Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wendyl, your image is tarnished.

But she does well in gaining exposure and subsequent profile.

Whaleoil lays a charge of blatant hypocrisy born of trying to be all to many.

The Herald give space to her opinions in a column, Friday mornings Hosking has a round up with Jeremy Wells at present replaced by Tim Wilson and Ms Nisson plus various glossys see her as a trash filler, however the sum of those efforts is just more mediocrity.

She has now joined the current crusade to attack "big sugar" but her efforts are loaded with hypocrisy and hyperbole.

Perhaps buoyed by the plain packaging shilling on cigarettes, focus for many has moved to sugar as many of the statists feel Big Tobacco is only now going to be extinguished by a total ban.
Nisson in her Herald effort attacks a sweet and sour meal base currently on sale as being overloaded with sugar while her recent recipe column in The Woman's Weekly has a toxic mixture from early last century  containing an horrific amount of the killer poison.

Growing up in the mid 20th century my earliest memories are of sugar being "rationed" as a relic of diverting such basic foods to 'The Old Country'  in WWll but we still bought the now declared toxic stuff in fifty pound hessian bags and after rationing  removed restraint we ate, drank and reveled in amounts that would have a 21st century dietician in coniptions.
In spite of our obsessive consumption levels even fatter kids were very active and fit.
 Meat was another staple we had two and sometimes three meals with meat every day, breakfast chops and or bacon with eggs,, lunch cold meat and salad in summer beetroot and pickles (more sugar) in winter and roasts at night. The bread at all meals was white Stacy and Hawker 'Procera,  a special treat was white Vienna or as we called it "ropeloaf,  cream and butter were at most meals also.
Puddings were bottled fruit in syrup or milk based with cups of sugar and there were tins of baked cakes and biscuits again with butter and sugar in abundance.

As to how we were not all obese I have no answer, one thing for certain we did not spend much non sleep time sedentary.

Yes obesity is a massive problem and sugar is a bit part of it but not walking/biking to school, not  running around and fighting at breaks and not having chores when reaching home that all burnt calories faster than we could absorb them probably says it all.
Carbs sugar fats and salt were in everything we ate and most of us were in fact a bit skinny!!!!

I understand Nisson has a vested interest as she markets food  but maybe a bit less preaching on sugar is warranted, maybe some focus on activity and lifestyle.


Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, the reason kids are fat is 'coz they're not getting into fights anymore, not like in your day. Not playing the deprivation card today either, I note. Fuckwit much old guy?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Adiie The Con

It's high time you had a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Ban I-pods...I-Phones...and sitting on you arse!