Thursday, June 12, 2014

Events, My Dear Boy, Events!

Attributed to the late Harold MacMillan, the famous saying encapsulates the effect of the unexpected on an election campaign.

So, what about a few such events in NZ?

For starters, what would happen to NZ First should Winston drop dead in August?  WHo would get the four percent?  My guess is half each to the Gnats and Conservatives.

Then, what would happen if in July the judge refuses to allow DotKrim's delaying tactics and the extradition hearing is fast tracked, resulting in the Phat Phart trotting off shackled to his latest new found friend, the guy from the FBI?   Oh woe is Mana with no more money.

Both such events would be genuine game changers but not for Labour.   For Labour a significant defeat would turn into a thrashing.


Watcher said...

It is possible the FBI many eventually drop the request for extradition.

pdm said...

Why would they?

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... pigs fly too and even with lipstick on remains a pig.

Anonymous said...

If Winnie dies, we might hear he was the Father of the Nation, a great parliamentarian and man of principle and integrity.
Expect some new leader of NZF to cash in and break the 5 per cent barrier.

Hillary Obama

gravedodger said...

Hillary how could we really know, the MSM interview their keyboards, watching parliament he is often proped up in his seat with a scowl on his jowl.
Did you see "Waking Ned Devine"?