Saturday, May 3, 2014

Who's Sorry Now?

Not quite the dream job you thought Ms Mayor.

As stated previously, this lady who has had previous issues around honesty and probity as a Labour Minister, looked me in the eye in the public bar of the Grand Hotel Akaroa and stated she was no longer a Labour Person.
She was seeking to be elected by and to represent all citizens, when challenged that after a life of tribal Labour that was hard to believe, reiterated her now demonstrably false claim.

As if I would have believed that election mode hyperbole, and sure as troughers do not change anything other than their current swill container, within weeks of her successful election as the chairman of the re-established Peoples Republic of Christchurch there she was, working her arse off to get Poto Williams, carpet bagger extraordinaire,  into the big house in Wellington as MP for CHCH East.

Where has that smile gone to.
Today Stuff suggests she is showing signs of strain as things are not quite all sugar and spice in the 'village of the dammed'.
Four or is it more inundations in "The Flockton Basin", an apparition unknown to most with even an intimate and longstanding attachment to our now seriously challenged City, until recent months.
Now a part of current language as significant as Bob's word "munted"
Developed in low lying areas unwanted as residential until the post WW2 growth spurt and drained by Dudley creek, its drains and tributaries.
With its elevation lowered, silting and narrowing of waterways by the seismic activities of recent years, this area to the East of Cranford St and North of Bealey Avenue on the edge of "Marshlands", has streets now in even minor rain events  becoming waterways over a meter deep with associated flooding of many homes. 
 Bit like a little Venice but without the romantic accoutrements.
That disaster and ongoing funding issues have turned the mayors sinecure into a nightmare.

Perhaps, had you been true to your claim Ms Dalziel, and fore sworn your socialist life work, you might just have had the time and the energy to get on top of the job you clearly underestimated as to magnitude.

Had you asked your illustrious predecessor, listened and absorbed his answer, actually meant and followed through on your false assurances, the task that now seems to crushing your spirit might have been easier and less onerous.
Take on board what central government was finally driven to do five years ago to deal with 19 years of dithering by ECan and sort out the real core issues facing your Council, forget about your socialist legacy, avoid any further prevarications, just do it.
Oh and as to funding issues, your ratepayers do not need further predations on their already stretched resources and your Council has little need, other than ideological philosophy, for much of the Council owned sacred cows that in truth serve only as positions for the aged, corrupt and now proven useless ex councillors as retirement income and status symbols, sell them and watch increased efficiencies and management make real progress for Our City.
Christchurch City Council is not an investment vehicle to retain Christchurch City Holdings, The Lyttleton Port Company, City Care, Promotions, Elerslie Garden Show or any other stunts that might make some socialists feel good.
If ever a City needed to concentrate on its core business it is our City and NOW.


Angry Tory said...

What do you expect when "the people" elect communists. And "the people" will always elect communists. In Christchurch, as in Auckland, as in fact anywhere in NZ, by far the majority of actual ratepayers voted for National and ACT.

The government has a clear solution in both cases, and their continued toleration of local government communism and incompetence continues to amaze.

The minister needs to appoint commissioners to both Christchurch and Auckland. Actually fuck it, I'd appoint Prebble to both: the important things to do are get rid of the urban limits, metropolitan plans, make consents a formality so they go through on the same day, terminate the stupid communist projects, get rid of the mass of council liabilities, and get rates down hard.

Rex said...

Whatever happened to the $17m Parker gave to his mate Dave Henderson? That would help around now. And the money he spent buying the Ellerslie Flower Show.

gravedodger said...

I for one have been critical from day one, of the purchase of the Ellerslie flower Show, for what it did to the growing effort of the Dunkley family and nothing whatsoever to do with self and swmbo flying to the last one in Auckland only to have my city buy the freakin thing and relocate it to here.

As for "Parker", "Henderson" and the misguided attempt to preserve what was then a piece of the very limited land available in the CBD, I call Bullshit there, it was passed by council and your garbage effort to deflect what was done by the presidium to Bob alone is scurrilous to put it mildly.

Of course there is so much land available now it looks even more misguided than it did then.

Rex said...

Parker championed the Henderson gift and his allies on council backed the deal. He owns it. All and all an appalling mayor whose arse was saved by the first earthquake.

Paulus said...

Ask Jim Anderton - he knows everything, and how to fix it, including about Anglican Cathedrals - what is he doing about his own Basilica ?

I hope your drink with her Wasup consisted of her only drinking singles.
However she has a growing personal staff like her mate Len Brown but it will be a few years before she gets as many as he has.

As them what to do or her Council - she is supposed to be their leader.

Sell some City assets to pay for flood reclamation now, or as expected anyway, you will be toast at the next election.

gravedodger said...

Bit harsh there Paulus, Mine host introduced the bint to me so he could make his escape and being a gentleman I was as you might say caught in the headlights to coin a phrase.
Those already present gave us a surprising amount of room, funny that.

Watcher said...

Arr...this article to distract from Gerry's performance?