Thursday, June 26, 2014

Now Think It Through David.

Mr C's finance wizard, the failed Otago Electorate man, failed business partner, dodgy investment goto guy is whistling up a storm over an alternative Budget announced earlier.

The minister of incompetence claims he "will pay off the National borrowings in two terms"

There are some holes in it Davy Boy, the sort of holes an 88 mm anti tank gun leaves.

Raising tax rates often reduces the total take.

Taxing the rich is often pointless as the rich managed to keep it up till now by being smarter than a bunch of envy driven socialists and rather ordinary  bureaucrats.

Using that notional increased tax take just wont work out, you see none of it will ever be available to pay off  any of Blenglish's debt as you and every single mouth of the HYDRA will have an insatiable desire to spend it long before you pay one cent of that debt.
Spend it on stuff that will earn no return, will inspire nobody, it will overwhelmingly be pissed on a fence around hopeless .

If that seems improbable read some recent history, the only NZLP finance minister who emerged with a shred of credibility in the last half century, was the now loathed and discredited by  all socialists, Sir Roger Douglas, and all his mates in the government at that time were on his team, supposedly.
You are not so fortunate, your mates, if The Hydra comes to pass, will in all probability be at least equal to your team numbers and could be  bigger numerically and they will be trying to beat you all the way going forward.

The serious part of what English, Key and co have achieved, that is attracting international kudos involves much that you have rejected every inch of the way.

If You have a serious wish to regain the political center as opposed to fighting over the shrinking socialist welfare dependent bunch, you need to move towards Waitakare Man not pillage what he is creating to finance the deadbeats who think welfare comes from rich pricks.

You see Davyboy Waitakare Man and his missus really do aspire to become rich pricks  or at least richer and they at present have your measure, they understand you think they are daft.

Maybe three years to reconsider is what you need and the way it is going you will get your chance.
Use it well.

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Angry Tory said...

When the Clark/Cullen Labour govt left office NZ had zero nett debt. They didn't get a fourth term so who knows what they would have done.

The Key/English nominally-National government has borrowed 60 Billion thanks to a complete inability to do what needed to be done when SCF Failed, Christchurch was destroyed beyond repair, and the GFC hit the entire "Welfare West".

As well as paying back debt, Clark/Cullen moved vast swathes of "middle NZ" onto Welfare For Families, and converted otherwise private schools into state schools. Key/English have undone absolutely none of this, in fact with so-called Charter schools they're just starting up even more state schools (aka welfare schools) paid for by the taxes of the top 10%.

Even Lindsay Mitchell now agrees the big "welfare renaming" has not reduced actual welfare spending.

As for Roger Douglas, anyone who venerates Lee Kwan Yew (Douglas, Brash) and Singapores tightly controlled economy
17/20 residents in state houses is at best socialist, but more likely a full on communist.

But the NZ's personal tax rates are higher than East Germany at the height of communism - but so far only Kathryn Ryan actually went so far as to call Key a communist -- something that should be obvious to anyone who passed POLS 101.