Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Destroyative Justice"

Another tragic example of a softcock judge clearly with no grasp of fairness, equity, or even reasonable sitting in his ivory tower in a leafy burb in Wellywood.

Sitting in the Masterton District Court, Peter Butler, I am reluctant to give him the honorific of judge,  declined to order any reparations against 32 year old scumbag Harwood on the grounds he had no assets,  no savings and no job.

So nice pretend Judge makes a trip to the nether regions and finds a c*^t who rips a woman approaching retirement for some 34 thousand dollars and goes easy because  "he has no JOB".
Here is a wee hint you f*^ktard imbecile, his recent job has been to milk over 30 k from a stupid woman, most probably while taxpayers have been paying him at least five hundy a week and you have given him "HOME DETENTION" with zero financial penalty.
That is a job that pays more than many honest bastards earn and they actually do something of benefit to others for it.

How easy to nick $25 bucks a week from his illgotten gains from the bloody welfare and add it to anything the unidentified woman gets from wherever.
Then C*^t Harwood has a constant reminder of his despicable acts and is going to have to cut back on maybe half a jug of beer a  day per week while Ms Ripped off can have a feed of Kentucky fried a week.
That Mr stupid disconnected Judge is how simple things are down on shit street.

But I guess you managed to stumble back into the Justice dept car for the arduous journey back to your little sanctuary in Wadestown or wherever, patting yourself on your own back for the wonderful things you did in shitty old Masterton that will add a little more to your steps on the ladder to your "Knighthood for services to justice".

You were probably only a half arsed semi-incompetent lawyer and now you have demonstrated pretty much why you gave that up and took on Judging, more coin eh.

The pointy heads talk up restorative justice, I see sweet bugger all restorative in that effort.


Baxter said...

We pay this joke for a Judge over $1,000 a day for his illogical justice. He should look up the meaning of the word.

Marc said...

So now the elderly and totally innocent woman is victimised again, this time by our "justice" system. Imagine how she feels tonight. Nice one judge, wonder how you would feel if this was your family this piece of s**t ripped off.

It's time for the proceeds of crime confiscated in NZ to be applied as compensation to victims as in this case, and the scum convicted required to commit to paying it back under supervision of the court. Reneg on your payments, and you're back before the courts.