Friday, May 23, 2014

That Needs Widespread Circulation.

At the conclusion of the "Budget Debate"  when English was cut down in full flight by assistant Speaker Lindsay Tisch, Tisch then put the question to the vote.

First up was Cunliffe, temporary leader of the Opposition amendment on the house having "No confidence in The Government.

The totally idiotic Green party in the irrelevancy that is "The Party Vote" where the Clerk calls on each party spokesman to cast the votes, voted their votes"AGAINST"!! the amendment
A pause as that sank in, by the Clerk

Then likewise the man whose friend lives in the same house but uses the door around the corner cast The Peters Party votes against Cunliffe's great hope for power also.

To their credit the numpty GP charged with the responsibility realised a serious gaffe had happened and sought leave of the house to correct their vote .
Poor simple old Mr O'Rourke with the confused home address gave his best imitation of those clown heads that traversed an arc at the sideshow to make the dropping ping pong ball select its number but did not even realise his monumental F*^kup and it was left to Barbara Stewart to seek leave an hour later.

And the incompetent morons think they are seated at the Parliament to rule over us mere mortals.

The amendment was defeated by a substantially inflated majority, then the Budget was passed by the more reasonable and correct 64 votes to 57.
Though to be fair it would have barely raised a ripple if it had been 120 to 1 Hadfield.

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