Monday, June 16, 2014

But Will it be Value for Money.

 Nineteen months, many thousands of dollars, lots of verbiage, some spectacular changes in personal involved, absence of the man and his money behind the monumental inquiry  at the presenting of the report and what will it reveal.

Welfare is a root cause of much family violence.

Poor parenting choices will result in violence against children and women.

Casual attitudes to forming and maintaining stable relationships is a predominant part of much  reported family violence.

A complete dearth of faith, morals and personal pride among those invol ved in such criminality.

Secrecy around hearings and decisions of the family court do very little to solve problems around family violence.

Drug abuse is a common thread in family violence.

Unemployment is often a contributing factor in Family violence.

Ethnicity has a central commonality in reported cases of violence against children.

The "sock" syndrome is almost always a contributing factor in serious violence against children.

More funding and financial distribution will relieve much of the causes of the problems we have addressed here.

Unable so far to access any release of the long awaited Glenn report released at noon today but I wonder what else it will contain.

One certainty, more money will be advanced as a solution  and guess where that money will come from.

Did I miss anything?

Thanks Owen, you meant well but political correctness, protecting places at troughs and denial will preclude any semblance of answers and solutions that any blind deaf mute with a broken white cane could suggest for free.

As to value,  another wee mite off to Starship from the Waikato on the news at lunchtime today.
Might have got better value gifting the dosh to St John to fund another Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

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