Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Its Worse Than A Dogs Breakfast.

 Much more like that breakfast when the dog regurgitates it on the parquet floor half an hour later.

Yesterday I highlighted a vote purchase that had zero liklyhood of delivery.

That alluded to a very small part of the serious problem facing the voters come September should Mr Cunliffe's coalition from hell arise from election 2014

Not only will the final administration be required to cobble together a majority to assure the GG it will survive a confidence and supply vote, it will be faced with a very high hurdle in cobbling something all can agree to as a coherent policy going forward.
Then we add in the almost Grimm's Fairytale Hydra based on the apartheid seats of Te Tai Tokerau and  maybe Waiariki with the cash of Kraut Dot Com and when the dust settled, what was revealed as  The Alliance c1990 in Grey. 

Just remember the almost youthful Peters, a phone in each hand all those years ago, wern't the olden days grand.  Labour and National with Winston negotiating his job for three years, how long did he spin  that out again.

So of all the vote catching bribes and promises what would survive as actual policy to underpin that administration going forward what will survive and what will be cast aside
It is barely comprehensible, but that folks is what you will be signing up for.
Cunliffe and Robertson, Normn and Turei, Harawira and Harre firmly atached to the Krauts strings with the old raging stallion from St Marys Bay struggling to remember the way to the airport and then wondering why he went there.

That regurgitated mix of biscuits and porridge suddenly doesn't seem so bad does it.

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Angry Tory said...

You cannot repeat often enough that the polls since 2007 have consistently demonstrated a strong preference for a National-led government - and now, a single-party National government. (Look to Scotland's last MMP election: a National majority government on 45% with Labour down below 30%). NZ's under MMP has absolutely no precedent for the government not being led by the largest party in parliament - we're not Germany or Scandinavia.

Thus it is a simple fact that anything other than a National-led government after the next election will widely be seen as illegitimate. A "Grand Coalition" (National + Labour), a "Blue/Green" government (National + Greens), a National minority government, or even a fresh election would be preferable --- especially to the 10% of Kiwis who pay nett tax, none of whom will be voting Labour.