Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stupid Illiterate Headline

Spot the two glaring errors?

NZ fattest nation in Australiasia - study

Apparently the dicks at The herald want you to think somehow we are at the bottom of some global fat ladder.  But hang on a minute mate!  There's only one other country in Australasia and that's Australia, where I happen to live.  And isn't this the same Lancet which published appallingly bogus figures about civilian deaths in Iraq?  And will we find that no matter what people do to reduce their weight these experts will deem the 66% fattest to  be obese?  They'd have you believe 66% of the inmates at Buchenwald and Auschwitz were obese.

Go down to a supermarket or mall in any suburb of Adelaide and you'll see scores of grossly obese young mums and dads munching on great greasy sausage rolls, with their equally obese kids trailing along behind and their shopping trolleys chockablock full of the most sugar laden and fat saturated crap they can find on the shelves.  There's also a lot of toilet paper (I guess obese people must shit a lot) but little evidence of fresh fruit and green vegetables.

And all these people are white.  They are all young and they all are covered in grotesque tattoos. Not a Hori, Coconut or Abo to be seen.  You see there are plenty of Abos but most of them appear to be pretty slim and trim.  They've got more brains than their white brethren

And finally, would someone please ring the idiots at the Herald and ask them where Australaisia is?


Watcher said...

As the study concluded it is a world wide problem and know country has been able to manage it.
In short until the community that produces these "alarming" studies produces some solutions nothing will change.

Psycho Milt said...

Technically, one of them is true-but-stupid rather than an error - "NZ the fattest nation in a region consisting of two nations" may be true but is a pretty silly thing to point out.

Australiasia, though - do they not even have spell-check? Even Blogger's comments spell-checker is putting a red line under that one...

Anna Read said...

One can't have the fattest of two; it should be fatter. If it's true. 66% ? Oh,come on !