Friday, June 20, 2014

Friends Close, Enemies Closer.

Mr Cunliffe is lauded as intelligent, smart and educated.
After all that though, he is revealed as incredibly inept at mastering the nuances of politics.

Yes his problems around immigration for Duongua Liu eleven years ago are very minor in the big picture. added to that there is little real evidence of the alleged donations.
The even more temporary leader has almost single handedly made all that shambles an  insurmountable obstacle to his future, this morning he is running with accusations of National and John Key masterminding the whole shebang.
"When will they ever learn"

Take a look at published photos of your press opps over the last two days, Mr Cunliffe, there is a little fat fag with a particularly comfortable smirk on his face right there in "support".

He is a proven incontrovertible liar.
In a staged "bloke down at the rugby club" opportunity during the Leaders road show, when asked where his openly acknowledged partner, Alf, was, Grant Robertson blatantly claimed he was not present even though Alf the bus driver was in clear shot over Robertson's shoulder.
He spent years at the feet of the acknowledged masters H1, H2 and he was even awarded the accolade of H3, he of everyone in the Labour Caucus has a degree in "the dark arts".
Robbo has spent recent Qtimes on a gotcha attempt to get Joyce over alleged interference in the negotiations of MBIE workers wage claims. He gives a clear impression of having access to some strong basis for those rather intense efforts.
So who else among Mr C's "friends" would be best placed to "discover" an eleven year old letter and know facts around large  donations never recorded or declared.
Oh that's right it was that bloody John Key and his GCSB minions, the Standard commenters say so.

Now that any Labour MP with some years in front of him/her would want to sacrifice all hopes of leadership on such an altruistic act is not very likely, however it is not inconceivable that Mallard, King or even Goff might step up and do a Mike Moore. Cosgrove could be there but he is without the balls necessary.
It worked out OK for Mr Moore, he carved out a respected career in world trade after clearly taking one for the team to limit clear and predicted disaster.
Mike Moore, though was nothing resembling the collective character that defines NZLP MP c2014, he was a rather better man than they ever knew.
Like so many in that blurred middle ground between the two main parties Labour and National Moore could have gone with either.

David Cunliffe has had a 20 year career as a sycophant, a me to follower and foot soldier that was seriously lacking in any facet beyond arrogance and ego that are contributing spectacularly to his failing  now.

Elected as leader over the votes of a majority of his caucus, he will struggle to fit his enemies into a photo op from among that caucus under threat of electoral oblivion, so maybe he needs to surround himself with remaining party and union supporters as a security measure, on current polling even they might find such acts of loyalty a little too deep down in the too hard basket.

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alwyn said...

When I look at the picture of Cunliffe in the Herald article
I can see a little balloon above Robertson's head. It contains the phrase "Now when I talked to Willie Apiata he said you put the blade in just below the third disc"