Thursday, June 5, 2014


The verdict is in.     Putting the question of an Appeal to one side it is likely that the Speaker will, on receiving formal advice from the Court, declare the Epsom seat vacant.

I did not hear all the evidence so I will refrain from commenting on the merits of the case except to say that listening to Bank's budget speech a few days ago it sounded very much like his valedictory speech ... perhaps in his heart of hearts he knew the cards were stacked against him. 

It's a sad end to public life for John Banks.   Sure he was controversial but the flip side is that he is one of the most kind hearted and generous men that I know.    I have the privilege of chairing a Trust which provides financial assistance to the children and grandchildren of our Vietnam veterans.  To the best of my knowledge John has no great connection with our community yet he has been one of our most generous supporters both in cash and kind.    That's the John Banks I know.

I suspect many will want to put their boot in now he is down.   Not me.   Rather I will confine myself to saying that when you sup with the devil ( you do so at your peril .... as Cunliffe, Norman, Peters and Hone will find out to their cost.


Noel said...

"Rather I will confine myself to saying that when you sup with the devil ( you do so at your peril .... as Cunliffe, Norman, Peters and Hone will find out to their cost."

My understanding, correct me if wrong, is that the issue is not where the money came from but how it was handled.

If the remainder of the suppers declare as the law requires surely it's of no consequence.

The Veteran said...

Noel, then perhaps that nice Mr Cunliffe should declare all the names in his 'secret' trust just to put to rest the rumour that it's

Noel said...

Has he broken an electoral law in not declaring????

The Veteran said...

Noel ... not electoral law but how about the 'Members Pecuniary Interests Register'.

But I guess my point was/is that any and all dealings with are likely to end up in tears for those stupid enough to think that he is entering into politics out of the goodness of his heart with the countries interests foremost in his mind ... he has only one interest ... preventing his extradition to the good old US of A.

And may it happen sooner rather than later

Edward the Confessor said...

No, Noel, the right are just flinging mud to try to deflect from one of their own being found guilty of a serious breach of electoral law. Of course there's the fact that he lied to everyone about it and the fact that Key tolerated that and kept him on as a Minister, so there's a need to throw a lot of mud.

Remember all the shrieking when Helen Clark signed a painting for charity? Yet one of their own lies to us, and gets found guilty of breaking the law and all they can do is blub. Where's the outrage, Vet?

Anonymous said...

Epsom seat is not vacant and won't be. F

The Veteran said...

EtC ... dork. At least do me the courtesy of reading my post b4 putting foot in mouth.

I did not attempt to excuse Banks.
The Court found him guilty and he has to live with that.

All I did was to point to another side of his personae; a side of which I have some knowledge.

Yes, I can understand your gloating. Am I allowed to do the same over the latest Roy Morgan poll?

Keeping Stock said...

Interesting that Edward the Confessor, banned from my blog, uses almost identical language to Rex, who only appeared after Edward was barred.

He seems to have an obsession with kings and judges...

Watcher said...

Many were some what miffed when he continued to sup at the taxpayer purse on the grounds he had to defend his case instead of been at work.

How many employers would pay some ones wages whilst they sought to defend a legal action against them.

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... don't be disingenuous.
Happens all the time ... innocent until proven guilty and all of that.

But my understanding is that Banks continued to fulfil his parliamentary duties ... unlike another Member funded by who has the worst attendance record of any MP (and the highest travel costs of any ordinary Member.

Watcher said...

Who this guy?
"Prime Minister John Key spent $62,767 on travel within the country, and a further $144,501 on state-funded international travel.":

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... read my post duh .... "ordinary Member".

Your mate Hone.

Watcher said...

Now who is been disingenuous.
All travel was approved was it not? Allowed under the rules?

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... you started this off with your comment that Banks was not fulfilling his Parliamentary duties. Your boy Hone has the worst attendance record of any Ordinary member bar none.

You compounded the your error by failing to read/understand the meaning of 'Ordinary' Member.

Glad to note however you accept your original post was disingenuous.