Monday, June 23, 2014


That is the number Labour have to get to in order to bring ONE new MP into the beehive.
Can anybody remember the last time Labour managed that in the polls, let alone an election.
Kelvin Davies is on a knife edge with his place and as a Northlander I really want to see him win Northern Maori.
As I predicted Shamu managed to shoehorn her way in as the effective third ranked list MP behind the bloke who nicked Chris Knox's wife and the empty headed numpty whose skills seem to be limited to making Paula Bennet look like a sharp witted intellectual and the ability to eat an apple through a tennis racket.

If they repeat last elections historic low (a number that appears to be an impossible dream at the moment) they will have no fresh blood.
Good times.


Keeping Stock said...

Who is Shamu?

Barnsley Bill said...

Google is your friend. Moroney.