Monday, June 30, 2014


I have attended many of these over the years and it would be trite to rabbit on that this was the best ever or such like so instead, some acknowledgements and random thoughts.

Great to catch up with a number of bloggers including Home Paddock and also several ex-military colleagues including Colonel Bill Nathan in charge of the Te Whanganui a Tara Kapa Haka group who performed on the Saturday night (roping in the Prime Minister in the process).    Bill was a sometime National Party candidate and for many years he was Parliament's Black Rod.     He is as spry as ever and doesn't look a day over 60.

This was John Key's conference and that is not to understate the team he has around him.    He is the face of National and, with the Parties volunteer base, our most valuable asset.    His ability to engage right across the political spectrum is unrivaled in recent times (if ever).

The demographic of Conference is changing.   The Young Nationals are everywhere and in your face.
It was reported they have now increased their membership to over 5,000 and, in most universities, the Young Nats outnumber Young Labour in spades.    Their contribution to the policy debate was considerable.   They represent a formidable and well resourced election force.

The Pacific Island contingent was impressive and determined to make their mark.   They recognize the PI community is changing and that Labour has, for far to long, treated them as voter fodder.    They were angry and embarrassed over Labour MP Sio's comment in relation to the recent school stabbing that "boys will be boys".    Those comments do not reflect their values and 'times are a changing' and with it, political alliances and allegiances.    

There was no complacency.   Those attending were well aware that with the resignation of John Banks the Government does not necessarily have the numbers to push legislation through.    It's that tight and there can be no complacency.   National will need every vote it can if it is to progress it's 2014 manifesto commitments.    It does not want to be beholden to others, especially of the flaky variety.    That's the prerogative of the Left. 

p.s.    You were short changed with the TV1 poll on whether Cunliffe should remain as Labour leader. Their numbers had it that 66% of Labour's supporters thought he should.   What they didn't tell you was that 99% of National voters thought the same way also.

Mastermind ???

The ever more temporary leader of the opposition is claiming his love affair with 29% is all about a nasty smear campaign.

You got that right tosser now for your next question, can you name the parliamentary party most involved with counter productive smearing in the last six Months.

Aaaah Labour, correct that concludes your chosen subject now for general knowledge.

What is denial, umm maybe a river in Egypt, incorrect

Can you name one of the  people  causing the plunge in Labours fortunes.
National, incorrect National is not a person.
Key, incorrect Mr Key is largely ignoring you while he runs the country.
Joyce, again incorrect he is too busy as well.
Slater, you need to refine that answer,
Bloody Cameron of course, incorrect he is not a person he is a messenger, journalist if you like.
John Roughan, incorrect now take a seat while we calculate your score.

Still 29%  I am afraid you are eliminated.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Unintentional comedy

From the National Party, courtesy of 3 News:

National is going to launch a campaign website called TeamKey.

Oh dear.  A better illustration of the fact that National has a total of one, and only one, asset to put to the nation's voters couldn't have been invented by a satirist.  3 News asks the obvious question:

Asked why it wasn't going to be called TeamNational, Prime Minister John Key said he didn't know because no one asked him what it should be called.

So, on the one hand, at least one person in the National Party gets how lame this is and doesn't want to be associated with it - on the other hand, that one person is the one with his name on it...

Here Was Me Wondering How to Shoot a Hydra.

  Before it could grow another head.

Absolutely nothing to worry about.

"David Cunliffe is a warm, funny, smart as hell guy who can work relationships the way a coalition leader will need  to.  We would be lucky to have the chance of him being PM.
Metira Turei is one of the most trustworthy, honest, hard working, passionate NZers I have met who could do more for NZ in one term than anyone else I know.
Russel Norman has a fierce intellect and command of the economy second to none on the political left.
Hone Harawira is one of the great civil rights leaders this country has had in recent years and joined with Laila Harre, a leader of immense intelligence and talent who is universally respected and feared will be a force for progressive politics this country has not seen the likes of."

Why didn't the fucking Media tell us the truth.

Here were we thinking Mr C was a smarmy, duplicitous, arrogant, ambitious,  loose with facts sort of homebody with bees in the back garden of the little do-up in some godforsaken burb a long way from Remuera. Elected by a bunch of union puppeteers and thick as pigshit members over the clear wishes of the caucus who might, just might have had an inkling what an unmitigated disaster his leadership might wreak.
Metira was a radical lightweight with a history in an anarchist McGillycuddie serious party.
Russel was a Dr who couldn't treat an ingrown toenail with strong links to communist politics in Queensland who found a niche in an environmental lobby group that saw him as someone who could fool all of them all the time.
Hone Harawira from a family of thugs with enough dope addled voters spaced out in the far north to turn an annual festival of sometimes violent but always pointless protest on one day a year that allows him a platform from which to make openly racist jibes at many with a shorter commitment to citizenship from places outside his pacific(territory) origins.
Laila Harre an opportunist hasbeen far left socialist, left on the rocks of politics when the Troughmaster General saw how emasculated his radical departure from the NZLP had consigned him to be and took his remaining ball back to his protagee's successful last curtain call for the once great party, and she sank without trace. Then glory be in a move that could be our salvation to be tossed a lifeline by a fugitive from justice with pots of dosh searching for someone, anyone who could prevent his extradition to the US which she grasped as would any drowning soul. Did not give a second thought to what any reasonable voter might question as dodgy use of coat tailing, rank hypocrisy or a blatant greed inspired grab for a last hurrah.

Totally ignored in the glowing truth we have been shielded from all this time there is the little matter of the old warhorse whose mount Xenophobe, that has been up for it every election apart from one aberration when baubles nearly crippled the pony with the added weight.
Current polling makes his presence among the great minds assembled above imperative,yet with talents completely hidden from Joe and Josephine Average,  if we are to be saved from the Keympire who maliciously and contemptuously maintain a charade of financial success lauded by simple souls throughout the world  who are of no moment or judgement.

So as an addendum to the buried truth so deeply hidden from the public above, here is a last sentence;

Winston Peters, possibly the greatest mind and political colossus to bestride the NZ parliament ever, lauded for his honesty and probity, re-elected by a discerning group of mature voters largely on a simple theme; "to keep the bastards honest".

So folks we worry about something that is a creation of the Media when in fact salvation is there for the taking.
The Hydra is your friend, we, each of us must search out the truth the simple minds of the MSM wish to hide.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saying It Does Not make It So.

One of the first offers for votes from Laila Harre is "free tertiary education for all" in the first of a list of unfinished business Herr Schmit's Poodle brings to the election campaign.

Basic economics Ms Harre, it will never be free so why didn't you say all tertiary fees to be subsidised, because that is what it will be.

Harre, Sykes, Minto, Corkery, each and every one from the Alliance 1990 until The Troughmaster General gathered up his toys and his safe Wigram seat and went back to his protege  Helen Elizabeth Clark for the next ego trip in the  long list that created the legend in his own mind.

Sadly many of those who will be enticed by The Old Grey mare's bribe will be in complete ignorance of the destructive and counter productive outcomes from the distortions created.
Another bunch of dreamers with diplomas in bone carving, maypole dancing, salsa and whatever a smart course planner can devise to attract funding but  with zero associated employment opportunities for graduates.

So the seats on the 90 day roller coaster ride start to fill.

They are not "Free" someone else is paying and it will not be a fat German benefactor waiting for US Marshals to call at Coatsville.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Cunliffe's hole just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Erstwhile Labour Party Bag-man Stephen Ching sez don't look at me, I threw my toys out of the cot some time ago.    Suggest you ask Ms Susan Zhu who gave what and when and how.

So just who is Ms Susan Zhu? ... easy, she's a lawyer working for Presland and Co.   You know, the firm headed by Greg Presland, Cunliffe's lawyer, the same Greg Presland who set up Cunliffe's secret Trust ... the one with the two 'anonymous' donors.   Play join the dots folks and wouldn't it be fascinating if one of those 'anonymous' donors turned out to be a certain Mr Liu.

On another thread I opined that in politics perception quickly translates into reality.   Mr and Mrs average voter don't like what they see with Labour .... hence the latest poll here with Labour down 2.2% to just 27.5%.

And don't even start me on the debacle in the House last night with two Labour MPs crossing the floor to vote with the Government .... well done those men, prepared to put people (jobs) over dogma.

Jimmy Saville, It Just gets Worse.

When the sick, shallow and sordid revelations come out after his death, I knew for certain things were so much worse but out of a tiny lingering respect for residual rights for a deceased not having an opportunity to rebut I kept a post on his disgusting double life to a very limited account of my feelings.

I received some opposition both here and by email I was being unfair.

Todays report from very reputable investigations is so disgusting maybe some of those who kicked me then may wish to reconsider their response.

That that disgusting manipulative sicko still has a knighthood in situ is a total travesty.
Not just the allegations around bodies in a morgue that can still have the dignity they possessed when  death took them.
There are an unknown number of people still alive and every day confronting whatever that Piece of Shit did to defile them and yet Saville still remains Sir James Saville in the public record.
 Google it and it doesn't come up with anything remotely representing how I view the POS

Is it too much to hope that the British Government and the Beeb now do some major putting right.
If even a very small part of what is now being revealed is true there is much putting right out there waiting.

Burn in hell Saville, you died before you were called to account for your disgusting hedonistic self absorbed actions, but it is never too late for your legacy to be twisted around your scrawney neck for all time as your lasting testament to the mayhem you wreaked on however many people you destroyed in your sadistic journey through life, protected by many who should have had the conjones to stop you.
When I am in "my good place" I am absolutely appalled, nauseated, and horrified at any consideration of the judicial punishment of "hung, drawn and quartered" from the annals of my Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Norman antecedents, this morning for Saville it just seems somehow so  appropriate.
Sheesh they dug Cromwell up and beheaded his long dead corpse ffs.

Peeing Into The Wind Just Makes Yer Boots Stink.

An empty gesture O'Connor but some of the ferals might notice.

In a move to harvest some of the native timber destined to rot across the DOC estate after a massive recent wind throw, the Conservation Minister introduced legislation under urgency to allow its recovery in the dwindling hours of the current Parliament.

After a pointless and fruitless move based on his socialist statist indoctrination to include a propaganda clause to favor Westcoasters, one of the remaining believers in the roots of his party, Damien O'Connor crossed the floor of the House to vote with the hated Nats.
He was joined in this charade by Southern Maori MP and prince of the house of Tirikatene, Rino.

I didnt see this little rebellion unfold but in these days of the mundane such a dramatic gesture was probably completely submerged in an almost obscured increase in the votes in favor with a matching decrease in the votes against announced by the National and Labour appointed functionarys of the day.
Nothing as dramatic as was once the action, when the two scabs would have been forced to actually cross the line and enter the opposition "lobby" to be "counted".

Well done those two, though sadly your gutless mates could not be persuaded to leave the haters and wreckers of the Melon Party standing alone on the platform, in their hypocritical and stupid opposition to a small move to save something of value from the wreckage of the recent wind storm.

Yes a few weta, huhu, slaters and other wood eating contributors to natures recycling will be denied a small quantity of the disaster that would  have only made a immeasurable blip in their biological existence, but seriously you green cloaked communists, it is pragmatism in action and your preachy opposition is just another example of the idiocy that the economically challenged dumbarse voters in the 12% continue to portray.
To suggest this move is a reopening of the door protecting the Doc Estate from exploitation is an empty gesture that only highlights the complete stupidity and misunderstanding of the real world most of the other 90%  actually live in.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Now Think It Through David.

Mr C's finance wizard, the failed Otago Electorate man, failed business partner, dodgy investment goto guy is whistling up a storm over an alternative Budget announced earlier.

The minister of incompetence claims he "will pay off the National borrowings in two terms"

There are some holes in it Davy Boy, the sort of holes an 88 mm anti tank gun leaves.

Raising tax rates often reduces the total take.

Taxing the rich is often pointless as the rich managed to keep it up till now by being smarter than a bunch of envy driven socialists and rather ordinary  bureaucrats.

Using that notional increased tax take just wont work out, you see none of it will ever be available to pay off  any of Blenglish's debt as you and every single mouth of the HYDRA will have an insatiable desire to spend it long before you pay one cent of that debt.
Spend it on stuff that will earn no return, will inspire nobody, it will overwhelmingly be pissed on a fence around hopeless .

If that seems improbable read some recent history, the only NZLP finance minister who emerged with a shred of credibility in the last half century, was the now loathed and discredited by  all socialists, Sir Roger Douglas, and all his mates in the government at that time were on his team, supposedly.
You are not so fortunate, your mates, if The Hydra comes to pass, will in all probability be at least equal to your team numbers and could be  bigger numerically and they will be trying to beat you all the way going forward.

The serious part of what English, Key and co have achieved, that is attracting international kudos involves much that you have rejected every inch of the way.

If You have a serious wish to regain the political center as opposed to fighting over the shrinking socialist welfare dependent bunch, you need to move towards Waitakare Man not pillage what he is creating to finance the deadbeats who think welfare comes from rich pricks.

You see Davyboy Waitakare Man and his missus really do aspire to become rich pricks  or at least richer and they at present have your measure, they understand you think they are daft.

Maybe three years to reconsider is what you need and the way it is going you will get your chance.
Use it well.

Hey, we've done that too.

Remember the brouhaha about the Cabinet Club?  You know, Labour's allegations of "cash for access to Ministers" and "exclusive dinners allowing access to the Prime Minister".  Yeah, those.

Most of us know that those who complain about things like that do so because they are donkey-deep in it themselves.

The Herald can now reveal that the Auckland businessman, who organised dinners where guests donated $1000 to sit beside former Prime Minister Helen Clark, approached the office of David Cunliffe about Liu's residency bid.
Most if us realise the Labour party are the biggest bunch of hypocrites that have ever walked the earth.  But a gentle reminder every so often can't hurt.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This or that, I'm not sure

The Conservative Party has published its tax "policies".

You'd be excused for thinking CCCP is a pneumonic for the Colin Craig Conservative Party.  It could mean Colin Can't Count Party.

The party's policy is to have a tax free threshold up to $20,000 and a flat tax beyond that.  He doesn't say what the flat tax rate is.  Jamie Whyte called him out on that and showed it would mean a tax increase for many workers.  

But Colin's main problem is he doesn't know his own policy, let alone the the implications of it.  On the party's website, he gives this answer to a question about whether the party would lower taxes:
Yes we would. We believe that the taxation system should be simpler, and less burdensome.

Our first step would be to have a tax free income threshold of $25,000 which is a tax cut for all workers in NZ.
I'd trust Jamie Whyte's analysis over his, so it's not a tax cut at all.  It's an increase.

And the "error" relating to the tax free threshold wasn't a mistake.  In an answer to another question on the same page he said this:
Yes there are hardworking people who are struggling to get by on what they earn.
Therefore we would increase the tax free threshold to $25,000 meaning more money in the hand for low wage earners.
So is it $20,000 or $25,000?  And would the policy mean tax cuts, or tax increases.  He needs to explain if he wants to be taken seriously.

Labour is not better.  But we expect that from them.  Today they announced alignment between the top personal tax rate and the trust rate.  But the company tax rate is 3c lower, and so the opportunity for people to form companies and pay less tax is clear and obvious.

Dumb from Labour.  Sloppy from the Cons.

Its Worse Than A Dogs Breakfast.

 Much more like that breakfast when the dog regurgitates it on the parquet floor half an hour later.

Yesterday I highlighted a vote purchase that had zero liklyhood of delivery.

That alluded to a very small part of the serious problem facing the voters come September should Mr Cunliffe's coalition from hell arise from election 2014

Not only will the final administration be required to cobble together a majority to assure the GG it will survive a confidence and supply vote, it will be faced with a very high hurdle in cobbling something all can agree to as a coherent policy going forward.
Then we add in the almost Grimm's Fairytale Hydra based on the apartheid seats of Te Tai Tokerau and  maybe Waiariki with the cash of Kraut Dot Com and when the dust settled, what was revealed as  The Alliance c1990 in Grey. 

Just remember the almost youthful Peters, a phone in each hand all those years ago, wern't the olden days grand.  Labour and National with Winston negotiating his job for three years, how long did he spin  that out again.

So of all the vote catching bribes and promises what would survive as actual policy to underpin that administration going forward what will survive and what will be cast aside
It is barely comprehensible, but that folks is what you will be signing up for.
Cunliffe and Robertson, Normn and Turei, Harawira and Harre firmly atached to the Krauts strings with the old raging stallion from St Marys Bay struggling to remember the way to the airport and then wondering why he went there.

That regurgitated mix of biscuits and porridge suddenly doesn't seem so bad does it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dyson to buy votes in the Red Zone.

Fresh from choosing to not opt for a list spot on the Labour troughers roll of shame, Ruth Dyson has made an early bribe for what could be vital votes as she tries to keep her Port Hills Seat.

In a move that is at the very least flirting with treating and straight out bribery, she has asserted that Labour will reimburse uninsured owners of Red Zoned land at the 2007 rateable valuation.

Two things here;

1  bare land is basically uninsurable as it remains in situ and available for uses other than housing that may have inflated the value beyond the pre-existing use value eg grazing, storage, recreational or environmental.
That means the insurance quota is really one of unrealised potential. The settlement offered by the state through EQC and central government has been quite generous to the unfortunate souls who ended up in the deficit column with a house on the land

The second  point is where will it end.
Who will pay for accretion land incorporated into adjacent title, very common along river banks, when hydrology, weed growth, and upstream "conservation work" cause the river to reclaim that accretion land.
Similarly for that Idyllic seaside block that changing tides and sea currents retake to sea from terra firma.
 There are only a few land owners affected and they are just some of many who find todays lunch is a shit sandwich, that is life.

Of course the most glaring problem for Dyson and Labour lies in their current barrel bottom polling.
She will never get to make the payments for the votes she is offering to buy with OPMs and for Labour there is the growing aura among New Zealand citizens battling their own problems, when will Christchurch get on and fund their own problems.
Sitting on millions of assets including a port company, an airport, an infrastructure company that cost alarming overcharged and under delivered services plus Land holdings all of which the Peoples Republic wishes to keep as a retirement home for old pollies, our credit is starting to become just a little toxic.

I have had a few setbacks in my life, some insured and recovered but others that were not insurable and went straight into the loss column.

This is not acceptable Ruth maybe you should just have a look in the mirror and then seek advice.
Here is mine for free, a graceful exit, the window for that is closing rapidly but you could still just squeeze through.
Attempting a bribe to a few voters is not a good look.

"Destroyative Justice"

Another tragic example of a softcock judge clearly with no grasp of fairness, equity, or even reasonable sitting in his ivory tower in a leafy burb in Wellywood.

Sitting in the Masterton District Court, Peter Butler, I am reluctant to give him the honorific of judge,  declined to order any reparations against 32 year old scumbag Harwood on the grounds he had no assets,  no savings and no job.

So nice pretend Judge makes a trip to the nether regions and finds a c*^t who rips a woman approaching retirement for some 34 thousand dollars and goes easy because  "he has no JOB".
Here is a wee hint you f*^ktard imbecile, his recent job has been to milk over 30 k from a stupid woman, most probably while taxpayers have been paying him at least five hundy a week and you have given him "HOME DETENTION" with zero financial penalty.
That is a job that pays more than many honest bastards earn and they actually do something of benefit to others for it.

How easy to nick $25 bucks a week from his illgotten gains from the bloody welfare and add it to anything the unidentified woman gets from wherever.
Then C*^t Harwood has a constant reminder of his despicable acts and is going to have to cut back on maybe half a jug of beer a  day per week while Ms Ripped off can have a feed of Kentucky fried a week.
That Mr stupid disconnected Judge is how simple things are down on shit street.

But I guess you managed to stumble back into the Justice dept car for the arduous journey back to your little sanctuary in Wadestown or wherever, patting yourself on your own back for the wonderful things you did in shitty old Masterton that will add a little more to your steps on the ladder to your "Knighthood for services to justice".

You were probably only a half arsed semi-incompetent lawyer and now you have demonstrated pretty much why you gave that up and took on Judging, more coin eh.

The pointy heads talk up restorative justice, I see sweet bugger all restorative in that effort.

Monday, June 23, 2014

When Is Kick Off?

When do election advertisements incur the requirement to display the name and address of the promoter, and when does the cash register start up??

Tonight we had an octogenarian promoting the communist melons in their anti mining stance on oil drilling.
Permits have been issued to make exploratory moves in a Marine sanctuary where there exists a remote possibility Mauis Dolphins may extend their range into.

This old bint has made a name  for herself as a mate of Chimpanzees in Tanzania, now she has turned up to whine about the potential demise of the worlds smallest Dolphins.

Working with the greens, another bunch of primates, sadly not in danger of extinction, she launched a 2 minute advert countering the carefully crafted and heavily monitored exploration off Taranaki.
No Names, addresses or any obvious links to the melons.

Oi Jane, if Jersey Cows didn't create extraordinary profits for NZ Inc they also might very well be a threatened species.
How about we support commercial farming for the bloody dolphins.
At least we would get a better handle on survivability and a more accurate measure of remaining numbers.
Yeah I know it would remove completely a bitching note for the tiresome anti averything that might pay for the extensive carbon burning antics of the communists seeking to bring NZ Inc to its commercial knees.

Fifty five left in the sea, who really knows but sounds scary eh.

Round them up, select a good looking buck and a couple of cows and who knows that is pretty much how the now very lucrative venison farming got started.

Leaving it to Gaia didn't work out so good for Moa, Huia, Maoriori and co, did it.

Who knows the bloody mammals might join all other farmed species and enjoy significant increase in numbers  and breed security.

Oh and a successful well could provide some dosh to improve their lot, sort of dolphin welfare if you like.

Now when do the adverts start getting added up, was that a starter for ten?


That is the number Labour have to get to in order to bring ONE new MP into the beehive.
Can anybody remember the last time Labour managed that in the polls, let alone an election.
Kelvin Davies is on a knife edge with his place and as a Northlander I really want to see him win Northern Maori.
As I predicted Shamu managed to shoehorn her way in as the effective third ranked list MP behind the bloke who nicked Chris Knox's wife and the empty headed numpty whose skills seem to be limited to making Paula Bennet look like a sharp witted intellectual and the ability to eat an apple through a tennis racket.

If they repeat last elections historic low (a number that appears to be an impossible dream at the moment) they will have no fresh blood.
Good times.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


I want to make it perfectly clear that I have never had any dealings with Donghua Liu.  I wouldn't know him if I fell over him. If I did fall over him, I'd help him to his feet, and say to him, "How do you do? I'm David Cunliffe, the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party. You look familiar. Are you Chinese?"

 I wouldn't hold it against him. I'm passionate about encouraging Chinese people to come to New Zealand and contribute to the economy and do things like serve bowls of hot noodles at night markets.But if you've had one bowl of hot noodles, you've had them all, and that's when you're bound to wonder whether we actually need any more noodle stalls.

Of course I've heard of Mr Liu. Everyone's heard of Mr Liu. Maurice Williamson wrote a letter to the police on Mr Liu's behalf, and he was forced to resign. He did the right thing. It was the only option available to him. As a senior politician, he simply should not have tried to use his influence - especially for a man who has donated a great deal of money to the National Party.

After the election, when Labour takes the helm, we'll sit down with Mr Liu and explain to him that if he thinks he can buy favours, then he's got a lot to learn about life in New Zealand. The other thing I want to say about Mr Liu is that I don't much like the look on his face. It's always the same look. Perhaps that's something to do with the fact it's always the same photograph. In any case, it's an unpleasant face, and not one I'd forget in a hurry.

I want to make it perfectly clear that my dealings with Donghua Liu were a long time ago. It was before email. It was before the fax machine. Remember the fax machine? The paper always ran out, and it made that horrible shrieking noise whenever you dialled a number. I'm passionate about noise pollution and I'll go on record now and say that a Labour Government won't tolerate a return to the fax machine.

The letter I wrote to immigration officials on Mr Liu's behalf in 2003 has nothing in common with the letter Maurice Williamson wrote to police on Mr Liu's behalf. Maurice Williamson was interfering. I was merely putting in a good word for a guy who always had a friendly, open smile.
He'd wave out whenever I saw him, and I'd say, "How's it, Mr Liu?" And he'd say, "Mate, call me Dong."   The Dong I knew had an insatiable appetite for New Zealand literature. He wanted Helen Clark's biography so badly that he paid $15,000 for it.
I walked into the kitchen at the Labour offices this morning, sniffed the air, and said, "I could swear I smell burnt toast." Grant Robertson looked at me, and said, "Me, too."

The latest opinion poll has some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that Labour's support is down, and roughly 17 people in New Zealand would prefer it if I was Prime Minister.
The good news is that the poll was taken before the Liu fiasco.

What a week.   I flew from Wellington to Auckland but then had to turn back again to sort out the Liu business. I flew back home again today. I did a few chores around the house to take my mind off things, and then drove to the office after dark. I had a few things to catch up on.

I saw a light under the door from one of the back offices. It's where we keep our archives. I assumed it was one of our staff, but when I walked towards the door, the light went off. I walked in. A window was wide open.   I could swear I smelt something fishy.

Acknowledgment to Steve Braunias

No Wonder The herald Has Turned On Cunliffe

They've got a signed affidavit dated 3rd May.

Liu's signed statement was dated May 3, two days after Williamson's resignation. It said:
• Liu paid "close to $100,000" for wine at a 2007 Labour Party fundraiser;
• That he spent $50-60,000 hosting then-labour minister Rick Barker on a cruise on the Yangtze River in China in 2007; and
• That Liu visited Barker in Hawke's Bay in 2006, having dinner with him at an exclusive lodge and then meeting for breakfast the next morning. Liu said he made a donation to Hawke's Bay Rowing, which Barker was associated with.
And now, I'm off to Cairns for two weeks in the sun.  No laptop.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

And We Do Not Have 18c.

Throughout much of my adult life I have heard the often mindless sectarian violence in Northern Ireland described as between Catholic terrorists and Protestant extremists, the tints being all about their relative connection to the UK government.
The nomenclature left no doubt that the thugs on both sides were primarily driven by religious fervor and gratuitous barbarity.

Recently with the increase in violent killings extending across Iraq from Syria there is now a notable absence of including "Islam" in identifying the various bunches of towel headed thugs and killers.
Even using the underlying sectarian terms of Sunni and Shia that along with Wahhabi  and other branches of Islam who have been killing each other for centuries are now avoided.

Why have the various media ceased identifying the basic drivers of middle East ferocious and often random killings as the religious divisions of Islam founded centuries ago among scattered tribes of Arabs by a man with strange attitudes to marriage, sex with young females and total opposition to any deviation from the Qur'an as interpreted by succeeding legions of male dominated religious clergy.

I accept that in Australia with the infamous 18c of their idiotic 'racial discrimination act' such limitations on true and accurate reportage can fall foul of the law but it is puzzling as to the use of terms such as euphemistic sounding 'jihadist' when Islamic terrorist is far more accurate.

Then there is an even more puzzling pseudo outrage of Drone attack killings with some inevitable collateral deaths while a much more accepting publicity almost to a point of normalcy of "suicide bombings" with the associated and intentional collateral killings of people in the wrong place at the time.

Dead remains dead and the so called religion of peace, Islam is front and center of so much of it.

If there are true followers of Islam and the Prophet who do not support the violence, killings and oppression from the radicals among their believers and clerics, for all that is holy start publicly rejecting the towel head killers operating in the name of Islam.
Wont make much difference but it could be a start.

It's Too Dear Darl!!

Please can I have some more? my arse.

Crikey Dalton if  losing was worth that, what were you expecting if you had won.

Poor little benefit bludger couldnt fund a gap of six months without asking for more.
At least Dickens little blighter had serious hunger and innocence as an excuse.

How often in my forty years of farming would such largesse have been soooo goood.

Going to a bank manager for another grand on the Overdraft just to buy groceries after a climate, world price or Government created adverse event.

For promotion of a significant super yacht, boat building growth industry I have supported all efforts to keep TNZ in the water but if that c*^t thinks his failure was justification for Six months of income of five million bucks that I contribute to, 'tell im ees dreamin', Darryl, at least you had a reasonable case and you "WON".

Another socialist bludger using an upcoming election to make hay, why dont you just F*^k off, I for one wont be missing you or your bunch of overpaid losers, any residual sympathy for watching big bucks sink your 8-0 lead has just gone down the sh*tter.

A Couple Of Questions Claire.

Dr Claire Matthews of Massey University, described as a "Kiwi Saver Specialist" by the NZ Herald, has a proposal to make the retirement saving fund, Kiwisaver,  compulsory for all New Zealanders.

Well Doc more than a couple in fact.

Nice timing, so for starters where do you sit in the political world Doc, as in case you overlooked it there is a General Election set for us in three months and the major players are holding different views around superannuation. I would hate to think my cynical mind might suspect any degree of you advocating for the position of a particular political policy with your thinly disguised socialist intervention.

As many of your equally common sense simplistic social scientists portray, massive numbers of NZ families are at present living in what is erroneously termed poverty while enjoying government largesse how do you propose to extract 10% of their claimed as already inadequate income and not make that social problem significantly bigger.

Many New Zealanders imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit at present can spend years if not decades using every spare dollar earned to build their dream that can turn into a very successful retirement fund. They draw incredibly low incomes so how long before some egghead decides they are not saving enough therefore must "Pay" more thereby putting a very large impediment in the way of what has and still is building our nation.

Then we have the large body of educated souls who head offshore sometimes in part to avoid their student loan obligations, who then return at the late stage of child rearing age or return at the end of their working lives, having avoided partially or totally the  proposed compulsory net you advocate for. People who often get a nice assistance from the taxpayer for housing at present.

Family reunification immigrants who also will line up for Kiwi Saver  equivalent survival rations.

The indigent and the the criminals who never visit the IRD who will gather up their 10% plus employer contributions.

So let me try and understand what you are really proposing here.
You are advocating that everyone pay a 10% additional tax, not to the treasury but to one of a bunch of fund managers, the numbers of whom will explode exponentially, and already in their limited numbers have shown a widely differing degree of competence and fiduciary duty.
In addition to that massive removal of discretionary spending,  you will have a plan to replicate the employer contributions with an additional rise in benefits of 10% and make the compulsory levy on the self employed 20% effectively raising them to supertax levels .
You will still require a Tax funded benefit to support the indigent, the family reunification immigrants and then there will be another bunch of victims of failures of funds from incompetence, fraud or sheer bad luck.
Surely you wont want anyone left in the gutter.

It sounds so good to claim how big the socialist dream schemes of some overseas jurisdictions have grown but has anyone actually studied how effective they have been in success measured against averages and mean performance of private capital management out comes.

It sounds too good to be true Claire and in the current climate it probably is, then the question, why now.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Conservative Party

Adolf has just read the party's first election leaflet - courtesy of Terry Wallbank- and it makes interesting reading.

I was looking for all the 'attacks on National' about which Cameron Slater splutters every day or the 'name calling' referred to by Nick K.  The worst I could find was this:-

If we’re elected, our role is to keep the Government honest. Our role is to give them the courage to do the job we voted them to do - no matter how tough it is. Our job will be to give the Government a backbone.

That's almost word for word from a not so long ago Act Party campagn leaflet.

So just what is all the fuss about?

Colin Craig may well have faults but, whatever they are, he is ten times the better bet for the Gnats than relying on Peters.

All you needed to know but didn't bother to ask.

Anyone concerned how welfare is a dead weight around NZ being the wealthiest nation on earth or at least well into the top ten on every measure, should make Lindsay Mitchell a daily read.

Today Lindsay reprints from the NCPA  where Jeffrey Dorfman lists10 important economic facts that he says policymakers need to recognize:

I say required reading for every voter stepping up on September 23rd.

Pay her a visit please.

Friends Close, Enemies Closer.

Mr Cunliffe is lauded as intelligent, smart and educated.
After all that though, he is revealed as incredibly inept at mastering the nuances of politics.

Yes his problems around immigration for Duongua Liu eleven years ago are very minor in the big picture. added to that there is little real evidence of the alleged donations.
The even more temporary leader has almost single handedly made all that shambles an  insurmountable obstacle to his future, this morning he is running with accusations of National and John Key masterminding the whole shebang.
"When will they ever learn"

Take a look at published photos of your press opps over the last two days, Mr Cunliffe, there is a little fat fag with a particularly comfortable smirk on his face right there in "support".

He is a proven incontrovertible liar.
In a staged "bloke down at the rugby club" opportunity during the Leaders road show, when asked where his openly acknowledged partner, Alf, was, Grant Robertson blatantly claimed he was not present even though Alf the bus driver was in clear shot over Robertson's shoulder.
He spent years at the feet of the acknowledged masters H1, H2 and he was even awarded the accolade of H3, he of everyone in the Labour Caucus has a degree in "the dark arts".
Robbo has spent recent Qtimes on a gotcha attempt to get Joyce over alleged interference in the negotiations of MBIE workers wage claims. He gives a clear impression of having access to some strong basis for those rather intense efforts.
So who else among Mr C's "friends" would be best placed to "discover" an eleven year old letter and know facts around large  donations never recorded or declared.
Oh that's right it was that bloody John Key and his GCSB minions, the Standard commenters say so.

Now that any Labour MP with some years in front of him/her would want to sacrifice all hopes of leadership on such an altruistic act is not very likely, however it is not inconceivable that Mallard, King or even Goff might step up and do a Mike Moore. Cosgrove could be there but he is without the balls necessary.
It worked out OK for Mr Moore, he carved out a respected career in world trade after clearly taking one for the team to limit clear and predicted disaster.
Mike Moore, though was nothing resembling the collective character that defines NZLP MP c2014, he was a rather better man than they ever knew.
Like so many in that blurred middle ground between the two main parties Labour and National Moore could have gone with either.

David Cunliffe has had a 20 year career as a sycophant, a me to follower and foot soldier that was seriously lacking in any facet beyond arrogance and ego that are contributing spectacularly to his failing  now.

Elected as leader over the votes of a majority of his caucus, he will struggle to fit his enemies into a photo op from among that caucus under threat of electoral oblivion, so maybe he needs to surround himself with remaining party and union supporters as a security measure, on current polling even they might find such acts of loyalty a little too deep down in the too hard basket.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Secret Donors

So who were Mr 23%'s secret donors?

Here are some suggestions:-

  • Donghua Liu and KimDotKrim
  • John Key and Judith Collins
  • Countdown and Rothmans
  • Helen Clark and Gareth Morgan
  • Fonterra and City Mission

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Politics has certainly gone crazy.    I suspect the vast majority of National/ACT Party voters are praying that the Leader of the Labour Party retains his job.   Conversely, I suspect the vast majority of Labour Party voters would like to see the Leader of the Labour Party quietly throw the towel in.

It is a given that Labour MPs in marginal seats and those with low list rankings will be seriously worried whether they have a job come 20 September.    The word from the beltway is that Trevor Mallard is putting it around that, given the chance, he can minimize the likely electoral damage with his attack dog style of leadership.   

Any bets?

Political maestro

Isn't Matt McCarten going great guns!!

That's all.

Best One Liner Today

FromTV3 News on Cunliffe's latest gaffe.

"National's problem is now Labour's nightmare."

An Hilarious Day

Cunliffe has provided more than enough entertainment for one day so this little aside is just that, an aside.

Why does TV3 use a picture of the decrepit Winston Peters which
so obviously was taken more than twenty years ago?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Volunteering, A Sunset Industry?

Ele at homepaddock highlights National Volunteer Week.

I am more than a little concerned and somewhat bemused at how things are actually going.

In short they arn't.

Volunteering for community service is just another casualty of WELFARE.

In past years we had Red Cross, Banardoes,  Churches, Lodges, Credit Unions, Cooperatives, Trade Unions, WDFF and others looking out for those who were threatened with deprivation, nearly always through no fault of their own and it was all done by volunteers for free.
Illness, disease, early death, job loss, among the many visitations from Fate.
All those opportunities for good works are either in decline from apathy, been ripped of by the unscrupulous or taken over as a vehicle to political power, sometimes facets of all three.

Today we have a culture based on "I'm alright Jack" that leaves service clubs, community charity, fire parties and ambulance among them, maintaining services with an ever diminishing number of volunteers.

Every incident in need of assistance c2014 will have as a first point of call  "what will the gummint do", never apparently "what could I do either to assist or to selfhelp.
A body found dead in a flat, an assault victim on a pavement with people just walking past, a crying child, outright begging on city streets, piles of clothing and functioning goods sent to landfill, just don't get involved.

So much of voluntary community care has been subsumed by welfare and yet many still claim all we need to do to solve problems is to throw more money at them.

All that money and effort to produce The Glenn report and what was delivered.
Confirmation of what we all knew about causes and results and bugger all about remedies.
The family Court process and decisions have been exposed as counterproductive so many times, what chance any change, very little as defenders are already out in force.
Anyway was it news to anyone.

I collect for many charities as part of my service club membership and a couple of points emerge;

My Service Club has raised nearly a million dollars in the  decade and a half I have been a member and what was the Governments response.
 More bureaucracy and regulation apparently to ensure we didn't defraud any one, and all the time who were creating and perpetrating frauds on the voters while seeking access to the Crown Limmos.

Most people in need will cheerfully donate and most in comfort walk by without any acknowledgement.
The "flasher" and more pretentious the vehicle  the less the prospect of a donation.

Many of the established "name" charities employ 'Fundraisers' who manage to convert as much as 90% of the funds collected to "Costs" and "overheads".

Just getting members to join Rotary, Lions, Jaycees et al becomes harder with each year that passes, as the disconnect and aversion overcome any residual desire to assist in a community.

Just another unintended consequence of welfare.

Monday, June 16, 2014

National's coalition partner?

This is what National's potential coalition partner, the Conservatives (a-la Colin Craig) is saying on the front page of its website:
Had a guts full of National’s abandoning their principles? Had enough of their arrogance? Had enough of them ignoring referendums; like the one on asset sales and the one on anti-smacking? Had enough of Bill English’s borrowing habits? Had enough of the two waka Government? 

Come and meet the man who isn’t afraid to say ‘enough is enough’. Come and hear Colin Craig’s antidote to National’s toxic behaviour. Come and meet the man who will give our next Government some backbone.
Dear me.

You want to enter into a business deal with someone in the very near future and you are saying this about them?

As I just said, dear me. 

Hat tip: Thanks to WhaleOil for the photo.

But Will it be Value for Money.

 Nineteen months, many thousands of dollars, lots of verbiage, some spectacular changes in personal involved, absence of the man and his money behind the monumental inquiry  at the presenting of the report and what will it reveal.

Welfare is a root cause of much family violence.

Poor parenting choices will result in violence against children and women.

Casual attitudes to forming and maintaining stable relationships is a predominant part of much  reported family violence.

A complete dearth of faith, morals and personal pride among those invol ved in such criminality.

Secrecy around hearings and decisions of the family court do very little to solve problems around family violence.

Drug abuse is a common thread in family violence.

Unemployment is often a contributing factor in Family violence.

Ethnicity has a central commonality in reported cases of violence against children.

The "sock" syndrome is almost always a contributing factor in serious violence against children.

More funding and financial distribution will relieve much of the causes of the problems we have addressed here.

Unable so far to access any release of the long awaited Glenn report released at noon today but I wonder what else it will contain.

One certainty, more money will be advanced as a solution  and guess where that money will come from.

Did I miss anything?

Thanks Owen, you meant well but political correctness, protecting places at troughs and denial will preclude any semblance of answers and solutions that any blind deaf mute with a broken white cane could suggest for free.

As to value,  another wee mite off to Starship from the Waikato on the news at lunchtime today.
Might have got better value gifting the dosh to St John to fund another Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

Poor Old Herald

On the day that NZ learns of the $15,000 undeclared donation to Labour by the same Chinese businessman with whom Maurice Williamson spoke, along with a number of undeclared pecuniary benefits received by then Minister of Internal Affairs Rick Barker, including a special visit and private banquet at the home of said Chinese businessman in an off the track industrial shit hole, the Herald runs this breathless headline.

Colman's $50k donation to National disclosed

Only trouble is, at the time Barker was being treated like an Emporer, said Chinaman was seeking NZ residency and citizenship.

Funny that.


I think John Key had it about right when he said here that public interest in the America' Cup was fading and further, "I think there's a few people saying we don't like the fact that this is a sport where the winner sets the rules."

Kerre McIvor here poses the question  ... Do the crew of Team New Zealand really want to be known as New Zealand's highest paid beneficiaries?

I agree with all these sentiments, enough is enough.   But hold on, didn't promise to pony up $5m to part fund any challenge.    So Grant, suggest you tread that well worn path up to the Coatesville mansion to pick up the dosh or was the offer just more 'big noting' by this paragon of virtue from the dark side of politics?

So many questions, so few answers. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Things are on the up and up in Northland (albeit from a fairly low base).   In Paihia my hotel/motel/restaurateur contacts are telling me that business this year has have been the best in a decade.    May it continue apace.

And so it was that last night the Veteran and Mrs Veteran took off to one of our favorite eateries, Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack.    As usual it was crowded.   In the 90 minutes we spent there we saw over 100 customers arrive/depart. Those are good numbers any way you want to play it.

JJ's promotes itself as having on offer the best ribs in Northland.    Some might opine they are being a little too modest for their own good; no matter.     Very few patrons would have an inkling where mine-host gets his ribs from ..... you would guess local but you would be dead wrong.   JJ's source their ribs from FINLAND ... I kid you not.   They bring them in by the container load at a cost to the door delivered 25% cheaper than they can get from any New Zealand supplier.     

I don't blame them from making a market decision ... but its a perfect example of how subsidies distort the market.   Sooner or later someone in the EU will say enough is enough, this is unsustainable ... then what happens?   Meantime JJ's diners feast on.

Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack is right in the middle of town opposite the NZ Post office.   They serve a mean drop of Tiger beer on tap too.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Love him or leave him, Chris Trotter has long been the conscience of the true 'Left' with his thoughtful analysis of politics from someone not afraid to pin his colors (and prejudices) to the wall. 

Trotter has never bothered to hold back from saying what he believes and that's why his recent post on Bowalley Road here where he advocates the expulsion of the ABC faction (read right wing faction) of the Labour caucus from the Party as necessary to cement in Cunliffe's gradual and continuing shift to the left is so fascinating.     Gone is any pretense that Labour is 'broad church' party.

His call for the expulsion of anyone daring to question Cunliffe's leadership replicates the events of March 1940 when John A Lee was expelled from the Parliamentary Labour Party for calling into question the sanity of God (aka Michael Joseph Savage) and for promoting the heresy that a Labour cabinet should be elected by their caucus.

So, who is Trotter referring to in the Labour caucus .... don't have to be a rocket scientist to  figure that out.   My take (in no particular order) ....
  • Goff
  • King
  • Shearer 
  • Mallard
  • Hipkins
  • O'Connor
  • Cosgrove
  • Davis
  • Curran
  • Sio
  • Faafoi
Gueez, that leaves a very small caucus, increasingly bereft of talent and going nowhere fast.

With friends like Trotter, Labour doesn't need me to put the boot in ... fun though.

Events, My Dear Boy, Events!

Attributed to the late Harold MacMillan, the famous saying encapsulates the effect of the unexpected on an election campaign.

So, what about a few such events in NZ?

For starters, what would happen to NZ First should Winston drop dead in August?  WHo would get the four percent?  My guess is half each to the Gnats and Conservatives.

Then, what would happen if in July the judge refuses to allow DotKrim's delaying tactics and the extradition hearing is fast tracked, resulting in the Phat Phart trotting off shackled to his latest new found friend, the guy from the FBI?   Oh woe is Mana with no more money.

Both such events would be genuine game changers but not for Labour.   For Labour a significant defeat would turn into a thrashing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Labour Party looking at yet another electoral rort

The next loser of the 2014 election, David Cunliffe, is making noises about removing the coat-tailing rule in the highly unlikely event Labour beats National at this year's election.

Before 1996, Labour whined and moaned when they got more votes than National in a couple of elections yet lost the elections.  They thought FPP was unfair.  So they lobbied for, and got, a system that suited them - MMP.

In 2005, Labour was again desperate to stay in power and to do so had to overspending by over $400,000 with its "pledge card".  The Police decided not to prosecute, but that didn't stop Labour from retrospectively validating it's illegality.  

Then came the Electoral Finance Act which was Labour's attempt at silencing their opponents absolutely.

And now Labour is having its fourth attempt at embedding its electoral advantage by abolishing the coat-tail rule.

You see, it's this simple.  The Labour Party is essentially determined to govern at any expense.  It couldn't care less about bringing in "their" system to suit themselves, and it cares less about fair elections, and fair election laws.  And when it can't win, it advocates for removing the advantage its opposition has.

At the end of the day, if the coat-tail rule goes, National could just stand aside in 5-6 seats for the Cons and Act if that was required.  And Act has scored over 7% in two previous elections, and over 6% in another.  It's not beyond Act to score that again.

If it does, wait for Labour to increase the threshold to 8%.  Because I think they actually believe no one else has the privilege of governing except them.


Its is reported that supporters of the two 'scroats' who knifed and killed Arun Kumar cried as the 'boys' were arraigned in Court today.    You can read it all here     Further on it is reported that supporters of the 13 YO called out that they loved him as he was led out of Court.

Give me strength.    Just where are the tears and love for Arun Kumar from these supporters/apologists for these dregs of society let loose at 7.30 in the morning.   Nah, it's the two boys who are the victims, let's lavish attention on them and bugger Arun Kumar.   It's all someone else's fault ... Key/National/Society, anyone else but the family or extended family. 

Give me strength.   See the Judge has denied the Defense request for bail.   Stay true Judge.     As for the two ... I suspect society would be much much better off if they, like Bailey Junior Kurariki,
had been strangled at birth.   Perhaps the Greens policy on abortion has merit ... just joking. 

Yes, I fully expect to be panned by the chardonnay swilling effete for this post ... tough.

Who Will Pay On The Final Day?

A little while ago an award winning controversial right wing blogger opined that when the FBI finally does over DotKrim from Coatesville and the movie moguls sue him to recover their missing millions, those who have received his largess in NZ might need to worry.

You see, the moguls ill come knocking on their doors seeking the return of the money they have received from the proceeds of DotKrim's criminal activity.  Hundreds of millions of dollars.

One might reasonably expect to see Harawira, Harre, Minto, Bradbury and Co bankrupted.

Cameron Slater reckons the office bearers of the party are liable to be pinged but, here, I beg to differ.  I suggest not just the office bearers but all the members will be liable.  In another incorporated society of which Adolf had considerable knowledge there was no doubt the members were liable for any debt owed by the institution and I believe this will prove to be the case also with the so-called InternetMana Party.

I wonder when their sphincters collectively will start to quiver?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Winston Peters flop

The investigation into the Kohanga Reo National Trust has turned up something akin to the spending on Tuku's undies from all those years ago.  This time it's a Trelise Cooper dress.  

Winston should put it on with some lipstick, make up and high heels.  No one takes his allegations seriously now; maybe if he dressed up in drag that might change.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Some responders to my earlier post missed completely the point I was trying to make sooooooooooo, for the second time of asking ....

Any vote to change the law on abortion must remain a conscience issue.
The National Party, as a broad church Party, can accommodate both my views and those of my good mate David Farrar when we agree to disagree on the issue.    Likewise, I know a number of Labour MPs who would resist any move to change the law as it stands.

The Greens are wrong, very wrong to make this a Party issue.    They are effectively leaving out in the cold anyone on their side of the fence who might have a different view ... it may not be a three-line whip but there will be subtle and not too subtle pressure on any MP or aspiring MP who dares to question their Party line stance.   That's bad because conscience issues are conscience issues are conscience issues and MPs should be free to exercise their vote accordingly.

Not so for the Greens.   That's what I object to.   Simple really.

What could possibly go wrong!!!

Mr Cunliffe on a trip to Christchurch has announced that "if elected he will set up a division of the District Court to settle legal wrangles over claims resulting from the 10 000 plus tremors."

Not letting reality intrude, he guilded the lily with taxpayer funding for claimants, so the poor people will be able to fight the bad bastards who run insurance companies.

Now when insurance is sought the company assesses risk and incidence profiles including the applicant. They impose what can seem incredible small print clauses that can sometimes cause rejection or at least serious reduced payouts.

Now it is well established that many, for reasons of economy,  hope or stupidity will intentionally underinsure.
Insurance is a very intricate industry and fraud is far too common and simple to exploit. Companies do not wish us to understand levels of fraud that they fail to detect but it is safe to assume that proven fraud will not be anywhere near that which is detected but passed for payment as a cheaper option.
When the unthinkable happens many see the insurance company as a fair target for exploitation on the simple premise no one person is ripped off, the truth is every person signing a contract is paying for the inflated or fraudulent claims.

Hence Mr and Mrs O'Laughlin went to court when the nasty Tower declined their claim for their share of one point three million to reinstate their Dallington home.
I have no idea where costs lay or what they came to but they settled with Tower, CERA and EQC for around half that claimed sum.
In the meantime others waited, as every other unsettled claim basically went on hold or was delayed
Multiply that problem by the thousands of claims still not settled and that Mr Shadow Minister of Silly Walks is just one small part of the problem you are shamelessly exploiting with your latest "brain fart".

Every freekin claim will go to litigation, Gazillions of money available for settling claims will be spent on Lawyers, a whole new industry will emerge where "advisers" will gather up clients who will drop more of the dosh intended for the rebuild.
But if sufficient morons buy into the bribery the rebuild will be set back interminably and of course the pig ignorant will buy into the hopelessly conflicted Rort.

Another similar "policy on the run" emerged with a suggestion that  Military engineers could be mobilised to solve the flooding of land, levels  lowered by the seismic events and exacerbated by the seriously reduced drainage cabability of over grown and silted natural waterways.
Another bit of advice to The Minister of Silly Walks, those well trained service people are trained to overcome obstacles to their immediate  tasks, they have no training to solve years of negligent infrastructure depreciation and neglect.
If you want a glaring example google the Bridge in the central North Island that killed the beekeeper, and financially ruined the Berryman family.
Built by Soldiers under the guidance of army engineers to create access but with the temporary short term problem solving methods the bridge did its job for some years but eventually failed with a rather catastrophic outcome for Mr Richards and his honey.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I used to have quite a bit of respect for the ACT Party.  They had principles and their policies reflected their principles.  The principles weren't ones I agreed with, and the resulting policies were ones I was vehemently opposed to, but I could respect the facts that the policies were grounded in principle and ACT Party members could advance rational arguments for them without resorting to the hypocritical partisan weaselry required to be a Labour or National supporter.

Enter realpolitik.  Once ACT became dependent on National to gift it an electorate seat, thanks to the undemocratic and just plain unreasonable threshold rules the major parties imposed on MMP (fuck, don't get me started on that), principles became a luxury as unaffordable as they always are to someone dependent on a patron.

It didn't take long for the patron organisation (National) to find it more convenient to just mount a full takeover and put their own people in charge - Don Brash and John Banks.  Brash was at least vaguely credible as an ACT member, sharing the same principles as the party - which meant he was soon given the elbow and lifetime Nat loyalist John Banks put in sole charge.  The 2011 election must have been a cringeworthily embarrassing experience for ACT members, as bog-standard conservative Banks largely ignored the party's principles and told all who would listen he was aiming to help install a National Party government.  For a party whose main branding point is its commitment to a set of principles, this would have been a low point for members equivalent to Labour ca 1990 or National ca 2002.  ACT's share of the party vote reflected that - Banks was the only 'ACT' MP returned in 2011.

I'm sure ACT still has a great many members committed to its principles, but this dependence on National for an electoral seat has introduced the corruption associated with the major parties.  That's something we shouldn't lose sight of - the MP just found guilty of electoral fraud is, was, and always will be, a National Party man.  He's currently an ACT MP only because it suits the National Party for him to be one.  This clusterfuck is one imposed on ACT by the National Party.  It's something that the smaller left parties should keep in mind when considering how dependent they should let themselves get on the Labour Party - assistance always comes with a price tag, and there are always a bunch of hidden charges.

Friday, June 6, 2014


I see the Greens have just announced that they want to decriminalise abortion and make it legal ... aka abortion on demand.

Methinks they should be careful for what they wish for.   I suspect many of their mothers might have opted for that course of action if they knew how their progeny were going to turn out.

Tried by the communists, tried by the Nazis. proposed by the Greens.   Spot the diff ... I can't. 

Keep Calm and Carry On......

.......says normally reliable Chris Trotter.

Adolf nearly choked laughing when he read the first sentence.

BRACE YOURSELVES, COMRADES, for some horrendous poll results.

At least one person on the left appears to realise the true cause of their discomfort.  Cuddling up to a crim.  Only trouble is, there's absolutelynothing they can do about it and there is no remedy between now and September. The damage is all done and the Leftist beast has been gut shot.

And you know what?  They did it all themslves.

Seventy Years Ago

Thursday, June 5, 2014

John Banks

I was surprised at the decision of the judge, given the obvious discrepancies in the evidence from DotKrim and his cronies.   However the judge is the judge. I hope there is an appeal.

I wish Mr Banks and his family well.

Meanwhile, as the left obsesses about Mr Banks and Mr Key, the opinion polls continue their inexorable journey toward the destruction of the NZ Left in September.


The Roy Morgan Poll is the one Labour supporters swear by.   So, just in .... no comment needed .... swearing allowed from 'them'.

National 52.5% (+7%); Labour 29.0% (-1.5%); Greens 9.0% (-4.5%);
NZ First 4.5% (-1.5%); Maori 1.5% (+0.5%); Act 1.0% (+0.5%); Conservative 1.0% (nc);  Mana/Internet 1.0% (-0.5%); United 0% (nc)


The verdict is in.     Putting the question of an Appeal to one side it is likely that the Speaker will, on receiving formal advice from the Court, declare the Epsom seat vacant.

I did not hear all the evidence so I will refrain from commenting on the merits of the case except to say that listening to Bank's budget speech a few days ago it sounded very much like his valedictory speech ... perhaps in his heart of hearts he knew the cards were stacked against him. 

It's a sad end to public life for John Banks.   Sure he was controversial but the flip side is that he is one of the most kind hearted and generous men that I know.    I have the privilege of chairing a Trust which provides financial assistance to the children and grandchildren of our Vietnam veterans.  To the best of my knowledge John has no great connection with our community yet he has been one of our most generous supporters both in cash and kind.    That's the John Banks I know.

I suspect many will want to put their boot in now he is down.   Not me.   Rather I will confine myself to saying that when you sup with the devil ( you do so at your peril .... as Cunliffe, Norman, Peters and Hone will find out to their cost.

Take it to The Standard Rach.

Rachell Smalley has nailed her colors to her Pinko virtual mast again this morning.

No, I do not set an alarm to hear the simple bint's take on overnight news she just occupies a one hour gap between newstalk zb's over night hosts that I employ as a coping mechanism for tinnitus and what I regard as the best option for Breakfast wireless, Mike Hosking.

This mornings smalley minded effort was set up with a bollocks belief that we in this country do not have a worry or threat from radical Islam and we had no security or moral rights, as a sovereign Nation to support drone attacks such as that which removed an Australian and a dual Aus/NZ passport holder along with other Islamist terrorists to paradise on a one way ticket, in Yemen.

She then attempted in her op ed to opine that PM Key was being disingenuous to allude to a possible threat to us, requiring surveillance on residents, including a derogatory comparison to George 'dubbya' Bush that didn't explode.

Big hint to Smalley minded, your latest jerkoff as POTUS has a pretty ordinary track record around drone strikes and the Seal Six attack on OBL among your trendy soft cock mates.

Throughout the time remaining until sanity re-entered the wireless at 0600 she repeatedly refuted what were clearly opposing views by way of electronic message  systems.
Clearly as another member of the Newstalk branch of the anti Key lobby group, the stupid little girl, in her headlong rush to produce anything anti the government, that questioning of her stance came as a surprise and in the absence of any supporting message that would have been broadcast with alacrity I am sure, she may now be a little chastened.
She should be, it was appalling as to content and delivery that ignored any semblance of balance that she felt compelled to claim as justification later in the hour.

A journalist my arse it left me wondering if McCarten had written it for her.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bizarre Counterpoint

In a strangely bizarre counterpoint to the DotKrim/Alliance circus we have a controversial, award winning, right wing blogger ganging up with members of the poofters party to harass supermarket chain Count Down.

These people allege all sorts of misdeeds on the part of Count Down when an examination of the facts finds the business guilty of driving a hard bargain with its suppliers.   Funny thing is, that's what businesses do.  It's called competition.

The Commerce Commission will investigate.
The Commerce Commission will report.
The Commerce Commission will find nothing  anticompetitive or illegal.
The Commerce Commission will fnd Dave Chambers does not  smile enough when dealing with suppliers.

Nine Years of Noise With No Performance

Yessir, that's what Kelvin Davis needs to be hammering home to the electors of Te Tai Tokerau.

Every speech should begin with "What has Hone Harawira done in nine long years to make your life better?"  In Hone's language, the answer is simple.  Sweet fuck all.

They've had a Volkswagen MP in there for nine long years and what have they got to show for it?
Hot air and noise with no performance.

Now is their chance to get a V8 in there for a change.  More jobs, better education, more local development, less violence against women and children.

Vote Kelvin for Te Tai Tokerau.

Sheesh That'l Do For A Beatup.


Cripes did sense of perspectives all take the holiday weekend off along with the millions of citizens and the thousands of tourists using our roads

Living at the end of a holiday Highway, 75 is its number, I have dodged vehicles and up until recently assisted in extricating the damaged meat from the tin cans when a nice drive turns to shit.

Yes some of the clients and barely controlled missiles have been in the hands of visitors to our country.

Possibly the most extreme incident in my dozen or so years of involvement was the evening crash at the Okains Bay intersection at Duvauchelle triggered by a North American Family being piloted by Dad, vereing into the right lane and the path of an oncoming car at around a combined crash speed of an estimated 100 Kph. The Dads car had fortunately slowed significantly in its maneouver, triggered by a child in the rear seat on seeing a few sheep in a paddock over the fence to the right, calling for a 'Photo Op' and Dad without hesitation pulling across the oncoming lane to stop on the verge. Damage to the occupants was surprisingly light and nobody died, the two cars however it was seriously more damaging.
A great lesson in seatbelts, airbags, crumple zones, rapid response and a big dollpop of good luck in occuring on a reduced speed bit of road with additionally further reduced speed.
Coming from a righthand drive country, vereing right was not intstinctively beyond an appropriate move.

Since the advent of  amalgamation with Christchurch City,  that now has additional fleets of cars, vans and trucks on our highway, some of which have inexperienced drivers on a narrow winding often damaged from subsidence and weather, roads.
Then there are the tradies repairing the damage from the 10 000 earthquakes mingled with the ongoing new building needing travelling workers and some of those vehicles are piloted by over confidant ability challenged drivers with in-congruently loaded payloads trying to match the roadspeeds of sports cars.
Add to that the many tourists who upon arrival at Harewood, hire a car, people mover or campervan and where better for a shakedown trip to start a South Island tour than a nice 150 Km trip to Akaroa in one day or as an overnighter.
For a condiment to such a cosmopolitan dish there are an occasional wandering farm animal and the ubiquitous lycra clad exhibitionist doing a wobbly exhausted hill climb.

Within that mix and variations of knowledge and  driver abilities, foreign and domestic, the most surprising thing by a country mile is how few come to grief requiring outside intervention
A salient fact supported by statistics and the knowledge base of the police and emergency crews who see it all.  unfold when stars collide.

The crossing of the centerline by the campervan in the Coromandel and the crash at Rakaia on a Holiday weekend were both avoidable tragedies, and blew the smug bastards and their chorusing of how the four Km rule and the marked improvement in driver behavior had delivered such a great result twelve months ago out of the sludge of their sanctimonious pulpit.

Queens Birthday 2013 zero death road toll was only a statistical blip and however welcome as a respite to those who it falls to to clean up ,it was still only a blip.
Better roads, massively improved vehicles as regards safety from cacoons and impact absorbtion  plus education are the main components of the downward trending Road Toll.
Speed attacks and patrolling on main highways have minimal impact. Jesus on a bike there was a  duel manned but parked patrol car nearby Sommerton Rd and Thompsons Track, WTF were they doing, eating the bludged donuts from the Salmon Cafe and discussing what they would do on their 'day in lieu' with the extra pay???

A 52 year old man either didnt see a stop sign on a rural road or for some reason ignored it, did he drop off, was he distracted, did he suffer a TIA, whatever, shit happened and tragically two children and a mother died, a very sad event and totally avoidable.
How many of you are aware that according to a media report, that 52 year old Dutch tourist didnt drive into the intersection against a stop sign at normal road speed, HE "PLOUGHED THROUGH A STOP SIGN",  no wonder three died.

Millions of tourists arrive here, get in a vehicle and drive  off, and we take in millions of dollars from that activity.
Hundreds of thousands of us  annually travel all over the world and do the same thing unfettered under a reciprocal agreement with over 100 nations to accept their domestic licence systems.
The little scroat in a car with stolen plates between Midlemarch and Outram who survived  a serious rollover while fleeing police could have taken out over a dozen innocents had "HE PLOUGHED INTO A PEOPLE MOVER", and that was barely one week after another retard had hit a power pole on the nearby Southern motorway killing and maiming in a crash estimated at over 150kph.

But the news of the day is foreign tourists driving on our roads so we will ignore all the accidents traveling to their destination, or is that an appointment with destiny, under the control (advisedly) of scroats and see what serious damage we can inflict on the billion dollar travel industry.
That will involve the Minister of Tourism and we all know who is to blame now.

From my observations there are deficiencies in the current system and the Petition started by the remarkable young man who lost his Dad to a foreign driver in the Lindus is a great heart warming act of doing something positive but the question remains as to a viable answer.
A short online test before handing over keys, sounds good but how long before an equally short app is available to get that test correct.
A short driving practical, well at what cost and who will do it, oh I know the taxpayers could pay, or do you think it could be farmed out to manipulative and unscrupulous "approved testers" as a user pays and pay enough you will pass.

One step that could have a meaningful success but at a possibly prohibitive cost would be to change to driving on the right and leaving UK/Ireland, Japan, India and whoever else.
Of course that radical move would require Australian buy in and if Queensland wont accept any form of daylight saving good luck with that.
At least in my advanced years that is something well beyond any planning input required from Moi

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The very best I've seen for a long long time:-

Sorta ironic that in 1914 Mata Hari was a German agent, and in 2014 there’s Laila.

Go Kelvin.  They don't like cold steel up'm.

Monday, June 2, 2014

NZ Prepares For The International Pinhead Dancing Championships.

As the dust settles following the High Socialistiety marriage of the decade between the hard left of NZ politics and the most media prominent 1 percenter on current rankings, indications are that a significant number of the hopefuls for the WFoPD  world champs are well off the pace.

Watching the well preserved grandmother figure nominated to lead the assault on the lost generation of non voters to get them to the polling booth on September 20th 2014, on the weekend TV Infotainment talk shows, revealed that although she appeared to have a body in shape, the gyrations,  shilling skill and mental agility level was in need of significant improvement if she was going to even be selected let alone be competitive.
Much of her effort was so eighties and the noble sport of pinhead dancing has indeed moved on.

Calling, completely embracing an already convicted internet criminal facing extradition and his proceeds of crime, a marvelous opportunity, left many previous well performed pinhead dancing aficionados gobsmacked.
That said many commended such game changing dumping of mores and traditions a great theme for such an auspicious event, her attempt to turn it into a viable potential pinhead dancing display was rather lacking when revealed as an actual performance.
Delaila Harry described by many as the best person to on field captain the NZ entry, seemed ill at ease and at times showed a lack of concentration and even flashes of anger as Ms Woodnt let butter melt tested her resolve in continuing to dance under the stress that will come with competition, her previously admired icy composure was rather exposed.

Yes apparently Delaila is the youngest at 48 in the squad now that Martyn Bangers an Mash  has suffered another groin strain and is in recovery but many, including some very involved fans are starting to question whether current team owner, Mr Kimmy Scmitz's policy and management skills as CEO and chief Financial officer are marketable in the eyes of the YOOF of the country.
Yes Free internet, Free piracy, Free devices, plus the ignored get out of jail card that is studiously ignored and never mentioned, might be very attractive to a gen. "Y",  confidence lacking nerd but will the lolly scramble still get them to a booth in September, involving as it will the said nerds having to actually stop their usual indulgence long enough to actually figure out the mysteries of the printed ballot paper and a successful additional utilisation of the marker pen, let alone folding the paper so as to get it in the slot of the box unaided.

In summary  will Delaila Harry, after showing such promise in the later years of last century with Scam Skawkery, Jumbo Neanderthon, MMatt MMMccarten and some now departed, still have it in 2014 in such a pivotal role in NZ's hopes for success in this years Pinhead dancing showdown.

Of course others closely connected to this plunge into the psyche of the NZ electorate are asking potentially embarrassing and valid questions around appointment of the management team, national selectors and selections against the very questionable team makeup in the light of considerations of democracy and due process.
With the additional complicating coincidental date clash with the finals of the native affairs sponsored event to represent Te Tai Tokerau and its place as a valid entry in what is considered as a competition between Nations, and does Te Tai Tokerau qualify as a Nation. Many of the tribes supporters quote the precedent of Tuhoi and that has some scrambling for the rulebooks both English and Te Reo.

Then there is the perennial question is pinhead dancing really still only a game or like cricket has big money and corruption destroyed  the gloss and nostalgia that made pinhead dancing such a great spectator sport in public halls, smoko rooms and woolsheds.
Then there was the world  mecca aspired to by everyone with a soapbox, "Hyde Park  Corner".
Of course a soapbox is another mystery to the lost million but that as they say is another story.