Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well That Is Perfectly Acceptable, Is It Truly?

But if it had been that charlatan Ken Ring, gallows would be under construction in Hagley Park right now????

Stuff reports a civil defence claim in a report to Canterbury Local Authorities that the "Alpine Fault" has a probability to rupture in the next fifty years with a resulting magnitude eight quake threatening life limb and infrastructure.  Gee who wudda thunk that?

Unlike Ken Ring with his entirely comprehensable predictions of quakes during our trials from the faults around the Central Plains and  Port Hills over the last four years, the trained minds and science based predictions supposedly underpinning this latest promulgation from the nameless and faceless, are thankfully not "scare mongering".

Give me strength, Ring bases his theory on Planet alignment and subsequent increased gravitational pull possibly affecting the tectonic plates in a way similar to the effects on the ocean creating various tides. As further tremors came along, they gave sufficient credence to many he was not the crackpot many at the trough claimed.
The skilled trained minds that underpin this latest "non scare mongering" headline are based largely on the passage of time and we know that is correct eventually.
A stopped clock is correct twice a day and eventually the NSW Blues would defeat the Queensland Maroons, golly gosh it finally happened  last night.

Will there be a flood of calls to talkback, will Campbell Struggling for Life and Seven a Little Sharper all find a plethora of post quake trauma victims to blub about how these muppets have reawakened the mind numbing, body freezing, cold sweats they were hopefully finally  overcoming, I very much doubt it.

Of course the bloody fault will eventually move and the longer the waiting time, potentially the greater resulting seismic upheaval.
But but it is all about location, depth, and energy so until you can get a handle on all that, IMHO better you just STFU because, what you claim may never happen.
This latest justification for your place at the trough is guesswork predicated on the passage of time and the outcomes are total speculation.

Meanwhile on behalf of those still suffering renewed trauma from what are actually very minor tremors, including the 3.9 centered near Hororata around midnight two days ago, thanks a bunch.

Forget the gallows it wasn't Mr Ring scaring the bejesus out of you today it was trained skilled minds just making another guess what will inevitably happen. It is as plain as the nose on your face but forget the how big, where and when, their total fishing for answers, completely exposed since September 4th 2010, will continue to be no more than a way for them to keep their trotters in the trough for all time.
At least Ken Ring funds himself, that is about the only positive in yet another wave of fear and dread you have triggered in some.

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Paranormal said...

Actually GD it appears to be the media beating up a story that has been around since the late 90's.

Research, funded by EQC, conducted in the mid 90's found some interesting evidence based on carbon dating of trees trapped in debris from previous earthquakes. From this they were able to very accurately trace the dates the Alpine fault had previously ruptured, along with evidence of the size of the quakes.

Here's the extract of the paper released in 1998: I was fortunate to hear Mark Yellon present his findings. He's a brilliant presenter of a great story in how they came up with their results.

The fact that the Horrid et al want to beat up this story now when the evidence has been around for nearly two decades that the Alpine Fault is overdue just reflects on the quality of MSM journalism.