Friday, June 27, 2014

Peeing Into The Wind Just Makes Yer Boots Stink.

An empty gesture O'Connor but some of the ferals might notice.

In a move to harvest some of the native timber destined to rot across the DOC estate after a massive recent wind throw, the Conservation Minister introduced legislation under urgency to allow its recovery in the dwindling hours of the current Parliament.

After a pointless and fruitless move based on his socialist statist indoctrination to include a propaganda clause to favor Westcoasters, one of the remaining believers in the roots of his party, Damien O'Connor crossed the floor of the House to vote with the hated Nats.
He was joined in this charade by Southern Maori MP and prince of the house of Tirikatene, Rino.

I didnt see this little rebellion unfold but in these days of the mundane such a dramatic gesture was probably completely submerged in an almost obscured increase in the votes in favor with a matching decrease in the votes against announced by the National and Labour appointed functionarys of the day.
Nothing as dramatic as was once the action, when the two scabs would have been forced to actually cross the line and enter the opposition "lobby" to be "counted".

Well done those two, though sadly your gutless mates could not be persuaded to leave the haters and wreckers of the Melon Party standing alone on the platform, in their hypocritical and stupid opposition to a small move to save something of value from the wreckage of the recent wind storm.

Yes a few weta, huhu, slaters and other wood eating contributors to natures recycling will be denied a small quantity of the disaster that would  have only made a immeasurable blip in their biological existence, but seriously you green cloaked communists, it is pragmatism in action and your preachy opposition is just another example of the idiocy that the economically challenged dumbarse voters in the 12% continue to portray.
To suggest this move is a reopening of the door protecting the Doc Estate from exploitation is an empty gesture that only highlights the complete stupidity and misunderstanding of the real world most of the other 90%  actually live in.

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