Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Too Dear Darl!!

Please can I have some more? my arse.

Crikey Dalton if  losing was worth that, what were you expecting if you had won.

Poor little benefit bludger couldnt fund a gap of six months without asking for more.
At least Dickens little blighter had serious hunger and innocence as an excuse.

How often in my forty years of farming would such largesse have been soooo goood.

Going to a bank manager for another grand on the Overdraft just to buy groceries after a climate, world price or Government created adverse event.

For promotion of a significant super yacht, boat building growth industry I have supported all efforts to keep TNZ in the water but if that c*^t thinks his failure was justification for Six months of income of five million bucks that I contribute to, 'tell im ees dreamin', Darryl, at least you had a reasonable case and you "WON".

Another socialist bludger using an upcoming election to make hay, why dont you just F*^k off, I for one wont be missing you or your bunch of overpaid losers, any residual sympathy for watching big bucks sink your 8-0 lead has just gone down the sh*tter.

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