Monday, May 19, 2014

The Impossible Dream.

The MSM and many others are asking the basic question "who is David Cunliffe?"

This guy who happens to be the current leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition and seeks to replace John Key as Numero Uno of NZ government, has been in public life much longer than Mr Key, been an MP for over 15 years, served in the Clark Cabinet as a minister with no apparent negatives apart from a peripheral connection to the dodgy granting of citizenship to a Chinese national on an interpol watchlist and a deeper connection to the Hawkes Bay Health debacle where the elected local board was dismissed to protect a fellow minister's dodgy partner.
All pretty much run of the mill potential beltway scandels.
He then after some serious lack of collegial support for  leader Phil Goff and his successor David Shearer, embarked on a very high profile campaign to replace Shearer, in a roadshow, along with the now departing Shane Jones and the ever present danger in the shape and form of quintessential beltway person Grant Robertson.

Now nearly nine months into his leadership, after a very nostalgia ridden launch complete with invocations of past glory days of the once proud and united NZLP, accusations of varying messages tailored to suit current audiences, a penchant for fence sitting summed up with the sobriquet of "Yeah Nah", is the the real Mr Cunliffe is a modern example of what Churchill described " It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma;".  Churchill was referring to the Soviet Union in 1939 and the quote concludes with the qualifier, "The key is the Russian National Interest".
Is the key to Mr Cunliffes apparent personification of a man of mystery merely what is in "HIS" interest?

The way he conducted his campaign for leader, along with the "secret trusts" for funding, a seriously dodgy CV and claims of patently false image boosting via, Post Graduate study in the US, Fonterra origins, Auckland City Mission work and other little inaccuracies, revealed little to give comfort.
A fluff n puff effort by John Campbell based on his " little do up" in Herne Bay added nothing revealing about the main man, though to be fair it was very informative about his Wife and her previously well below the radar existence who pretty much stole the show.
My question is, was that deliberate as it was positive stuff while the man who would be the Man cuddled a cat just in shot. I thought the best line was when Campbell was asked to hand Karen the "Tool".

Today we read another in a growing line of revelations as to who is this man who would be Prime Minister, this one from Tracy Watkins and Michael Fox on Stuff.
Nothing new just more questions.

To be a leader a positive personality, a projection of command and control, and at times it will all be a front but voters really need a central secure and constant figure to instil confidence
Mike Williams et al spent countless fruitless hours and dollars trying to find a flaw in John Key and came up empty.
Apart from the well documented life, in the surreal to so many of us, world of high finance in the heart of worlds currency trading center New York, two pretty normal children and an original model wife from his more tender years, Key was a bit ordinary apart from successfully accumulating some serious personal financial security. All opposition political operators seriously underestimated  this genuine if somewhat remarkable ordinary bloke. Yes he was rather ordinary in oral expression, he was caught on camera fumbling a multi person handshake at the RWC, his children can be caught being themselves but what a voter sees is pretty much what they get. Very few will deny it is impressive.

Sadly for Mr Cunliffe he has as many apparent persona as he will have coalition partners next September if the unthinkable happens and he is left on the 21st of September trying to cobble together the coalition from Hell.

I for one do not care a whit if Mr C continues to confound the voters as to who he is, what he believes in and what his actual basic policies are, however his potential supporters or at least the more thinking among them must be in a fog of despair trying to work it all out.

It is as if suddenly, a turnip on a manuka stick with a red rosette is no longer adequate somehow, apart that is from the ignorant with a vested interest in continuing the destructive slide unabated into the welfare trap for so many who should be working for a better New Zealand.
They seem to form a core support around 20%.


Paulus said...

Grant Robertson and Jacinta Ardern are rubbing their hands with joy at the embarrassment Cunliffe is under.
Remember when David Shearer's office staff he inherited were changed to his own sycophants.
I bet they have not changed.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with Cunliffe is that he is a 'rich prick' trying desperately to appear to be a man of the people.

Every parroted word that spills out of his mouth accordingly rings hollow.

I suspect they do to him also. He's a hypocrite but not stupid.

Mrs Danvers