Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dyson to buy votes in the Red Zone.

Fresh from choosing to not opt for a list spot on the Labour troughers roll of shame, Ruth Dyson has made an early bribe for what could be vital votes as she tries to keep her Port Hills Seat.

In a move that is at the very least flirting with treating and straight out bribery, she has asserted that Labour will reimburse uninsured owners of Red Zoned land at the 2007 rateable valuation.

Two things here;

1  bare land is basically uninsurable as it remains in situ and available for uses other than housing that may have inflated the value beyond the pre-existing use value eg grazing, storage, recreational or environmental.
That means the insurance quota is really one of unrealised potential. The settlement offered by the state through EQC and central government has been quite generous to the unfortunate souls who ended up in the deficit column with a house on the land

The second  point is where will it end.
Who will pay for accretion land incorporated into adjacent title, very common along river banks, when hydrology, weed growth, and upstream "conservation work" cause the river to reclaim that accretion land.
Similarly for that Idyllic seaside block that changing tides and sea currents retake to sea from terra firma.
 There are only a few land owners affected and they are just some of many who find todays lunch is a shit sandwich, that is life.

Of course the most glaring problem for Dyson and Labour lies in their current barrel bottom polling.
She will never get to make the payments for the votes she is offering to buy with OPMs and for Labour there is the growing aura among New Zealand citizens battling their own problems, when will Christchurch get on and fund their own problems.
Sitting on millions of assets including a port company, an airport, an infrastructure company that cost alarming overcharged and under delivered services plus Land holdings all of which the Peoples Republic wishes to keep as a retirement home for old pollies, our credit is starting to become just a little toxic.

I have had a few setbacks in my life, some insured and recovered but others that were not insurable and went straight into the loss column.

This is not acceptable Ruth maybe you should just have a look in the mirror and then seek advice.
Here is mine for free, a graceful exit, the window for that is closing rapidly but you could still just squeeze through.
Attempting a bribe to a few voters is not a good look.

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