Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some well inside the tent are confused now.

And if Kiwiblog has it correct a very well connected and recent aspiring candidate has just joined the group willing to go public

Son of a previous high ranking NZLP Cabinet minister now a commissioner running the sacked dysfunctional Ecan and overlooked candidate for Dalziels CHCH East seat in the recent bi-election, James Caygill has attacked the shark jumping effort of Mr Cunliffe over the change to Immigration policy.

Now ever since Brash took National to the brink of successfully toppling the Clark Government many of the incompetents in the media have excoriated National on every occasion they changed policy approaches to become more electable. How many headlines on flip flops, u turns and other negative publicity for such changes to policy, in a word many.
How many such terms have been promulgated to describe the ever increasing frequency and equally significant policy changes by the still diving leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition can be recalled, in three words, not so many.

Having for decades  attacked National for the significant numbers of New Zealanders heading off shore in pursuit of advancing their careers, now for many discovering the solid expansion of opportunities being exposed by the fairly widely accepted successful current management of our economy by messers Key English and Co, temporary leader David Cunliffe has without preamble joined the long standing and largely rejected racial policies of the pensioner from St Mary's Bay.

Immigration, seen by many informed citizens as necessary to lift skill levels in this country and expand a motivated and driven workforce is now been raised to a leading plank in Labour policy in a very cynical, opportunistic and blatant reversal of decades of Labour central belief.
Some of us to the right have been of the opinion such wholesome support for PIs and refugee component of the resulting population growth had more to do with maintaining a captive voting base, but that is now submerged by this latest move by the NZLP Leader
It is not a U turn, it is not a flipflop this is a deeply embedded reversal of the direction on a race track.
For years with Auckland among others racing horses clockwise while many SI tracks have anti clockwise as the established direction and some horses perform better in one direction as opposed to the other. However at each track the direction of travel is agreed and accepted by all competitors.
To have Labour join the personality  cult of the National dropout and set out to race in the opposite direction is massive.
Yet I fear it will go largely unreported by the incompetents in the MSM as no one will release a presser on the matter.

James Caygill's tweet on this unheralded reversal by The War Room adds another example of how deeply Labour is damaged and how desperation is replacing tactical assessments.


Anonymous said...

GD ... it's surely fascinating to see the 'left' turn on themselves in attacking/defending an increasingly desperate Cunliffe attempting to steal Peter's clothes.

Perhaps Rajen Prasad had an inkling of this u-turn and that is why he decided to jump ship; question is will Raymond Ho now do the honourable thing.

Luv blood sports.

The Veteran said...

GD ... fascinating to watch various factions within Labour turn on each other and yes, I do like blood sports.

Perhaps Rajen Prasad saw this coming with his decision to call it quits ... question now is whether Raymond Ho has the balls to do the honorable thing.