Friday, June 27, 2014

Jimmy Saville, It Just gets Worse.

When the sick, shallow and sordid revelations come out after his death, I knew for certain things were so much worse but out of a tiny lingering respect for residual rights for a deceased not having an opportunity to rebut I kept a post on his disgusting double life to a very limited account of my feelings.

I received some opposition both here and by email I was being unfair.

Todays report from very reputable investigations is so disgusting maybe some of those who kicked me then may wish to reconsider their response.

That that disgusting manipulative sicko still has a knighthood in situ is a total travesty.
Not just the allegations around bodies in a morgue that can still have the dignity they possessed when  death took them.
There are an unknown number of people still alive and every day confronting whatever that Piece of Shit did to defile them and yet Saville still remains Sir James Saville in the public record.
 Google it and it doesn't come up with anything remotely representing how I view the POS

Is it too much to hope that the British Government and the Beeb now do some major putting right.
If even a very small part of what is now being revealed is true there is much putting right out there waiting.

Burn in hell Saville, you died before you were called to account for your disgusting hedonistic self absorbed actions, but it is never too late for your legacy to be twisted around your scrawney neck for all time as your lasting testament to the mayhem you wreaked on however many people you destroyed in your sadistic journey through life, protected by many who should have had the conjones to stop you.
When I am in "my good place" I am absolutely appalled, nauseated, and horrified at any consideration of the judicial punishment of "hung, drawn and quartered" from the annals of my Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Norman antecedents, this morning for Saville it just seems somehow so  appropriate.
Sheesh they dug Cromwell up and beheaded his long dead corpse ffs.


Tinman said...

Sir James Saville has never been convicted (except by the slime and you) of anything.

Nor should he ever be.

he's dead!

He cannot defend himself.

gravedodger said...

On that basis Herr Schiklgruber remains innocent of any culpability for the crimes his henchmen were hanged for in 1946.
I seem to recall you held similar views last time.

I guess at least Martin was convicted in absentia.

Oh and btw I am not totally relying on balance of probability for my judgement either.