Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here Was Me Wondering How to Shoot a Hydra.

  Before it could grow another head.

Absolutely nothing to worry about.

"David Cunliffe is a warm, funny, smart as hell guy who can work relationships the way a coalition leader will need  to.  We would be lucky to have the chance of him being PM.
Metira Turei is one of the most trustworthy, honest, hard working, passionate NZers I have met who could do more for NZ in one term than anyone else I know.
Russel Norman has a fierce intellect and command of the economy second to none on the political left.
Hone Harawira is one of the great civil rights leaders this country has had in recent years and joined with Laila Harre, a leader of immense intelligence and talent who is universally respected and feared will be a force for progressive politics this country has not seen the likes of."

Why didn't the fucking Media tell us the truth.

Here were we thinking Mr C was a smarmy, duplicitous, arrogant, ambitious,  loose with facts sort of homebody with bees in the back garden of the little do-up in some godforsaken burb a long way from Remuera. Elected by a bunch of union puppeteers and thick as pigshit members over the clear wishes of the caucus who might, just might have had an inkling what an unmitigated disaster his leadership might wreak.
Metira was a radical lightweight with a history in an anarchist McGillycuddie serious party.
Russel was a Dr who couldn't treat an ingrown toenail with strong links to communist politics in Queensland who found a niche in an environmental lobby group that saw him as someone who could fool all of them all the time.
Hone Harawira from a family of thugs with enough dope addled voters spaced out in the far north to turn an annual festival of sometimes violent but always pointless protest on one day a year that allows him a platform from which to make openly racist jibes at many with a shorter commitment to citizenship from places outside his pacific(territory) origins.
Laila Harre an opportunist hasbeen far left socialist, left on the rocks of politics when the Troughmaster General saw how emasculated his radical departure from the NZLP had consigned him to be and took his remaining ball back to his protagee's successful last curtain call for the once great party, and she sank without trace. Then glory be in a move that could be our salvation to be tossed a lifeline by a fugitive from justice with pots of dosh searching for someone, anyone who could prevent his extradition to the US which she grasped as would any drowning soul. Did not give a second thought to what any reasonable voter might question as dodgy use of coat tailing, rank hypocrisy or a blatant greed inspired grab for a last hurrah.

Totally ignored in the glowing truth we have been shielded from all this time there is the little matter of the old warhorse whose mount Xenophobe, that has been up for it every election apart from one aberration when baubles nearly crippled the pony with the added weight.
Current polling makes his presence among the great minds assembled above imperative,yet with talents completely hidden from Joe and Josephine Average,  if we are to be saved from the Keympire who maliciously and contemptuously maintain a charade of financial success lauded by simple souls throughout the world  who are of no moment or judgement.

So as an addendum to the buried truth so deeply hidden from the public above, here is a last sentence;

Winston Peters, possibly the greatest mind and political colossus to bestride the NZ parliament ever, lauded for his honesty and probity, re-elected by a discerning group of mature voters largely on a simple theme; "to keep the bastards honest".

So folks we worry about something that is a creation of the Media when in fact salvation is there for the taking.
The Hydra is your friend, we, each of us must search out the truth the simple minds of the MSM wish to hide.


The Realist said...

Well said Sir! The whole lot of them are an unprepossessing bunch of unlovely bastards.

Barnsley Bill said...

I think Bradbury wrote that as satire