Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thats It Cunliffe, I Wont Vote For You Now!!

Mr Cunliffe, cc Mr Parker, that mess of pottage you called a 'Big Tool' and all the condiments still being discovered from the small print, is all about spin and will have extremely minimal effect on what you are pretending to be a masterstroke in economic manipulation.
It has merely illustrated the total dearth of any understanding of what will work in the modern world economy in the 21st century.

With the NZ GDP at approximately a quarter of one percent of the estimated world total GDP you might as well demonstrate your ability to raise sea levels by peeing off Takapuna Beach, in fact you could get every one of your caucus, the Union membership, your vastly increased  general membership, maybe even get every one of the twenty something percent who might vote for you and you still will not make any difference.
Of course if the whole bunch of you jumped in and swam out to sea it might just raise the sea level, more importantly it would certainly improve the economic prospects for all those who understand a snake oil salesman when the, see one as they watch from the shore.

I have worked bloody hard for 45 years of my adult life, accumulated a pathetically small degree of security  by way of capital reserves, that enabled me to fund entirely the first 7 years of a minimalist retirement now supplemented by National super for the last 7 years.
I had zero employer contributions, I paid every dollar and Pound of tax due throughout my whole life and after the Lange Government ructions left me technically insolvent, my wife and I worked second jobs while keeping a 4000 su farm running by working weekends and nights.

Now you economic midgets want my interest from investments to be kept artificially low, you want me to pay more for the imported component of what is a very restrained travel enjoyment in my golden years, you want me to continue to support your bludging class core support with welfare that will require additional top-up to cope with the increased costs from lowering the dollar.

One thing that was extremely difficult to deal with throughout my working life was uncertainty around economic management by Government both central and local, as if dealing with the vagaries of tax, rates, strikes, and bribes  were not bad enough, my chosen life had considerable chaos from the weather and markets, all ravaging budgets and well laid plans.
How the hell can a company with a large workforce cope realistically with variable Kiwi saver obligations that could in the stroke of your pen turn a manageable profit into a trading loss when every dollar from every employee will be forced to be matched by the employer.

Quite simply you economic midget, the best 'Big Tool' you will ever have should the electorate allow you to get to the other side of the House of Representatives is to restrain your obsessive and genetically inspired urge to spend.
Take that simple mantra to local government, institute genuine rewards for saving among the citizens by incentives not legislative coercion and you might just crack it.

My understanding of what you, your equally challenged conspirator, the guy who gave conservative Dunedin such a rousing demonstration of his economic prowess, have proclaimed a game changer, will for me be just further rape and pillage of the pitiable remnants of the financial security I spent a lifetime building.

The only big tool present at Parker's theatrical pathos, was the man at ground zero.

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