Monday, June 16, 2014

National's coalition partner?

This is what National's potential coalition partner, the Conservatives (a-la Colin Craig) is saying on the front page of its website:
Had a guts full of National’s abandoning their principles? Had enough of their arrogance? Had enough of them ignoring referendums; like the one on asset sales and the one on anti-smacking? Had enough of Bill English’s borrowing habits? Had enough of the two waka Government? 

Come and meet the man who isn’t afraid to say ‘enough is enough’. Come and hear Colin Craig’s antidote to National’s toxic behaviour. Come and meet the man who will give our next Government some backbone.
Dear me.

You want to enter into a business deal with someone in the very near future and you are saying this about them?

As I just said, dear me. 

Hat tip: Thanks to WhaleOil for the photo.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I seem to recall a certain party called ACT before a previous election was not backward incoming forward with vociferous and repeated accusations that National was dishonest.

Remember that?

An arrangement was made, just as it will be this time, if needed.

Nick K said...

I don't ever recall Rodney Hide as Leader of Act calling Key names like this. He knew he couldn't do that when wanting those votes in Epsom. It's a foolish thing to do, especially when John Key is so popular. Attacking someone so popular seems counter intuitive. It's one thing for a blogger to call Key names, but the party leader?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well yes. He is a bit of a dick, isn't he?

Noel said...

Had a laugh today.
Received a letter from John Key addressed to myself but also to one of my sons. Gee where was the wife's and my other sons name in the address line.
Then the penny dropped. They are on the Maori roll.
Maori Party protection at its finest.

Anonymous said...

He is right though, National are traitors and turncoats.

Craig is worth voting for, Key is just a showpony, he doesn't care about New Zealand nor what is good for New Zealanders.

And he does ignore referendums, on selling our assets and the anti smacking fiasco.

What a bunch of Key apologists you all are.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


What particular names did he call Jon Key?

Anonymous said...

It's Nationals choice to abandon its conservative members and voters. So as far as I am concerned they need to live with their choices.

Anonymous said...

Noel, re the wee message from JK.

The one received at this household was addressed to husband and son.

Poor wee wifey didn't get a look in, and I'm not on the Maori roll.

National once again failing to connect with women.