Monday, June 30, 2014

Mastermind ???

The ever more temporary leader of the opposition is claiming his love affair with 29% is all about a nasty smear campaign.

You got that right tosser now for your next question, can you name the parliamentary party most involved with counter productive smearing in the last six Months.

Aaaah Labour, correct that concludes your chosen subject now for general knowledge.

What is denial, umm maybe a river in Egypt, incorrect

Can you name one of the  people  causing the plunge in Labours fortunes.
National, incorrect National is not a person.
Key, incorrect Mr Key is largely ignoring you while he runs the country.
Joyce, again incorrect he is too busy as well.
Slater, you need to refine that answer,
Bloody Cameron of course, incorrect he is not a person he is a messenger, journalist if you like.
John Roughan, incorrect now take a seat while we calculate your score.

Still 29%  I am afraid you are eliminated.

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