Monday, June 9, 2014


Some responders to my earlier post missed completely the point I was trying to make sooooooooooo, for the second time of asking ....

Any vote to change the law on abortion must remain a conscience issue.
The National Party, as a broad church Party, can accommodate both my views and those of my good mate David Farrar when we agree to disagree on the issue.    Likewise, I know a number of Labour MPs who would resist any move to change the law as it stands.

The Greens are wrong, very wrong to make this a Party issue.    They are effectively leaving out in the cold anyone on their side of the fence who might have a different view ... it may not be a three-line whip but there will be subtle and not too subtle pressure on any MP or aspiring MP who dares to question their Party line stance.   That's bad because conscience issues are conscience issues are conscience issues and MPs should be free to exercise their vote accordingly.

Not so for the Greens.   That's what I object to.   Simple really.


Edward the Confessor said...

God forbid they should have policies, so that people can make an informed choice about who to vote for. That's just what the Nazis did.

So much better just to rely on the random nature of politicians' consciences. You're for real right?

Watcher said...

"You're for real right?"
Yeah and from one who simply by gender will never have to make that type of decision.
Milt has already shown the attitude of pollies and their supporters in 1977.
If this post is example of the new century can only say we haven't progressed much.

Noel said...

Digressing slightly. Not trying to threadjackup or what ever it's called.
Anyone know what the current situation is on the ECP?

The Veteran said...

Fascinating to learn from EtC and Watcher that, for them, conscience votes are out

For Noel .... now that's what I call REALLY depressing.

Begs the question ... do Green MPs and wannabee MPs actually have consciences?

Noel said...

now that's what I call REALLY depressing.

Explanation please?

Anonymous said...

No Ted, God forbids that policy.


The Veteran said...

For Noel ... my comment was an aside to you directed at Watcher & EtC.

ECP = ?

Noel said...

Emergency Contraceptive Pill.
Was talk of providing it free to those who were in the age group with the most abortions.
Just curious if the Government followed through.

The Veteran said...

Hi Noel ... don't know. Will ask.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For a moment there Noel, I thought you were referring to the Extra Curricular Party

Watcher said...

"Watcher that, for them, conscience votes are out"

Why should they be allowed them when they themselves will not allow Joe Kiwi binding referendums.

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... simple, NZ has binding referendums every three years ... called an election ... duh.

Conscience votes are just that. They are not Party political ... except when the Greens want to screw the scrum and make it so.

The Greens have by their policy position arrogated to themselves the collective consciences of all Green voters. Big call and not intellectually sustainable.