Friday, May 23, 2014

Where are all the Cojones Buried?

Boko Harem still running amok in Northern Nigeria, so whats new?

Nigeria is incredibly wealthy but as a result of drawing lines on maps to "create self government and free peoples" that wealth translates into bugger all benefit or security for the people.

Religion and tribalism trump progress and condemn millions to a grim future.

Boko Harem leapt into the conscience of the world when a bunch of thugs attacked a school and kidnapped nearly 300 female students, and a so called "leader" claimed a right to "SELL" them into bondage. I assumed that would be as wife number whatever for some dominant male already having more than enough Mothers in Law.

This morning it is reported that violent mob have slaughtered a further 29 rural dwellers in another outrage against the values and mores held dear by so many of us.

But sadly the continued ignoring of the "Elephant in the Room"  by the world media continues unabated.

Islam is a minor sect/religion in this country and although I defend the right of its adherents to maintain their belief, culture and churches but the fact their parent spiritual leadership maintains a stoneage attitude to what a majority of NZ citizens see as an abomination should in no way preclude the local msm from reporting on the close connection between Boko Harem and Islam.
The cringworthey reportage on stuff makes no such links apart from one reference to the vague link to establishing an Islamic state within territorial Nigeria.
Islamic motivation underpinning Boko Harem is ignored.
All the targets for that group of brutal thugs appear to be Christians and/or non adherents of "The religion of Peace".
The cult of Islam with its various sects having different attitudes to the degree of violence to be employed in defence of belief has littered history and modern day events with sickening examples of abhorrent extreme violence and still a cowering World media "pussy foots" around the stoneage religious cult who have no mechanism to take their belief system into what for the rest of the world is an enlightened advance in human behavior and interaction.

When will the rest of humanity begin to call out Islam for its abusive, closed mind blind adherence to the unrelenting insult to 21st century philosophical advances.

Boko Harem would cease to exist in short order if the cloak of justification provided by the Islamic Faith systems was exposed and removed

Minions in the MSM, I realise rebuilding your strength, integrity and courage could be seen as difficult but genuine criticism of Islam is still a protected right here so get your collective testicles out of wherever you put them and start calling the benighted bigots for what so many in this still free country see them as.
It is called free speech and is probably the greatest thing we possess after sunlight.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Gravedodger!

Spot on. The gutless MSM are *pathetic* (in this country and the rest of the West).

I do my bit around the web to expose Islam as the utterly evil ideology/cult that it truly is. Two of my biggest heroes are Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller (supported by great people like Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali). Those four people have more BALLS than all of the world's MSM.

Andrei said...

The biggest thug killers in the world are not muslims but the US Military who burn babies with bombs and drones.

Cowardly killers as well the people they slaughter can't fight back 'cause they do it by remote control.

This is one Bill Clinton will answer for.

Anonymous said...

Fear of being labelled an islamophobe by the ignoramuses in the Western world who haven't a clue about Islam, plus the fear of retribution by the perpetually offended religion of peace is what keeps the msm docile and biddable.

Islam had better be the cure for the disease of political correctness, or else we are all in deep schtuk

Mrs Danvers

The Gantt Guy said...

Bloody well said GD - and Thor, plus I would add Pat Condell and Ann Barnhardt to the list of heroes.

It looks like Andrei has bought into the far-left cry-baby reportage about the "New Zealander" vaporised in yemen.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Islam is a minor sect/religion in this country and although I defend the right of its adherents to maintain their belief, culture and churches (sic)...."

That's informed commentary right there, Gravetodger. Yep, you really know what you're talking about.

gravedodger said...

Backward, you may well wish to add cock sucking Imams to your admirable traits of worshiping those who wish to subsume your ability to be rational but to shill for a bunch of morons who would have you dead for any number of transgressions based on unaltered philosophical control mechanisms from fifteen centuries ago, that is no more than further surrender of your soul.

Islam has churches as I understood in my vocabulary just as the have Padres that they refer to as Imams.
To base a sect on rudimentary historical happenings in the deserts of the middle east and hold to the very strict mores as contained in their book unaltered for that entire fifteen hundred years indicates a lack of enlightenment I find stifling.
Their approach to women as chattels, an acceptance of moronic dress codes, the use of sharia law in defiance of any degree of progress in humanity's march through time all leave me in utter contempt.
Add in the unrelenting attitudes around alternative beliefs such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism et al, with death for those who wish to change away from or refusal to embrace Islam is totally abhorrent to me.

That you seek to get intimate with the followers of an historical child abuser "prophet" is merely another example of your inability to reason or rationalise or even accept, however mysterious to you, different basic belief systems and the sacred right of freedom to worship.
I guess that is an entirely appropriate fit for your megalomaniac desire to control the thinking and opinions of all others. Typical "my way or the highway" or in this case give us your life one way or the other.

Radical Islam is a blight on the world c 2014 and has been throughout so much of their history that began with such a growth spurt in education and enlightenment of thinking in the seventh century.
Although there are a substantial majority of adherents throughout the world who have no desire to participate in the violence in the name and guise of their beliefs, their silence and acceptance is an indictment on their passivity.

Just as is your pathetic attempt at denigration of my calling their Mosques churches.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Islam has churches as I understood in my vocabulary"

Really, Gravetdodger? Islam has places set aside for Christian worship in your vocabulary? That certainly doesn't fit your narrative. Why don't you just admit you don't know what you're talking about? That way we will agree on something.

Anyway, religious fundamentalists of all stripes are dangerous, Christians included. You don't get to pick and choose.