Friday, June 27, 2014


Cunliffe's hole just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Erstwhile Labour Party Bag-man Stephen Ching sez don't look at me, I threw my toys out of the cot some time ago.    Suggest you ask Ms Susan Zhu who gave what and when and how.

So just who is Ms Susan Zhu? ... easy, she's a lawyer working for Presland and Co.   You know, the firm headed by Greg Presland, Cunliffe's lawyer, the same Greg Presland who set up Cunliffe's secret Trust ... the one with the two 'anonymous' donors.   Play join the dots folks and wouldn't it be fascinating if one of those 'anonymous' donors turned out to be a certain Mr Liu.

On another thread I opined that in politics perception quickly translates into reality.   Mr and Mrs average voter don't like what they see with Labour .... hence the latest poll here with Labour down 2.2% to just 27.5%.

And don't even start me on the debacle in the House last night with two Labour MPs crossing the floor to vote with the Government .... well done those men, prepared to put people (jobs) over dogma.


Watcher said...

Shit Vet people are getting sick of all the repetitive innuendo. Go into many households at TV news time and it's a cry of "not more of this shit" and a quick channel change.

The Veteran said...

Read the polls Watcher, read the polls ... and they tell you what people are really sick of.

Noel said...

"average voter "
What actually is one of those?
Just asking.

gravedodger said...

@ Noel could have been the bloke/blokess who convinced Sir Winston Churchill after five minutes.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... guess it depends where you sit but you might argue that the 'average voter' is that middle 10% +/- who shift between National and Labour and determine which of those two Parties gets the right to try and form a Government.

And right now it's no contest.

The Greens, NZ First, Maori, ACT etc all have their own cult following but can hardly be described as appealing to Mr & Mrs average voter.

Barnsley Bill said...

They are a bit touchy about the links to Cunliffes money launders law firm. Got myself a nine match ban for biting this morning over at the labour party staffers blog.

The Veteran said...

Ms Callow Yoof ... read the polls pal, read the polls.

Anonymous said...

...'prepared to put people (jobs) over dogma.'

Especially their own. ;-)

Mrs Danvers

Watcher said...

Didn't your leader warm his followers recently that you shouldn't be lulled by the polls?