home Paddock . . ."

And great to catch up with you.

I second your view - it was one of the best conferences.

It is good for the party's health and longevity to see the plummet in the average age, the unity and energy.

It was also reassuring that there was absolutely no complacency.

The Veteran said...

For Nick K ... no issues with ACT. But Party(s) led by Messiahs who parade that they could just as easily do a deal with Labour are an entirely different kettle of fish.

Redbaiter ... every time you open your mouth I am reminded of the truism that there is no real difference between the Genghis Khan Right and the Stalinist Left of politics. Both are characterised by their intollerence and unable to countenance a view or opinion different from their own.

There is no place for you in the National Party, never was and never will be ... we are a Party of tolerance and moderation. Two words that don't figure in your lexicon. We know the realities of MMP politics and will keep listening to and reflecting the views and aspirations of middle NZL.

Your fixation with John Key is unhealthy but, then again, your views don't matter, don't matter at all.

Barry said...

I agree with everything Redbaiter said.

I think Key should change his name to Pita Tariana Titewhai Key.

The Veteran said...

Barry ... why don't you go the whole way and advocate a 'final solution' for Maoridom. That would solve your problem ... sad, but those of your ilk are.

Barry said...

The Veteran, what I want is the immediate cancellation of all laws and government policies that racially discriminate in favour of part-Maoris. And the immediate end of so-called Treaty settlements (NZ-speak weasel words for corrupt gifts to part-Maoris).

The Veteran said...

Barry ... so you wish to repudiate the Waitangi Treaty ... just how do you do that pray tell without a re-run of the Maori wars.

Sorry old son. I won't have my blog highjacked into a forum for kicking Maori. Go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Redbaiter said and your comment in response is sad indeed.
It's all very well to blame MMP for caving in to racist policies but the damage it is doing to New Zealand is immense and may be irretrievable.Tolerance and moderation are just excuses for taking a backward step toward destruction of the very things you most likely hold in high regard.

Redbaiter said...

So I'm Ghenghis Khan? Guess who said the following a few days ago- (hint, it someone the Nats are happy to have as a coaliton partner)

Some people I talk to are surprised to learn that the RMA was passed by a National government. They shouldn’t be.

For although the National Party in opposition claims to believe in personal responsibility, individual choice and fiscal discipline, in government they turn into the Labour Party.

If you did not know the election results, but could see only the policies pursued over the last 15 years, you would think that Helen Clark’s Labour Party was still in power.

Labour increased government spending dramatically. This National government has sustained it, increasing government debt to 35% of GDP in the process.

Labour employed tens of thousands of new bureaucrats. National has kept them in their jobs, beavering away, paid from our taxes to impose even more burdens on us.

Labour made tens of thousands of middle-class families welfare beneficiaries with their Working for Families money-go-round. These families are still being taxed to fund their conversion into state supplicants.

Labour bribed university students with interest free loans. National has kept slipping the envelopes under the table, despite the cost of the programme exploding to more than $500 million a year.

Bill English has actually boasted that under National high-earners pay a greater share of total taxation than they did under Labour.

The fact is its not that I or anyone else is extreme right wing, its just that National has slid far to the left. Key and his blind lackies have effectively destroyed the National Party as a Conservative political force. Don't expect any praise from me for that achievement.

Anonymous said...

I too agree with Redbaiter. If the Nats want to be a centre left party then they need to be honest about it. At present we have a Labour party that is unable to come up with any policy because it has been stolen by the Nats.

Any attempt at discourse about the rapid shift to the left by the Nats under Key is met with a knee-jerk reaction by its party faithful of labelling anyone with true conservative values as extreme. In that case I'm extreme and will either not vote or consider voting for a somewhat conservative party such as Craig's. The election is Key's to lose ...... and he certainly is going about it the right way to do so. I bet he is regretting the shafting through of MMP during the electoral review.

Angry Tory