Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Dance Of The Increasingly Desperate.


The "dance card" for those of more tender years was the program each female patron of a dance held to allow males to "book" a dance with a woman they might fancy, wish to spend time with or sometimes she could be 'chosen' for reasons of compatibility and/or a shared talent for a particular dance. Remember these were the days of the destiny, the maxina, the gay gordons, the gypsy tap, the quick step, two step and the lancers among them. Somewhat more varied and technical than the shambling solo efforts called dancing c21st century, entail.

By the time I started that wholesome contact sport opportunity, the dance card had reached its useby date except for some of the debutante coming out balls, but my father was want to regale us with tales of the highly competitive activities around getting on a lady's card sometimes produced.No texting , sexting, facebook or twitter then.

Since the advent of MMP there has been considerable debate on the tactical aspects of making the system perform to advantage with particular focus on getting the message out about the two votes and maneuvering around the coat tail advantage of winning an electorate seat,

Much angst came with Fitzsimons  and her efforts in Coromandel where she was seen as a safetynet along side the vagaries of the GP reaching 5%, then there was another member of the disintegrating Alliance one James Patrick Anderton, the perennial party creator and destroyer when everyone else was out of step but him. He possessed a very secure option based on the remnants of Mabel Howard's rock solid red seat of Sydenham, in the south of the village of the damned.

Then the penny dropped for National when conniptions and internal bickering threatened to leave the 2/3/4 % of their protest vote lodging with ACT on a very forlorn beach as wasted votes so they adopted a strategy where they would allow ACT to gain the seat of Epsom virtually unchallenged and only campaign for the party vote. This strategy worked very well though some say Rodney Hide might have succeeded without the nodding and winking but when he fell out of the lifeboat from the SS Perkbuster and bell in fove, his successor Banksie, ex National, and although very acceptable to the Nats, produced doubt whether the good burghers of Epsom would see it that way.
So a cup of tea was arranged and it was as equally  disastrous as the one twenty years earlier turned out for David Lange's legend.

That tactical blunder was seized upon by the left aided by some very supportive Media and scumbag Bradley's misplaced recording device with the result that although securing almost valueless electoral success,  the whole shambles allowed a cacophony of protest from the socialists and their even more extreme friends related to "rorting the system" to gain electoral traction.

Apparently it is now acceptable use of a tactical use of the rules around MMP.
In these last days, New Zealand has witnessed the roll out of an even greater rort with two very disparate groups having  only a shared hatred of John Key as motivation coming together as a single vehicle to participate in September's appointment with destiny, but with a clear desire to thwart any extradition of the obese German funder as a secret agenda.
One branch of the Alliance c2014 has money the other has Te Tai Tokerau
Part of the base document underpinning this "marriage of convenience",  allows the two parties to demerge following the ballot and yet it seems any electoral advantage will remain for that Parliament.

Including  Allamein Kopu, the tight five, the convulsions around John Kirk and Brian Connell and most recent, the summary justice afforded to Brendon Horan by the Man elected "to keep the bastards honest" LOL, it has always seemed unseemly that it is so difficult to remove rotting fish heads from the Big House. That said I am cheering every move as Horan attempts to kick his ex boss in the goolies, more so since Horan's actions around his mother's estate seem to have gone away.

As is being pointed out elsewhere,  when  will these manipulations around MMP being foisted on the electorate going to be scrutinised as deeply as Nationals use of the system around the seat of Epsom.
Bradbury, Harre, Harawira, Minto, Edgeler, Sykes and Co massive manipulations funded apparently by the overweight Kraut, are seemingly undeserving of scrutiny and todays suggestions around getting Chemtrail Ali into the parliament on the already stained underpants of David Seymour or Peter Dunn in Ohariu  as well as being an illustration of so much of the anti democratic aspects of the increasingly grubby MMP system, such tactics are becoming embarrassing to a point of discrediting any remnant measure of stable government.

Was there space on Democracy's dance card for the Limbo at the Ball(sup) on September 20th,( how low can they go.)

Disclaimer, Chubby Checker's Twist, The limbo and even rock n roll didn't rate for me, now the right sheilah and a  Last Waltz that was, well a gentleman wouldn't tell.


Psycho Milt said...

Hilarious, isn't it? The commission that reviewed MMP recently was bombarded with public submissions opposed to the electorate-seat rort, and the commission duly recommended doing away with it. National refused to act on the recommendation, because National has done well out of that rort. Now, other parties have dipped a toe in the same water and National is outraged. Well, you had the opportunity and you didn't take it.

How we'll all laugh if Collins' refusal to implement the commission's recommendations results in Annette Sykes or John Minto taking a seat in Parliament - oh, the irony...

Watcher said...

Was that one of those referendums under the proviso that the Government of the day could veto?
The people had spoken.