Monday, June 2, 2014

NZ Prepares For The International Pinhead Dancing Championships.

As the dust settles following the High Socialistiety marriage of the decade between the hard left of NZ politics and the most media prominent 1 percenter on current rankings, indications are that a significant number of the hopefuls for the WFoPD  world champs are well off the pace.

Watching the well preserved grandmother figure nominated to lead the assault on the lost generation of non voters to get them to the polling booth on September 20th 2014, on the weekend TV Infotainment talk shows, revealed that although she appeared to have a body in shape, the gyrations,  shilling skill and mental agility level was in need of significant improvement if she was going to even be selected let alone be competitive.
Much of her effort was so eighties and the noble sport of pinhead dancing has indeed moved on.

Calling, completely embracing an already convicted internet criminal facing extradition and his proceeds of crime, a marvelous opportunity, left many previous well performed pinhead dancing aficionados gobsmacked.
That said many commended such game changing dumping of mores and traditions a great theme for such an auspicious event, her attempt to turn it into a viable potential pinhead dancing display was rather lacking when revealed as an actual performance.
Delaila Harry described by many as the best person to on field captain the NZ entry, seemed ill at ease and at times showed a lack of concentration and even flashes of anger as Ms Woodnt let butter melt tested her resolve in continuing to dance under the stress that will come with competition, her previously admired icy composure was rather exposed.

Yes apparently Delaila is the youngest at 48 in the squad now that Martyn Bangers an Mash  has suffered another groin strain and is in recovery but many, including some very involved fans are starting to question whether current team owner, Mr Kimmy Scmitz's policy and management skills as CEO and chief Financial officer are marketable in the eyes of the YOOF of the country.
Yes Free internet, Free piracy, Free devices, plus the ignored get out of jail card that is studiously ignored and never mentioned, might be very attractive to a gen. "Y",  confidence lacking nerd but will the lolly scramble still get them to a booth in September, involving as it will the said nerds having to actually stop their usual indulgence long enough to actually figure out the mysteries of the printed ballot paper and a successful additional utilisation of the marker pen, let alone folding the paper so as to get it in the slot of the box unaided.

In summary  will Delaila Harry, after showing such promise in the later years of last century with Scam Skawkery, Jumbo Neanderthon, MMatt MMMccarten and some now departed, still have it in 2014 in such a pivotal role in NZ's hopes for success in this years Pinhead dancing showdown.

Of course others closely connected to this plunge into the psyche of the NZ electorate are asking potentially embarrassing and valid questions around appointment of the management team, national selectors and selections against the very questionable team makeup in the light of considerations of democracy and due process.
With the additional complicating coincidental date clash with the finals of the native affairs sponsored event to represent Te Tai Tokerau and its place as a valid entry in what is considered as a competition between Nations, and does Te Tai Tokerau qualify as a Nation. Many of the tribes supporters quote the precedent of Tuhoi and that has some scrambling for the rulebooks both English and Te Reo.

Then there is the perennial question is pinhead dancing really still only a game or like cricket has big money and corruption destroyed  the gloss and nostalgia that made pinhead dancing such a great spectator sport in public halls, smoko rooms and woolsheds.
Then there was the world  mecca aspired to by everyone with a soapbox, "Hyde Park  Corner".
Of course a soapbox is another mystery to the lost million but that as they say is another story.

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