Thursday, May 1, 2014

That is a Report worth reading.

 While the sheeple and the bored shitless were wallowing in a wasted hour of their lives watching the propaganda arm of the NZLP led by Corrin Dann  with a support cast of what are euphemistically titled presenters, they were all missing an interview of Tony Shepherd by Sky news David Speers.

Tony Shepherd is the Chairman of the Audit Commission that with Amanda Vanstone  ex minister in the Howard Govt along with three ex Canberra mandarins Tony Cole, Peter Boxall and Robert Fisher has done a line by line review of the mass of often totally wasteful government spending rorts from years of polies doing what they do with amazing application, spending OPMs.

When John Key has the September election accomplished he could do well to engage Shepherds commission to do the same here and then take the bull by the horns and embrace it.
Predicated on a philosophy of self reliance, personal responsibility and placing serious caps on welfare entitlement expectations, what a refreshing hour of common sense and revelation of a way forward from the path to economic suicide.

Why should pensioners expect to live in multimillion dollar mansions in cities with extreme house price pressure, why should very comfortably off citizens expect a free ride from state funded medical care, why should surf addicts be permitted to live in places with no prospect of work opportunities be paid welfare to support their lifestyle, why should everone attending a GP not contribute to the cost of their visits, why should commercial enterprizes only survive with regular taxpayer funded corporate welfare, the list goes on.
Nothing seemed sacred.

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