Friday, May 2, 2014

Yes The Rescue Helicopter is Expensive.

I also know some things cost an arm and a leg but really Herald?

Headline "Mother owes leg to rescue chopper."

As the annual appeal for the charity St John is upon us there is a bit of dysfunction around the rescue services being highlighted in the Media.

Mainly from the Waikato region, but from where I stand it is seriously more widespread.

Four days ago from The Waikato Times " Resource-starved St John is in a "shocking and dangerous" state for both staff and patients in the Waikato, a source inside the organisation says."

 This Morning on Stuff " Firemen see red on purple", referring to the marked increase in St Johns off loading response to the highest priority calls to the fire service.
Now that in turn falls to the largest segment of the fire service, the volunteers.  That in turn ends up costing employers, employees and the self employed who made a commitment to be available to fire and rescue situations that they train for and not responding to a routine medical call whether serious or as so often happens not, when numpty telephonists at the St John Call center fail to elicit sufficient information as to the best response to what are revealed as non urgent cases, or worse hoax calls.

Having been involved in both in my retirement I have been suggesting for some time St John is becoming increasingly dysfunctional in its structures, management policies and funding allocations.

Fireies do not as a rule have any interest in matters medical other than first aid as a part of what happens in their core work to both victims of incidents and as immediate response to their fellow fire fighters when sh*t happens.  When they do wish to embrace both rescue and ambo and it does happen, they sign up to both services with the greatly magnified training requirements involved.

If the Stuff piece is an accurate portrayal then a disturbing trend is underway in the Waikato and it seems reasonable elsewhere also, that volunteers are declining to respond to medical calls and then things have a potential to get seriously compromised.
Imo Fire fighters have no resistance to assisting in extraction, securing and making a scene safe but they often do resist being defacto ambulance officers, a situation greatly exacerbated with the often patronising and superior attitude that prevails among some of the more highly trained Ambos and it often raises another notch with the involvement of the flyboys in their red suits, off the bird.

Calls for assistance that could often be dealt with, by a car ride to a medical center or even accident and emergency must be better culled from full Ambulance response or a service that is clearly teetering will collapse then red faces will be scrambling to explain.The Ambulance service delivers an awesome service often at considerable cost to the lower echelons and in particularly the volunteers who have already worked their day and then get to spend another working day for no monetary reward while the "paid Staff" do their eight hours then go home to rest up and dream up ways of making their pile slightly higher and their selfimage seemingly more important.

These comments are not about the thousands who are sustaining what the public admire about rescue services it is about the mouth and trousers brigade who are quietly destroying a magnificent service.

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